How To Determine The Best Refrigerator Brands and Models

Refrigerators are very essential household appliances, and since they are shopping goods, consumers take a lot time to determine the best refrigerator brands. Today, people are now more conscious about the environment and consider energy efficient refrigerators aside from being packed with features. Consumers today are now keen on checking out the features of refrigerators which change over short periods of time, before they make a final decision on the best refrigerator brands. This is done according to their refrigeration needs. Below are some of the internal features you should look out for when selecting a refrigerator.

Features To Look For

  • A freezer compartment that suits their needs

  • Should have a good rubber gasket door seal

  • Should have good humidity and temperature control

best types of refrigerator brands

  • Best refrigerator brands should be frost-free

  • Should have adequate space for tall items

  • Should be installed with a deli meat keeper and vegetable/fruit bins

  • Should be multi-purpose by having other utilities like water dispenser

Things To Consider

You need to figure out beforehand where the refrigerator will be stored, method of installation and cost of operation. Below are things the buyer should think of first in order to determine the best refrigerator brand and model to purchase.

Purchase a refrigerator according to the space available to place it.

Ensure that the refrigerator fits into its designated space with a free full door swing whilst also allowing enough space for the hinges.

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• Consider your family needs.

The size of the family will guide you here, and also the number of times a family does shopping for items to be stored in the fridge. This helps in determining what size of refrigerator you’re supposed to purchase and its features.

Consider energy efficient refrigerators

You must be keen when shopping. Compare energy ratings of different refrigerators in order to select the most energy efficient one. This will greatly reduce the cost of operation.

• Style and model preferred.

You may either choose to have a built-in refrigerator or a regular model. Many consumers prefer having it flexible due to shifting, repair and disposal needs.

A refrigerator is a long term investment and the consumer would want to get the best in time of service from it. Therefore, it is very appropriate for you to pick on the best refrigerator brands with the least operation cost. Before settling on a refrigerator, ensure that it is a genuine product. The dealer should also include a warranty on it.

Consumer Tips: Refrigerator Ratings

So you want to buy a new refrigerator? Do you know the last thing on the minds of those who want to buy this appliance is? It’s a hard guess, no doubt. Energy efficiency. Space, size, finishing, etc are at the top list of many a consumer mind. But energy saving hardly registers.

Many consumers, too, take for granted the importance of refrigerator ratings. Most people make the mistake of looking only on the outwards appearance of the product, forgetting the real stuff.

Refrigerator ratings will tell you all the good things about the product. More importantly, it tells you if it helps you conserve energy and conserve money.

Consequently, when you are looking for an energy efficient refrigerator the following guidelines should help:

best refrigerator ratings

•The refrigerator that you are pinning for should at the very least have a positive citation or refrigerator ratings from an independent consumer watchdog

•Similarly, the refrigerator that you are pinning for should meet some industry certification. They usually come with the rest of the refrigerator ratings sheet. A fine example of such a certification is the Energy Star certification that is an industry standard given to those manufacturers that meet the minimum threshold as far as energy conservation is concerned.

•The third clue as to whether your prospected refrigerator is an energy efficient product is in the application of technology that promotes energy efficiency. The technology that these refrigerators use to achieve energy efficiency could be by way of improved insulation, having high efficiency compressors, and the availability of more temperature and defrost machines.

The Benefits of an Energy Efficient Refrigerator

There are many advantages that come with having an energy efficient refrigerator.

•Foremost, and most apparent, of all the advantages is a reduction on your electric bill. This may not be there all too soon, but you will notice it in the long run.

reliable energy efficient refrigerators

•Thirdly, it has the effect of reducing your household’s carbon foot print by way of less consumption from the national grid, and less expulsion of pollutants. Yes refrigerators are pollutants, albeit in a small way, check it out.

•Lastly there is a selfish reason to buy an energy efficient refrigerator. In most states, a rebate is offered (in most cases the ceiling stands at $ 100). Such a rebate is offered to domestic customers who purchase a specific size of refrigerator. Although, it represents a wise investment choice as far as investing is concerned. Check refrigerator ratings for a more informed choice for you as consumer.

When shopping for an energy efficient refrigerator, there are many arguments in the marketplace that will be thrown in your direction. Perhaps you will be courted by the green crusade to play your part in conserving the environment. Perhaps, you will be persuaded by leading manufacturers as they attempt to showcase the latest science of their products.

The long and short of it is this: getting such a household appliance has a myriad of advantages that far outweigh any seeming obstacles that are to be found along the way. Get the top brands for these products: LG, Kenwood, Hotpoint, Panasonic, etc.

Side by Side Refrigerators

Before going for side by side refrigerators, it is important to get to know them. There are many things to keep in mind before picking the model such as the features, the add-on features that might require you to pay more, the price, and even the color of the unit. You may also want to know how much energy it consumes (or saves!) and how that translates to your monthly electric bills.

Here’s a little heads up on the main features as well as advantages of these side by side refrigerators so that you know what you are buying:

efficient side by side refrigerator

  • There are numerous color options available in side by side refrigerators. You can choose the colour that best suits the theme of your kitchen interiors. White is a classic but you can also explore other options like stainless steel which is more contemporary. They also come in other shades like beige that would best fit an earth tone-themed or pastel-themed kitchen colours. You can also get these refrigerators in custom colors, although this requires you to pay extra.

  • The most convenient feature of these refrigerators is perhaps the amount of storage space that it offers. It is huge. Unlike older refrigerator units, these new refrigerators allow you to maximize the space. It is getting a run for your money – you get to use up every inch that you actually paid for.

efficient side by side refrigerator reviews

  • These refrigerators are also economical and if you go for the energy efficient refrigerators, you will be saving a lot of money on electricity each month.

  • Also, these models are long lasting and you can be sure that the repairing costs will be minimal, if there should be any.

  • Some units have ice-and-water dispensers that make them really convenient to use. However, if you don’t want it, you could go for side by side refrigerators without dispenser too.

Before making your purchase it is important to go through several side by side refrigerator reviews. Spend some time over the internet in order to look through reviews of various models and brands so that you can compare them and then pick the best one for you.

You can also make online purchase of side by side refrigerators. Just make sure that you order from an authorized website and not from a bogus one. Some websites may even offer great deals that will help you cut costs significantly. Happy shopping and may you find the best side by side refrigerators for you!

The Easy Guide to Buying a Stainless Steel Refrigerator

When it comes to refrigerators, there is a plethora of options to choose from. However, stainless steel refrigerator seems to be the most common type and the most popular one these days among consumers. The design is of course the number one reason why it so popular but along with that there are many other factors that govern its popularity.

But just like everything else out on the market, these refrigerators come complete with advantages and disadvantages. Read on for the pros and cons:

The Pros

  • They are highly attractive. They have a very sleek design that will enhance your kitchen and make it look very elegant. They also modernize the look of your kitchen.

best stainless steel refrigerator

  • There is a variety of stainless steel refrigerators to choose from such as the counter depth stainless steel refrigerator, the French door stainless steel refrigerator and the basic fridge/freezer unit. You can make your purchase according to your preference and your budget.

The Cons

  • It is very easy to leave finger prints on stainless steel units and that comes as a big disadvantage. You need to keep wiping them clean in order for them to look neat. It takes a lot of time to clean them too and they are pretty high maintenance. It is important for you to first learn how to clean stainless steel refrigerator so that you keep it spotless at all times.

  • These refrigerators are expensive. The expenses vary with the models but on generalized terms, they do cost more than the other types of refrigerators.

Cleaning your stainless steel refrigerator

great reliable stainless steel refrigerator reviews

As aforementioned, you have to be careful about cleaning and maintaining your stainless steel refrigerator. Here are useful tips for you:

  • Do not use cleansing solutions and abrasive tools because they are very harsh and can spoil the sheen of your refrigerator. You should stay away from steel wool too because it will leave scratch marks which are impossible to get rid of.

  • Use only soap and water to clean your fridge. The cloth you use must be clean and soft. Make sure you do this carefully, leaving no water marks behind.

  • To remove finger prints, you may use baby oil. A glass cleaning agent is also fine.

  • Vinegar is also an excellent option to clean your stainless steel refrigerator. It takes care of grease, dust and dirt easily and it also adds shine to your stainless steel finishing.

If you want to know more about the unit, you should go through stainless steel refrigerator reviews of popular brands to decide the best. Going for energy efficient refrigerators is the always the best choice.

Energy Efficient Refrigerators

In accordance with the ever-evolving “Green Movement,” there are now a wide variety of energy efficient refrigerators offered by dozens of different manufacturers. Obviously, the primary benefit of energy efficient refrigerators is reduced monthly electric bills. As an incendiary bonus, the energy saved by these new models has a beneficial effect on the environment. For people who are in the market to save on their electric bills and contribute to planetary health, energy efficient refrigerators are a win-win solution to your cold storage needs.

best energy efficient refrigerators

Finding the most energy efficient refrigerators is easier than ever, thanks to the predominant Energy Star logo which adorns such models. When shopping, keep an eye out for this logo, which indicates the refrigerator as being an eco-friendly product. These particular models have the capability to save up to 20% on electric bills, and are uniquely constructed to minimize energy usage without sacrificing any needed performance or power.

most best energy efficient refrigerators

Nowadays, thanks to excellent advances in technology, even the best energy efficient refrigerators come in a wide range of styles and designs. In modern times, appliances have taken on a unique aesthetic and often contribute to the overall décor of the kitchen and the home. Fortunately, investing in energy efficient refrigerators does not necessarily mean that any of these expected stylistic features must be sacrificed. In fact, there are just as many aesthetic options in energy efficient refrigerators as in their outdated counterparts.

Energy Efficient Refrigerators Ratings

Obviously, there are many different brands to choose from when it comes to buying energy efficient refrigerators. With more and more consumers demanding these types of appliances, it’s no wonder that almost every manufacturer now carries a diverse line of energy-saving refrigerators.

high energy efficient refrigerators ratings

  • The Samsung RF267HE is an excellent product from a well-known and reputable manufacturer. This particular Samsung model features a “stack” configuration, with a bottom pull-out freezer. Unlike many energy efficient refrigerators, this model is also equipped with a capable ice maker. Most importantly, it consumes 39% less energy than federal standards, one of the best figures in the market.

  • The LG LFX28991 is another of the best energy efficient refrigerators. LG is well-known for an array of outstanding electronic appliances, and their energy efficient refrigerators certainly deliver on that reputation. Like the Samsung, the LG features a bottom drawer freezer. Although slightly less efficient, the LG does boast nearly 28 cubic feet of interior space, making it one of the largest energy efficient refrigerators available today.

best energy efficient refrigerators for home usage

Although shopping online for the best energy efficient refrigerators is possible, it is always best to check out potential models in person. By doing so, you can get a feel for the type of organizational compartments and specialized bins within each model. Furthermore, you can get a close-up view of the many different style options and make a better aesthetic choice for your home. Regardless of which model you choose, you will benefit from reduced energy consumption and lower monthly electric bills. And remember, when you invest in energy efficient refrigerators, you not only save money, you help the environment as well.