Safety Measures When Going To A Spa

Spas are gorgeous, relaxing places that offer a variety of luxury treatments. The last thing on your mind when heading out for a day of pampering is that the spa you’re spending hours at isn’t sanitary. However, many spas unfortunately have poor sanitation procedures. While there’s really no way of knowing just how safe and clean your spa is, there are some safety measures when going to a spa to ensure you won’t get sick.

Important Safety Measures When Going to a Spa

The only way to have a truly wonderful spa experience is to follow certain safety measures when going to a spa.

  • If you’re bringing children with you to the spa, don’t leave them unattended. Many spas have pools and children can drown.

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  • Don’t bring glass containers or bottles into the spa. This can result in an accident and cuts from broken glass.

  • Don’t drink alcohol when at a spa. If you’re getting a treatment that uses hot water, the effects of the alcohol will be increased.

  • If you tan in a tanning booth, make sure to not stay in for too long. Even an extra minute or two in a tanning booth can cause painful sunburn.

Things to Watch Out For At the Spa

You’ll never truly know what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite spa, but there are some things you can pay attention to if you want an idea of how well maintained the location is. Some of the most important safety measures when going to a spa is simply watching how the spa is run.

  • Make sure that the employees wash their hands both before and after working with a client.

  • Check for up-to-date licenses.

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  • When waxing, spa employees shouldn’t use the same wax stick twice. The stick should never touch your skin and then be put back into the wax.

  • If you’re getting your makeup done, make sure that any lip liner or eyeliner pencils are sharpened before being applied to your skin.

  • Any tools that are used should be cleaned and disinfected immediately following use. If you don’t see the spa employee removing tools from disinfectant, ask them to use new tools on you.

  • Don’t walk around a spa barefoot. Even if you’ve just had a pedicure, wear flip flops. Even the cleanest spa can’t keep its floors spotless throughout the day.

The best tip is to always stick with spas you trust, like Dynasty Spas.

Types Of Spa Services

Who doesn’t love spending a day at the spa? Whether you have nothing to do with an entire day other than to get pampered or you can only squeeze in one spa treatment, there are tons of types of spa services to choose from. Next time you head to one of several Dynasty Spas, have an idea of the types of spa services you’re interested in getting.

Popular Spa Treatments

Every spa offers a basic massage and a combination manicure and pedicure. Familiarize yourself with the trendiest types of spa services to get a new treatment that you haven’t had before.

  • Many spas offer tanning services. However, since tanning beds can be dangerous to your health, opt for a sunless spray tan booth instead.

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  • Lash extensions are gaining in popularity, and since they’re tricky to apply, you’ll want to head to a spa and have a professional apply the lashes.

  • Body polishes combine skin exfoliator with massage to give you the best of both worlds. You’ll be massaged with a body exfoliator to ease your muscles and buff your skin at the same time. The exfoliator is usually a salt or sugar scrub that’s been mixed with essential oils.

  • The newest kind of facial uses crushed pearls to make your skin look healthy and vibrant. This is best for people who have sagging skin because this type of facial will tighten any loose skin.

Med Spa Treatments

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Med spas offer medical-grade, non-invasive types of spa services to improve your appearance. Many medical spas offer Botox to make your skin look more youthful by getting rid of visible wrinkles. Laser hair removal may be tedious and pricey, but you’ll never again have to shave. A laser slows down hair growth by zapping the hair follicle. You have laser hair removal done on any body part. Most med spas will offer teeth whitening.

Other Spa Services

Some spas go above and beyond the basic treatments to offer additional luxurious options. Some spas allow guests to stay overnight or even for a long weekend. This is common in spas that are attached to hotels or resorts. Instead of just a day of spa services, you can have an entire weekend of spa pampering. Spas that book early morning appointments will often offer a hearty, healthy breakfast. At many spas, employees will offer guests a cup of coffee or tea, water with lemon or even a glass of wine or champagne.

About Dimension One Spas

Dimension One Spas offers a wide selection of hot tubs and swim spas for fitness purposes that can easily accommodate your backyard needs as well as for indoors. If you are looking for the ideal spas or hot tubs, you have a wide selection to choose from that best fits your preferences. With the Dimension One Spas, you will be provided with hot tubs and swim spas that can offer you benefits in three aspects such as play, heal and relax. Aside from that, you are assured that all your needs and preferences are catered to.

Social Benefits

First, we will discuss the play or social benefits offered by the Dimension One Spas hot tubs and swim spas. If you have a hot tub or swim spa at home, it helps encourage family bonding. It is one of the highlighted positives in most Dimension One Spas review articles. Nothing beats a good time and fun for the entire family. Below are some social benefits of having a spa at home:


  • Swim spas are large enough to fit a family of four and small enough to fit inside the house. One can ensure fun and relaxing times together in one of these spas.

  • Have friends come over and have a party while in the spa. Excellent idea during summer when the nearest resort is miles away and the public pool is packed with people.

  • Can be romantic for couples looking for a better and more intimate way to cool down, have fun and relax.

Healing and Relaxation

Hot tubs can help in soothing your body as well as for your overall health and well being. It helps in relieving soreness as well as painful muscles and joints. It also facilitates in the management of a certain chronic disease or condition. If you have recently had an injury, it helps in the rehabilitation process. You will also be provided with healing through the hydrotherapeutic massage and renews the body after an exercise. If you want to relieve yourself from a stressful day, all you have to do is to soak in your hot tub.

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With the Dimension One Spas hot tubs and swim spas, you get pure relaxation. With your hot tub, you will be stress free in no time. With the heat, it results to dilated blood vessels, thus increasing your blood circulation. Aside from that, the water buoyancy relieves pressure on your muscles and joints and promotes a relaxing feeling. With the jet massage action, the combination of streams of water helps relax overworked muscles and stimulates the release of endorphins. As a result, you end up completely relaxed and refreshed.


With your very own hot tub or swim spa from Dimension One Spas, you will surely enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Just use it as prescribed in the included Dimension One Spas manual. For repair and maintenance, only use genuine Dimension One Spas parts from authorized dealers to ensure the same performance and longevity. If you can’t find Dimension One Spas near you, go with the next best thing which are Dynasty Spas.

Essentials On Swim Spas

Those that have sprawling homes can easily afford to construct swimming pools outside, while those that have space constraints have to look for another alternative. With the availability of swim spas, it is the ideal solution for those that want to acquire the benefits of swimming despite not having an outdoor pool. If you are considering purchasing any of the swim spas available in the market today, there are several factors you need to take into consideration first.

The swim spas are basically swimming pools that you can easily position anywhere in your home. It is available in various sizes making it easy to place either in the bathroom or in the backyard in order to enjoy the benefits. These swim spas occupy less space and are generally cost effective as well as affordable. Relaxing in one is the ideal way to end your busy day.

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Important Physical Features of Swim Spas

  • They are basically hybrid hot tubs.
  • These miniature spas can be divided into two parts – hot tub and elongated swimming pool.
  • Hot tub part – includes jets, filtration system and hot water facility
  • Hot tub part is attached to an elongated swimming like structure that is also fitted with the jets.
  • The jets are responsible for creating the current that is vital for helping you work out while swimming.

These swim spas, such as those from Dynasty spas, are equipped with propellants in order to circulate the water. The circulating water provides resistance needed for swimming which exercises all muscles. The special feature of swim spas is that you can change and modify the speed on how the water circulates.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing A Swim Spa

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  • Decide on the size of the swim spa that you need.
  • Always make sure that you will select one where you can swim comfortably.
  • Choose a swim spa that is durable and guaranteed to last long.
  • Check the propellants that are fitted to make sure that they produce a steady current. To make sure that the circulation is perfect, determine if the turbulence is created in the middle while the water on the sides remains calm.
  • Always check out the latest swim spas prices of the swim spas for sale in the market today, either on the local stores or on the Internet. Aside from that, make sure that you have read swim spas reviews to determine if it satisfied the needs of consumers.

If you are planning to purchase the ideal swim spa for your home, always take note of the important information provided above so that you will get the best.

Dynasty Spas

Dynasty spas are in a league of their own when it comes to luxurious spas. They produce quality products and build them in the interest of the end customer’s comfort. If you are looking for a quality luxury spa that is built for comfort and longevity then Dynasty spas are the manufacturers for you. If you are to look at Dynasty spas reviews then it is evident that these are the best in the business. Customers usually exclaim that the units provide an unparalleled experience. This is a big claim and something that needs to be paid attention to. If there is a lot of noise about how good a product is, especially in a niche market like this then it is a good sign. After all, this product is about chilling out and getting away from the rest of the world. So the fact that a lot of customers have taken the time to sing their praises in online reviews speaks volumes.

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Dynasty spas are a US based company with their design and engineering coming from hard working Americans. The product is therefore built with the domestic market in mind; they have paid attention to US consumer’s specific needs. Dynasty spas Athens TN is constantly making revisions as well as creating new and improved designs for their customers. So a Dynasty spas customer knows that the product they are buying has had a lot of development and care put into it. Dynasty spas have released a wide range of products and model lines.

Dynasty Spas’ Current Product Lines

  • Patio series

  • American series

  • Club series

  • Sun valley series

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  • Neptune series

  • Excalibur series

  • Cinema series

  • AquEX Swim Spas

From top to bottom this list describes the models in order of luxury and features. For example the swim spas are large enough to allow swimming in them. They have a swimming area and a relaxing area for sitting in. This really is the premium end of the spa market, it allows for relaxation, exercise and luxury. There are numerous features available in Dynasty spas that really launched them to the high-end category of spas. Some of the popular features you can have are the following below.

Available Features In Dynasty Spas

  • These units also have stereo pop up speakers built in. The owner can play music from CDs, radio and mp3 players with these specially designed marine grade speakers.

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  • For the cinema series, these have branded integrated 19” flat screen TVs. They have the ability to play DVDs and other media, this is the ultimate way to watch TV and really puts consumer comfort first.

  • Other units in the range are also extremely well built and have top of the range jet technology. This provides a powerful and massaging blast of comfortable warm water at a continuous speed to the owner or user. The process is very therapeutic and acts almost like an aqua massage.

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Dynasty spas allow individuals to relax deeply, and escape from their problems. The company has a strong ethos on focusing on customer comfort and satisfaction above all other things. For a quality made and durable product it would be very advisable to invest in a Dynasty spa unit, and only buy Dynasty spas parts.