Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

Have you always wanted a fireplace, but your home just isn’t outfitted for one? If you love the look of a fireplace but you don’t have a chimney, consider an electric fireplace or a vent free gas fireplace.

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Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

There are many benefits of having an electric fireplace, and these include:

  • An electric fireplace can look very much like a real wood stove. The logs even crackle like they would in an actual fireplace.
  • Electric fireplaces can be small and fit into compact spaces. This makes them the perfect option for tiny apartments that need a bit of warmth.

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  • An electric fireplace heater can help reduce your heat bill during the winter. Even a small electric fireplace can heat an entire room.
  • Having a fireplace or working wood stove installed in your house can cost a bundle. An electric fireplace, on the other hand, is a small investment. Most electric fireplaces cost under $200.
  • Electric fireplaces have adjustable thermostats so that you can control how warm it gets. The controls are cleverly hidden, though, so they won’t destroy the look of a real fireplace.
  • Most electric fireplaces come with a remote control so that you don’t even have to get up to adjust the heat level or make the fire start.

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Shopping Tips

  • Read electric fireplace reviews to see what users had to say about different brands of fireplaces, like the Dimplex electric fireplace.
  • Find a fireplace with multiple settings. This way, you can control how much wattage the fireplace uses. This will help you to control your utility bill.
  • If possible, try to see what the fireplace looks like in person before purchasing it. You’ll want to be certain that it doesn’t look too fake.

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How to Keep your Utility Costs Low

While the increase in your energy bill will depend on where you live in the world, chances are that you won’t see too much of a rise when you start using your new fireplace. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure you won’t get a surprise on your next electric bill.

  • Only have the fireplace on if you’re in the room at the moment.
  • If it’s not too cold, you can turn the house’s heat off and turn the fireplace on to heat the room you’re hanging out in.
  • Keep the door shut to the room so that the heated air stays in.

Electric Fireplace vs Traditional Fireplace

Homeowners love their fireplaces. In many homes, the fireplace is the center of the living room. Some homes even have fireplaces in the bedrooms! The fireplace can be the selling point of a home or apartment. There are many types of fireplaces to choose from, like the electric fireplace, the wall mount electric fireplace or the direct vent gas fireplace.

Drawbacks of Traditional Fireplaces

There are many disadvantages to having a traditional fireplace instead of an electric fireplace.

  • Even the most attractive fireplaces may not work well, especially if you’re moving into an older home.

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  • Fireplaces are inefficient. A lot of the warm air produced by the fire gets sucked out of the flue and through the chimney instead of heating your home.

  • If your fireplace isn’t working, you’ll need to gut and replace the entire thing, which is an expensive and lengthy process.

Electric Fireplace Benefits

There are many perks to having an electric fireplace in your home.

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  • Electric fireplaces look similar to actual wood stoves. Many people may not even realize that you have an electric fireplace installed. When the fireplace is working, the logs will crackle to sound like an actual working fireplace.

  • You can purchase small electric fireplaces, which are perfect for installing in a small space. You can have a fireplace in your home office or studio apartment.

  • Electric fireplaces can double as heaters, reducing your utility bills.

  • Most electric fireplaces are affordable, costing $200 or less.

  • The thermostat on an electric fireplace is hidden to not ruin the aesthetic appeal.

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Lower Your Heating Bill

You can control how much heat the electric fireplace emits with an adjustable thermostat. Many fireplaces come with a remote control so you don’t even have to get up to change the heat setting. If you opt for a fireplace that has several settings, you’ll be able to control your utility bill by lowering the heat when it’s not too chilly in the house.

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Make sure to only run your fireplace if you’re in the room. Also, contain the heat by closing the door to the room you’re warming. It’s not necessary to heat the entire house if you’re not using the other rooms for several hours, like when you go to sleep at night. You may even be able to turn the house’s heat off and use the electric fireplace.

Before making a purchase, read electric fireplace reviews to see what shoppers have to say. Find user reviews for the Duraflame electric fireplace.