Tips In Wearing High Heels

Women wearing high heels are much sexier, which is the reason why most women show special preferences to high heels. High heels not only increase females’ height, but also help them show graceful postures. Therefore, though they may feel a little uncomfortable, lots of ladies can’t resist the temptation of high heels.

Charm of High Heel Shoes

  • First, high heels can shape and highlight women’s hips, legs and waists, which make their curves more beautiful.

  • High heels can increase mature female charms for ladies. In the eyes of men, women wearing high heels possess more feminine charms. High heel shoes are not only suitable to petite women, but also for tall women, if only they don’t choose exaggerated ones.

tips on wearing high heels

Though high heels are synonym for sexy for women, they are not suitable for every women. Pregnant women should refrain from wearing high heels. Because with their weights increase, centers of gravity of their bodies move forward, which increase the burdens on their feet and back muscles. Wearing high heels can induce instability to their bodies. Furthermore, since most high heel shoes have hard soles and uppers, which are not conducive to blood circulation of lower limbs. Secondly, adolescent girls had better not wear high heels, especially super high heel shoes.

To keep healthy, you should follow some guidelines about wearing high heels. The followings are do’s and don’ts in wearing high heels.

  • First, to prevent the same parts of your feet from suffering extrusion, don’t keep wearing shoes with same heights.

  • Cultivate the habit of hot foot bath and massage your feet frequently.

  • Keep in mind, high heel shoes are not suitable for every occasion. With them, you can’t walk fast, to say nothing of climb a hill.

  • Give your feet a break when you wear high heel shoes. At the break, you can cock your toes and exercise your lower legs.

  • Don’t wear high heels barefoot, which can hurt skin of your feet.

How to Choose High Heels

  • Before you make your purchase decision, try to do more researches. You know, each spring and autumn, there will be launches of new styles shoes. With adequate researches, you can make sure to get the best style with the least money.

stunning mary jane heels

  • Keep in mind that even shoes with same sizes can have slight differences in their lengths and widths, which depends on their styles and producers. The best time to choose shoes should be about 2-4 o’clock in the afternoons.

  • For the uppers, you’d better select leather or fabric ones. Synthetic leather uppers will hold moisture, thereby induce sweaty feet and skin rash. Designer brands feature high quality genuine leather shoes with different styles from sexy thin heel shoes to low chunk heel shoes.

  • About the shoelaces. Shoelaces are especially helpful to ladies wearing high heels. They can help them keep balance and walk fast. They can also prevent them from twisting their ankles. One thing you should pay attention to is that don’t keep your shoelaces too tight. On the other hand, Mary Jane heels specializes in shoes with ankle straps which might not be ideal for novice high heel users.

Do research and find the perfect high heels you can flaunt and wear with comfort. Remember that footwear is just a part of the attire. Conceptualize your attire first and select the right footwear with that in mind.