Popular Electronic Gifts

Some of the best birthday and Christmas gifts are electronic gifts. Explore the top electronic gifts for your parents, kids, siblings or friends. Cool electronic gifts range from practical to fun.

Top Electronic Gift Items

Gifts for Photographers

  • Attach your iPhone to the iPhone Photo Cube Printer from The Sharper Image and quickly print out photos that are stored on your phone. You don’t need a computer at all to print out these 4×6 prints. Plus, each photo takes less than 60 seconds to print. The best part about this gadget is that it will simultaneously charge your iPhone as it prints your photos.

cool electronic gifts

  • The Digital Photo Album with Touch Screen from the Discovery Channel Store lets you keep 1,000 photos at your fingertip. Set into a protective case, the LCD screen shows your favorite photos on a wallet-sized screen.

  • The best electronic gifts for photographers are those that let them keep their photos from days gone by. If you used to love film photography, invest in the Slide and Negative Converter from The Sharper Image, which will reformat your old photos into digital.

Gifts for Pet Lovers

  • The Cat and Dog Pet’s Eye View Camera from Amazon lets you see what your pet does when you’re not at home. Keep an eye on him when you’re out running errands. This digital camera is compact and lightweight, so your pup won’t be scratching to get it off.

  • Electronic gifts for your beloved pet don’t come any better than the Dog-e-Minder. You’ll always know when your pet’s last meal was, when it’s time for exercise and when to give him his medications.

  • The VIBE E-ssential Reflective 4 LED Safety Light Band Dog Collar will keep Rover safe even when you’re taking him for a late night jog.

best cool electronic gifts

Fun Electronic Gifts

  • Are you looking for electronic gifts for your favorite football fan? The Wireless Football Scorecard from The Sharper Image sits on your desktop and gives you quarterly updates from every NFL team that’s currently playing a game. You can also check game schedules and search stats on this device.

  • Do you have something you want to communicate to the rest of the world? Say it with the Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II from ThinkGeek.com.

  • Impress the ladies with Air Picks from ThinkGeek.com that will make you sound like a rock god even if you’ve never played a lick. All you have to do is air strum in rhythm.