An Electric Fence: A Different Approach to Dog Training

An electric fence is a pet training technique owners use to train their dog to stay close to home. In existence since the 1970s, the electric fence for dogs carries a lower risk for injury in case the dog tries to escape. Cheaper than the cost of a traditional fence, the electric fence takes only a fraction of the time to build.

FAQs About An Electric Fence

  • What is an electric fence?

An electric fence for dogs is a safe and humane method to teach your dog property boundaries. As the pet approaches the fence’s boundaries, the electric dog collar sends the dog a gentle warning.

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The type of warning depends on the owner. Some owners prefer a certain signal smell while other prefers a light shock. The dog will receive another warning if he is successful in crossing the boundary. Working with your dog at least 15 minutes a day for the first two weeks helps the dog to adjust to the new pet fence. In order to be effective, it’s important that the dog wears the collar every time the pet is outside.

  • Is an electric fence safe?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and veterinarians prefer an electric fence to the traditional chain link and wooden post fence. Animals, especially smaller animals, have a higher risk of injuring themselves or entangling their collar on chain link fences. The injuries can vary from small minor cuts to deeper gashes that require medical attention.

Because the wires of an electric fence are under ground, the home owner does not have to worry about the dog becoming tangled or chewing them. Wooden fences require constant repair to make sure the posts do not become loose, broken or present any other safety hazards. An electric fence is also a safer alternative to keeping the dog on a chain.

The underground fence adds to the appearance of the property because there is never an issue with corrosion or weathering. Since it’s not an actual erected fence, you are not limited by the homeowner association rules or any other city ordinances regarding erecting a fence. Regardless of your property’s landscape, the small wires make it easy to outline the boundary of your yard.

  • What’s included in the electric fence supplies?

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The electric fence for dogs has four basic parts: the dog collar, the lengthening wire, the electric fence charger and the transmitter. The electric fence charger energizes the complete fencing system and is available in AC, DC/Battery and solar power. For the best results, proper earth grounding is necessary. Choose rods that are galvanized, at least 6 to 78 feet long and have good ground clamps.

  • How do you maintain an electric fence charger?

Because the electric circuit must make a full circle back through the charger through the ground, a poor grounding may result in weak shocks.

Since the fence is supposed to act like a rubber band and not break if something runs into the wire, placing the posts closer than 80 feet apart may result in a post being knocked out of place or an insulator breaking. Separating the lower wire and installing a switch on them helps to preserve the charger’s power since wet grass will cause the charger to drain quicker.