Important Reminders Regarding Engine Oil Maintenance

Engine oil maintenance is a very important part of caring for your car. Over time when driving your car, the engine oil breaks down and loses density. This lowers the protection that your engine has. This allows wear and tear on the inner working parts of the engine.

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Importance Of Oil Maintenance

Regular engine oil maintenance is typically done every 3000 miles to keep the oil and engine from breaking down. You have a lot of parts inside the engine that their proper working order depends on the oil to have the proper density. Listed below are some important points to know more about.

  • When the oil density breaks down it allows the piston walls to get scratches and let oil get on top of the piston. This also causes the engine to smoke and this smoke is caused by the oil on top of the piston burning.
  • Furthermore, it also causes the loss of oil in the engine and your engine won’t have the proper amount of oil in it. Once the engine starts burning and losing oil it creates a whole new set of problems. One of them being you would have to keep an eye on the oil and add oil when it is low.
  • Another being the breakdown of the parts inside the engine and some of them can even lock up and not let the engine turn over. If the engine does not turn over then it won’t run and you’re not going anywhere.
  • Another thing that you need to remember is the drain plug should always be tight and have a seal on it. This keeps it from leaking oil when you are driving or even when it is parked.

People just don’t realize all the problems that not changing you oil can cause. It is very important that you keep up your car’s engine oil maintenance to keep the car running the way it should. It is recommended that you change the oil in your car every 3000 miles and doing this regularly extends the life of your engine.

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Savings In The Long Run

It is not that costly to have your regular maintenance of engine oil done when it is time and it saves you money in the long run. The problems that come from not changing your oil can get very costly. Once that oil breaks down and starts affecting the inside of the engine you have to have the entire engine taken apart. Then pretty much all the parts inside the engine will have to be replaced. If you do the work yourself it can cost your anywhere from $150.00 to $1000.00 and can cost you double if you pay someone to do it. Do yourself a favor and keep up with your engine oil maintenance to save you time, trouble and money.

How To Change Oil In Cars Under 30 Minutes

One of the most important things to do in maintaining a car is to ensure that the oil is changed regularly. Learning how to change oil in cars in half an hour is possible and can save you time and money as well as keep your engine in good condition.

Prepare and Organize the Things Need

There is nothing more frustrating and time consuming than not having that one simple tool to simply remove or add a necessary part. Buy and gather everything you will need beforehand and then keep everything in a dedicated space. The following are the things you will need.

  • Car Owner’s manual (for oil type and amounts, oil filter size and location of oil pan)
  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Tools (wrench for the drain plug and another for the oil filter)
  • Container (the old oil will be drained into this)
  • Old newspapers, cardboard or drop cloth
  • At least 1 lint-free Rag
  • Jack (depending on where your plug is located)

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Changing the Oil

In changing the oil, safety first must be considered.

  • Park your car on a safe and level surface.
  • Make sure your engine and oil is not too hot. You do not want to burn yourself when you drain the oil and reach for the filter.

Open your hood and unscrew the oil cap. It is important to ensure that debris does not get into the engine and if you must perform the change outside, do not change the oil on windy days.

Depending on where your oil pan is, you will need to safely use a jack to allow you enough clearance to remove the oil pan plug. Place some old newspapers or cardboard under the oil pan and filter area to prevent an oily mess. You can use cat litter to absorb any messes that miss your newspapers.

Drain the Old Oil and Remove the Oil Filter

Loosen the pan plug with a wrench to the point where you can completely unscrew it with your fingers. Place the container that the oil will be drained into under the plug, then unscrew and remove the plug and let the old oil drain out completely. Once the oil has drained, remove the old oil filter using a filter wrench if necessary. Many people find this step to be the most challenging when figuring out how to change oil in cars. It gets easy once you locate the filter and find the easiest way to gain access to it. Before you replace your filter, make sure to add a few drops of your new oil to the rubber ring on the top of the filter.

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Add the New Oil

Replace the pan plug and tighten it just enough to ensure it will not come off during driving. Add the new oil to the engine and replace the oil cap. Let the oil settle for a few minutes then turn on your engine for a few minutes then check the dipstick using a lint-free rag to confirm that you have added the right amount of oil.

After successfully changing the oil, gather the old oil and its filter for proper disposal. Remove the newspapers and discard any soiled ones. Following these tips carefully and you will know how to change oil in cars in 30 minutes or less.

Useful Tips and Ideas for Oil Changes

The car oil changes right after three to six months, depending on how often you use your car. You can check your user’s manual for the service intervals for you to be so sure about this. Changing of oil is very important to any vehicle because it cleanses the engine’s motor and prevents the engine from getting damage. Oil change is very easy and cheap. However, there are still car owners who are not comfortable doing oil changes. Fortunately, given here below is the step by step process of how to change oil.

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Easy DIY Oil Change Tips

  • Gather all the necessary supplies and equipment.
  • Get all the supplies as well as equipment needed.
  • Before you finally get started, make sure to heat up the cars’ engine a bit.
  • Using the right-sized socket or the so-called wrench, loosen up the plug in the direction of counter clockwise.
  • Please be reminded that there are vehicles that have filter element.
  • Locate the cartridge or the filter element of the car.
  • You need to substitute or replace the drain plug.
  • Screw the new filter that is properly lubricated. Just be careful not to cross the thread.
  • On the fill hole, pour the oil.
  • Lastly, fill the cap. Check the tools then close the car’s hood. Now, you can start the engine but make sure that the oil pressure goes off right after starting up.

Cheap oil changes include DIY oil change or you can take advantage of oil changes coupons over online stores. There are stores online that gives out coupons for their loyal customers. This allows customers to save a lot most especially that oil changes prices drastically change from time to time.

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Signs That You Need to Change Oil

There are three signs in order for someone to recognize if the car needs their routine oil changes. First and foremost, the color of the oil gets blacker. Meaning to say, as the oil gets older it becomes darker in color. Secondly, the cars engine’s light comes on when it’s needed to be replaced. So, if you see that indication, you should make sure to change your oil as soon as possible.  Lastly, if the engine is making weird noises, it also indicates that you need to change the engine’s oil. The noise in your car’s engine is a sign that the oil level is a bit lower than the required level.

Most car owner find it daunting to do the regular oil changes for their vehicle. What they do instead, is to bring them to the nearest depot or garage then have a professional take care of their cars. However for those who are able to do such job, it is a very rewarding feeling once you hear your car back to its normal running condition again.

Things That You Need To Know With Motor Oil

In previous years, several automakers have installed on their cars the oil-life monitors. Because of this, the driver will know when would be the next service is scheduled. For some, the motor oil will be changed depending on the driver’s driving condition while for others it depends on how far the vehicle travels. Obviously, changing of oil as well as its filter can help maintain your vehicle. The purpose of changing your motor oil is to lubricate your car’s engine. And if the engine is properly lubricated, it functions well and far from any engine damages or troubles while having a long distance travel. Without periodic service such as oil change, the metal-on-metal contact will eventually cause severe damage to your engine.

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How to Choose the Right Motor Oil Brands for Your Car?

Motor oil is the lifeblood of the engine. This is a popular analogy but actually it’s not that really an exact description. In human’s body, it is the blood that carries nutrients to our cells. However, in case of vehicles, it is the air that transmits nutrition to an engine. The oil on the other hand is the lubricant to make every part keeps on moving. This is why, motor oil is very important in any vehicles. Thus, as a car owner, you want nothing but the best oil for our engines. There are different brands of motor oil, depending on your car needs, you can choose among those many brands. For some they would rather mix and blend two oils in order for them to get the right blending of motor oil for their car’s engine.

  • The conventional oil is the most affordable among the three types of oils. This particular oil is just a byproduct of the crude oil cleansing process. It is however quicker to deterioration, most especially if exposed to high heat levels.
  • Synthetic motor oil. This one is a little bit expensive compared to conventional motor oil. This one is made from polyalphaolefins also known as PAO. It is cleaner and stable than the conventional oil.
  • Synthetic blends. As what the name implies, is certain oil is a combination of other oils. The price of this one is close enough to conventional motor oil which makes this as the second choice of other drivers who wants to save money.

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For some drivers, they rather do the changing of motor oil by themselves. Actually, it’s pretty easy to drain used motor oil. You just need to pull the drain plug then change the oil. Make sure you use the right tools and check on the manuals to ensure a succesful process.

Role of Drain Plug in Lubricating Automobile Parts

A tool called drain plug is an important part of a vehicle that is found under the oil pan. This part is used to draw oil from oil pan when you need to change oil in emergency after using for long time. It works as the passage that helps in both removing and adding oil to this system. Different types of the plugs are available to serve different automobile needs.

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Popular Plugs used for all Major Brands of Cars

  • Lock open plug
  • Flush mounted plug
  • Push plug

Manufacturers of this device often follow the casting method while producing it in large amount to make the plugs durable and strong. In addition, they make use of brass metal for casting so that users do not need to change the plugs repeatedly. However, users must check that the plug has been made of anti-corrosive devices because it will stay in direct contact with the coolant. The outer surface of the oil drain plug comes with thread that helps it to adjust properly with the oil pan. Adjusting the plug properly with the oil pan is important to prevent leaking of the pan.

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Preparing a Magnetic Drain Plug

If you want to keep your car’s engine fully functioning for long time, consider using a drain plug that is magnetic instead of regular drain plug. Moreover, if you are planning to save a few bucks on purchase of this product, better prepare one at home following the simple methods. Creating your own magnetic plug is very simple as you can complete the task in just three steps.

  • Prepping: You can use normal plugs to create your own magnetic plug. However, if you are using an old one, it is important that you clean it properly using a metal brush. Then you have to drill a hole in the pipe to adjust it properly with the oil pan. Now, you have to measure magnets that fit the hole properly.
  • To Start With: Now you have to adjust the magnet properly digging the hole a bit bigger and have to shave the metal to clean it thoroughly.
  • Fixing It: Use adhesive in the just-drilled hole. However, if you still find the hole as too small then press the magnet using clumps. Then fasten the magnet tightly to adjust it properly and to prevent oil leak. Your plug is now ready.

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Maintaining the Plug Gasket

To keep the vehicle active even when it become old, it is important to maintain the oil drain plug gasket properly. To maintain the drain plug thoroughly, you need to change the gasket and engine oil at least once in three months. Actually, you have to include this task in daily maintenance schedule. If you change oil frequently, you do not need to spend much to keep engine active. Thus, ask from your car manufacturer and follow what they suggest about changing oil thoroughly.

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This type of plug is one of the most important parts of your vehicle that plays a vital role to keep engine active. Thus, you need to choose this part carefully when you have to change it and always shop for it from a reputed car parts store only.