5 Attractive Fireplace Decorating Ideas

If you want a modern fireplace minus the fuss of smoke, installing a direct vent gas fireplace is a great idea. These fireplaces generate enough heat to keep your room warm while looking attractive at the same time. A fireplace can easily become a focal point of your interiors if you use some imaginative fireplace decorating ideas. Remember that while a fireplace is an item of utility, it certainly can look beautiful as well.

Five Quick Ways To Make Your Fireplace More Attractive

Add an aesthetic touch to your interiors with these 5 fireplace decorating ideas:

Candle Stands:

Imagine a beautiful modern fireplace with a vintage candle stand placed in front. Drop in at your local store that stocks fireplaces and you may be amazed to discover that they stock candle stands as well. Candle stands are becoming an oft-used accessory for fireplaces, and creative ways are being found to make use of their beauty. You can buy candle stands that come in multiple tiers and place them inside the fireplace itself, or right at its entrance. Either way, a candle stand with a fireplace combination is one of the most popular fireplace decorating ideas. Play around with the colors of the candles to go with the look and color palette of your room.

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Potted Plants:

A fireplace which is not in use can easily become the center of attention when you place some potted plants near it. All you need to do is buy a couple of potted plants and strategically
arrange them in front of the fireplace. If you want to indulge your creativity, deck up the potted plants by painting the pots in different colors. A splash of green in bright pots will surely make a wonderful addition to your interiors.

Fireplace Screens:

Visit your local store and ask about fireplace accessories. With modern gas fireplaces being used in many homes today, you can find a
range of screenswithattractive designs. You can go for flat, arched, or bowed designs according to your preference. If you want to get more ornate with fireplace decorating ideas, try screen designs that have intricate patterns of leaves or flowers on them. These screens look good and they act as safety measures when your fireplace is in use.

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Fireplace Mantels:

Mantels come in a variety of materials, from wood, to marble, to cast stone, which you can choose from depending on your budget and preference. These days, the market offers pre-fabricated mantels that you can set up easily with a bit of supervision from the manufacturer. If you want a unique look, get a mantel custom-made for your direct vent gas fireplace to seamlessly blend with your interiors.


Tiling can be an effective way to heighten the appeal of a fireplace. Add a double line of mosaic tiles around your fireplace for a great new look. When you choose the mosaic tiles for the fireplace, get a color pattern that goes with the look of your room. Use these fireplace decorating ideas to creatively deck up your gas fireplace.

How To Make Fireplace Child Friendly and Safe

A direct vent gas fireplace offers many advantages, even for those who are used to wood fireplaces. An obvious advantage is that unlike wood fireplaces which produce a lot of smoke, gas fireplaces do their job without being too conspicuous about it. There is no chance of smoke with a vent gas fireplace, and you can trust it to heat the room adequately. The biggest challenge with a gas fireplace is how to make fireplace child friendly and safe for use by the family.

Safety Fireplace Precautions for the Family

Notwithstanding all the advantages of a gas fireplace,
precautions should be taken by the homeowner in order to make it safe for everyone in the house. Families with small children should be especially careful. When a gas fireplace runs, the glass can get heated to double the temperature of boiling water, which means that operating it needs extreme safety precautions. It is important to know how to make fireplace child friendly and safe.

 tips on how to make fireplace child friendly

Here are some tips for child safety when using a gas fireplace:

  • Using Safety Screens:

These screens are a must with small children around, and their easy availability increases their popularity. It is necessary to install these screens as the glass on the fireplace can become extremely hot when it operates. Temperatures can get high enough to burn anyone close enough to touch the glass by accident. So keep the protective barrier properly in place while using a gas fireplace. Make sure the children do not get near enough to get themselves burned.

  • Installing Safety Gates:

In order to know how to make fireplace child friendly, read up on safety measures used for gas fireplaces. Safety gates are extremely essential when you have a vent gas fireplace in the house. You can have the safety gates installed at the entrance of the room where the fireplace is fitted. This can prevent young children from wandering into the room and having accidents due to the high temperature generated while the fireplace operates.

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  • Alerting and Supervising Children:

Even with all the safety measures running, it is important not to let young children get close to the fireplace. If the child is old enough to understand warnings, alert him about the consequences. With very young children and restless, toddlers supervision is the way to be safe rather than sorry. The gas fireplace should be considered as a home zone on high alert before, during, and after its operation. Do not slacken supervision even after you have finished using the fireplace, as the glass remains hot for nearly an hour afterwards.

It is important to do your homework on safely using of gas fireplace in your home. The market often comes up with new innovations that add to the usability of gas fireplaces. Even if you have safety measures installed, it is a good idea to know about the latest accessories in the market, and remain updated on how to make fireplace child friendly. Keeping this brief guideline in mind can help you decide safety measures for your gas fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplace Installation and Placement

Have you always dreamed of having a fireplace or direct vent gas fireplace in your home but you don’t have a chimney? Consider installing an outdoor fireplace instead. This can be easier than it sounds since outdoor fireplace kits are a cinch to set up and install. Choose from a variety of outdoor fireplace designs to match the look of your home, porch or patio. If you want to learn how to build an outdoor fireplace instead of installing a kit, consult a professional.

Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

There are many benefits to having an outdoor fireplace installed:


  • Many people have parties and gatherings outside on their patio to avoid a mess indoors. With an outdoor fireplace, chilly nights will quickly get warmed up. You can even have outdoor get-togethers in the Autumn when the temperature starts to drop.

  • An outdoor fireplace is simply charming and you can find one that perfectly coordinates with your style and taste.

  • Fireplaces will add light and ambience once the sun goes down.

Considerations Before Installing a Fireplace

  • Any time you change anything at the exterior of your home, you have to make sure you’re in line with local building codes.

  • Consult your local building department for information and guidelines regarding installing an outdoor fireplace. The last thing you want is to finish the fireplace installation and then find out you have to remove it.

  • Chances are that you’re going to have to file for an application for building permit.

  • When you’re finished installing the fireplace, it’s possible that a building inspector will have to stop by to make sure you’re within code.

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and steps for installing a fireplace. Never assume that you know better. Fireplaces are uniquely designed by the manufacturer.

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Outdoor Fireplace Placement

There are several factors to take into consideration when installing an outside fireplace. You can’t simply put it wherever you feel like and assume it’s going to be safe.

  • Don’t place the fireplace anywhere where there are branches overhead. If the fire roars out of the fireplace a bit, overhanging branches could quickly catch on fire.

  • Don’t put your fireplace too close to the property line, even if it’s in your backyard. You don’t want excess smoke to drift into your neighbor’s yard, which could promote an uncomfortable situation.

  • Avoid placing the fireplace near natural objects that are flammable. Even sparks from the fireplace can start a fire and do a ton of damage.

Electric Fireplace vs Traditional Fireplace

Homeowners love their fireplaces. In many homes, the fireplace is the center of the living room. Some homes even have fireplaces in the bedrooms! The fireplace can be the selling point of a home or apartment. There are many types of fireplaces to choose from, like the electric fireplace, the wall mount electric fireplace or the direct vent gas fireplace.

Drawbacks of Traditional Fireplaces

There are many disadvantages to having a traditional fireplace instead of an electric fireplace.

  • Even the most attractive fireplaces may not work well, especially if you’re moving into an older home.

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  • Fireplaces are inefficient. A lot of the warm air produced by the fire gets sucked out of the flue and through the chimney instead of heating your home.

  • If your fireplace isn’t working, you’ll need to gut and replace the entire thing, which is an expensive and lengthy process.

Electric Fireplace Benefits

There are many perks to having an electric fireplace in your home.

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  • Electric fireplaces look similar to actual wood stoves. Many people may not even realize that you have an electric fireplace installed. When the fireplace is working, the logs will crackle to sound like an actual working fireplace.

  • You can purchase small electric fireplaces, which are perfect for installing in a small space. You can have a fireplace in your home office or studio apartment.

  • Electric fireplaces can double as heaters, reducing your utility bills.

  • Most electric fireplaces are affordable, costing $200 or less.

  • The thermostat on an electric fireplace is hidden to not ruin the aesthetic appeal.

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Lower Your Heating Bill

You can control how much heat the electric fireplace emits with an adjustable thermostat. Many fireplaces come with a remote control so you don’t even have to get up to change the heat setting. If you opt for a fireplace that has several settings, you’ll be able to control your utility bill by lowering the heat when it’s not too chilly in the house.

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Make sure to only run your fireplace if you’re in the room. Also, contain the heat by closing the door to the room you’re warming. It’s not necessary to heat the entire house if you’re not using the other rooms for several hours, like when you go to sleep at night. You may even be able to turn the house’s heat off and use the electric fireplace.

Before making a purchase, read electric fireplace reviews to see what shoppers have to say. Find user reviews for the Duraflame electric fireplace.