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Yesterday was my little girl’s sixth birthday and she decided that she’d like a Disney themed birthday party this year. So being the spoiling mother that I am, I agreed to her wishes and started to think about how I’d go about throwing her a excellent Disney themed party for her and her friends. First of all, I visited http://tinkerbelltoys.org to get some additional background information on my daughters favorite Disney character. After browsing that great site, I engaged in the planning mode of her Disney party. At first I had no idea what to do, but after brainstorming for awhile and a little online research I was certain what steps I’d take to make this birthday party a very memorable event for my pride and joy.

best Tinkerbell Games

Obviously it was clear to me that I would need some tinkerbell party invitations for my daughters friends from school. I purchased these online and had them delivered to my house within less than one week. Once the tinkerbell invitations arrived, I then looked online for some fun tinkerbell games for the kids.

cute tinkerbell party invitations

The answer to your question is yes, this had turned into a complete tinkerbell themed birthday party. I found some interesting tinkerbell games online and chose about three of them for the party. The first game was called “Can You Find Tinkerbell” which is mildly similar to hide and seek. The other two tinkerbell games were also somewhat similar to the first and was highly enjoyed by Becca’s friends.

I actually received multiple positive comments from the girl’s mothers about how much fun the Disney tinkerbell games were. Soon after the tinkerbell games, we had Becca’s cake. Guess what? It was a tinkerbell cake too (laugh out loud). The party was a big hit and put a sparkle in my daughter’s eyes that I will never forget. I suggest you do the same for your daughter.