How to Pack For Travel

Packing is perhaps the most stressful part of any vacation. There are a lot of factors that need to be put into consideration. Here, is your guide on how to pack for travel.

The Pack Smart and Travel Light Policy

Nobody wants to be inconvenienced by having too much to carry on a trip! And worse, nobody wants to pay for excess baggage. The key here is smart packing. Know the basics of getting everything you need for your entire trip without looking like your landlady kicked you out of your apartment.

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  • One Bag Rule. You should set a limit to the weight of the bag you carry to the trip and the number of bags. Ideally, one bag that could carry all you need would suffice. Of course that is one bag for all your clothes and other essentials and your purse. Having too many bags is not only heavy; you are giving yourself a hard time keeping track of all your bags and worse, you might end up losing them.
  • Only Carry Essentials. Make a list of the things you truly need for the trip. This helps you sort out what you need from what you think you need, and thus you stop yourself from overstuffing. Plan ahead which places you are going to visit and plan, too, what you are going to wear for each activity.
  • Arrange your things neatly. Buy a luggage that has a lot of compartment so your small stuff does not mix with the big stuff. If your bag does not have this, buy clear plastic envelopes for your undies and socks and other small items. Place them neatly next to your folded clothes. You can also choose to roll your clothes to save on space, but this means you’d have to look for ironing services at your destination.

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How to Pack For Travel

When travelling you need to consider how long your stay away will be. This helps you determine just how much clothing and items you would need.

Clothes and shoes – pack only a certain number of clothes that you are sure to use. Bring only two pairs of shoes, a closed one and a pair of sandals or slipons. If you are going for a long time, you can consider getting laundry service during the trip. This will help you carry a minimum amount of clothes. Also, consider packing multi purpose clothes. This way, you don’t have to carry clothes for the day and night.

Suitcases – one needs to consider the weight of the suit case. It is very convenient to get an Eminent luggage because it is designed to keep the luggage safe and doesn’t add weight. It is light, convenient and comfortable. The beauty of eminent luggage is that it is designed to withstand the harsh luggage handling process at the airport therefore, if there are delicate items in the bag, they are assured to land safely.

Toiletries – bring only the ones you need, in the amount you need. Put your shampoos, conditioners, lotions and perfumes in smaller bottles and put it in its own pouch/bag. Bring a travel pack tissue paper and just refill at the destination should you run out of them.

Various Types Of Luggage

Many types of luggage are available in various materials and styles, and each type is designed for a particular purpose. Those who need to leave for a long or short trip can choose from different luggage type sold in the market. For instance, they can try to use Eminent Luggage that comes in a wide range of sizes and style. Other brands also offer outstanding benefits that appeal to those who look for the best luggage for their trip. Read along and learn about the many types of luggage, as well as some efficient packing tips.

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Types Of Luggage

  • Garment bags

These are useful for carrying longer clothes such as evening gowns, dresses, and business suits. The bags come with hangers for placing garments to prevent wrinkles that occur when folding clothes. This type of baggage is practical for businesspersons or individuals who will attend formal events, as it can prevent their clothes from creasing. Garment bags may be bi-fold, tri-fold, rolling, or non-rolling.

  • Wheeled uprights

Wheeled upright are one of the most popular types of luggage that comes with two or four wheels and a retractable handle. This luggage type may have a small or very large size. Carry-ons are ideal for short trips, and these bags are usually 18 to 22 inches in length. On the other hand, large wheeled uprights are excellent for long trips because of the spacious interior.

  • Backpacks

Two types of backpacks include the casual style for carrying personal items, and business backpack that is useful for laptops and documents. Large backpacks are called rucksacks, and these are casual luggage type used by backpackers. Instead of a briefcase, a business backpack may be the ideal choice because of convenience in bringing the luggage.

  • Duffel bags

A duffel bag has a cylindrical shape and a zipper closure. It is typically made of canvas, leather, or nylon. This is the best bag to bring on the gym or for a camping trip because of the big space. Travelers also opt to use a duffel bag, particularly those that come with wheels and handle.

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Comparison Of The Different Luggage Types

Wheeled uprights and duffel bags are similar in some ways, particularly when the latter has several features such as a handle and wheels. These types of luggage also vary in length and size, which make these ideal to bring in short or long trips.

Backpacks and garment bags may have some similarity when it comes to the limited space, since both can only contain a few clothes. There are also backpacks that come with a retractable handle and wheels, which maybe similar to rolling garment bags.

Tips On Packing For A Trip

  • Place valuable items in interior pockets of the luggage. It would also be better to place important items such as the passport, ID’s, and wallet in one location, so individuals will not have difficulty in searching for these.
  • Have a few plastic bags inside the bag, as these will come in handy for keeping dirty clothes, garbage, or a makeshift umbrella.
  • Determine the number of clothes needed for the trip. It is ideal to pack quick-dry clothes that individuals can wash and dry easily during the trip.

Now that you have ample ideas about the types of luggage, pick the ones that suit your needs when you travel. 

The Search for the Best Luggage

No two manufactured products are the same. Luggage is no different. It may differ in different things such as material used, portability and other features. Depending on your needs and requirements, you should go ahead and buy the best luggage for you.

There are so many different varieties of luggage and various best luggage brands such as Eminent luggage that picking one will be easy for you. However, you should have a clear idea about what your best luggage should comprise of. Here are some tips that will help you out:

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  • You can start off with the style of your luggage. If you want a backpack, a duffel bag is the best carry on luggage for you. You could look for these bags with wheels for added convenience. You could also choose suitcases with wheels. They are a popular choice because they roll over the ground with ease. No matter what style you choose, it’d be ideal to pick luggage with wheels.
  • If you want the best lightweight luggage, you can choose luggage made of ballistic nylon. This material is also durable. Other materials include leather, polyester, etc.
  • The price matters a lot when you are looking for best luggage. You shouldn’t go cheap just to save some money. Cheap quality luggage can lead to disaster while travelling and some don’t even last for one whole trip. If you are looking for cheap luggage but something that is high on quality, you could look online for deals and discounts. Premium luggage is the most expensive but it is also very durable. You can take it as a one-time investment because it will last for many years. You should thus choose the best luggage based on use and price too.

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  • The size is also a very important factor. The luggage you choose must be large enough to fit your clothes and other travel items with ease. However it should not be too large that space is wasted. Size is essential especially when you are travelling abroad because airlines have limitations. Lightweight luggage is considered as the best luggage for the same reason.
  • The best luggage has to be durable with smooth zippers, strong handles and wheels and easy maneuvering. Water resistance is another important factor because you never know how the weather conditions are going to be. Preparing for the worst and protecting your possessions should be your priority.

Now that you know which luggage is the best, you can go ahead and make your purchase. Be wise and pick the best.

Travel 101: Luggage Sets

Travelling is very common these days, both for work and pleasure. And great luggage sets make up part of what makes travelling a great experience. As the name suggests, these are sets of a few bags mainly ranging from 3 to 6 bags that cater to the needs of the whole family. They are of different sizes and can be made of different materials. Depending on how large your family is, you can buy luggage sets to suit your travel needs. Here are a few important tips and some information about these sets:

consumers best choice luggage set

  • You can find two different types of luggage sets. They may be large and small. The large sets comprise of suitcases and Pullmans while the smaller ones have laptop bags, hand carry bags, tote bags and business bags.
  • If you want to save some money and shop wisely, you should only choose sets that suit your specific needs. Buying a set that is too large would only make you spend needlessly and buying something too small because it is cheaper will give you a very difficult time while travelling. Buy only the ones that you exactly need.
  • Luggage sets are available in numerous materials such as denier fabric, leather, ballistic nylon, polyester and poly propylene. You should also choose the material based on the use so that the set lasts long. Things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the material include durability and high quality.
  • The polyester and nylon material provide great features such as being lightweight, water resistant and has shock absorption. You will also find different luggage sets depending on what you are travelling for such as international travel, business travel etc. You can also make your purchase on these criteria.

cheapest best quality luggage set

  • There are numerous other things to consider while shopping for luggage sets such as the wheels, locking systems, compartments, handles and the price. Wheels are extremely important for mobility because carrying heavy loads is not easy. Hence, the wheels must be of good quality. The handles must also be strong because at times you have to lift the luggage. Security systems are of course for the safety of your luggage. Make sure you get a high quality system so that travelling is safe.
  • When it comes to price, luggage sets can actually be really expensive. You could look for luggage sets on sale online if you want some discounts. There are many shopping websites that offer cheap luggage sets. If your budget is flexible, you can buy designer luggage sets without a problem. There are also many good brands to choose from such as Eminent luggage

No matter what your choice may be, remember that good quality should always be your priority when you buy luggage sets.

Eminent Luggage: High-Quality Travelling Luggage You Can Afford

Eminent luggage is one of the most popular choices among people who are traveling on a regular basis as well as among vacationers. It is made by the Taiwan based company, Eminent Luggage Corporation, that was founded in the late 1970s by Mr. Hsieh Ming-Chen who is today acting as the company’s Board Chairman. Within a decade, his small workshop evolved into one of the most successful companies in Taiwan and made Eminent luggage a synonym for affordable yet high quality suitcases and travel bags which are today successfully sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.

protected colored eminent luggage

Why Choose Eminent Luggage

If you check the Eminent luggage website, you will probably notice the wide selection of suitcases and travel bags which are available in both hard and soft case versions. Eminent luggage collection also offers a wealth of styles, colors, sizes, designs and price ranges. But rather than with highly appealing designs which won the company a number of awards, Eminent luggage has convinced its customers with an extraordinary attention to usability, comfort and convenience. Every luggage is designed with traveling in mind and comes with a number of highly practical features which increase the safety of the content without increasing the weight of the luggage.

large volume eminet luggage

A comparison between different Eminent luggage products also reveals that the company is well aware of the specific needs of different travelers. Finding a stylish yet practical suitcase or travel bag for a specific type of travel from formal business trips to vacations will be easy when you go with an Eminent luggage. Both soft and hard cases are designed to withstand harsh airport luggage handling. Hence, one should have a good idea about the difference of the two major case options:

  • Hard case luggage offers the best protection for anything stores in the bag.
  • Soft case luggage offers expansion thus making more room for storage.

eminent luggage most travellers choice

One should weigh in the pros and cons of the two types and go with the best one. Still, you can always have both types of Eminent luggage ready for any kind of traveling in mind.

The Cost of Eminent Luggage

Quality always has its price, however, this does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune to be able to travel with Eminent luggage. As already mentioned earlier, the Eminent Luggage Corporation is dedicated to providing high-quality suitcases and travel bags at affordable prices. Despite a number of both national and international awards for design, innovation and excellence, it has remained loyal to its founder’s philosophy. The Eminent Luggage Corporation belongs to the high end luggage brands for quite some time already but their products are still available in all price ranges.

In addition, it is also possible to find various discounts and special offers, usually before or shortly after the introduction of new designs which enable you to get your hands on an Eminent suitcase or travel bag at a highly affordable price. The last but not the least important advantage of Eminent luggage over other luggage bags on the market is their trendy yet timelessly elegant design which does not go out of fashion easily. With Eminent luggage, you will look trendy even after the introduction of several new models in the series.

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How to Care for An Eminent Luggage

Eminent luggage is made to last but its durability should not be taken for granted. The materials from which Eminent suitcases and travel bags are made require only occasional cleaning and do not get damaged easily even if handled roughly. Be sure never to overload your suitcase or travel bag otherwise you may soon find yourself looking for Eminent luggage repair tips or service instead of enjoying your new luggage.