Different Types Of Knives And Their Uses

Many homeowners often have no clue about the types of knives in their kitchens. This is because well-known sets of knives come in various shapes and sizes and thus offer complete services required by homeowners in the kitchen. Once the knife serves its purpose, the owner immediately returns it to its designated slot.

Therefore, few people are knowledgeable about the exact names and features of different types of kitchen knives, save for professional chefs and culinary staff in restaurants and dinner places. Overall, over twenty different types of knives are available for various cutting activities in the kitchen depending on the recipe being prepared.

Most Popular Types of Knives

Below are four of the most popular ones:

best Different Types Of Knives And Their Uses

Birds Beak Knife

Chefs use the bird’s beak blade to make a special cut called “tournee” in vegetables. Hence, some culinary experts also refer to this curved knife as the “tournee”.

  • This kitchen knife has a short blade, two to three inches long, with a cutting edge curved upwards and a slightly curved spine.

  • Its tip is pointed and usually quite sharp, and the handle is longer than the blade.

Chefs apply the “tournee” cut on vegetables and garnishes such as carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and rosettes for food decoration and presentation purposes. It may also come in handy for slicing and peeling of soft fruits such as nectarines, tomatoes, peaches and plums.

Boning Knife

As the name clearly suggests, these knives are used for separating meat from bones.

  • The knife is usually five to six inches long from butt to tip, the blade being longer and narrower than the handle.

  • This blade is usually rigid and proportional to the size of meat that requires detachment.

  • Larger meats require longer and more rigid blades than smaller ones.

  • The long narrow blade is quite handy for slicing beef or ham from awkwardly shaped bones, without injuring the handler.

Cheese Knife

There are two types of cheese knives, one for soft and the other for hardened cheese.

  • Soft Cheese Knives: Soft cheese knives have a short, thin blade with a forked tip; used for lifting cut pieces with ease. This has given the cheese cutter the pseudonym forked-tip utility knife. Barmen also use the knife for slicing and spearing through cocktail fruits and garnishes such as citruses, pickles, onions and cherries.

  • Hardened Cheese Knives: Cheese often begins to harden when placed in the open. This hardened cheese is cut using a short knife with a wide blade. The knife usually has a rounded, easy to grasp handle, shorter than the blade.

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Chef’s Knife

This is the common multipurpose knife found in most kitchens. It comes in different lengths depending on the size of one’s palms and fingers.

  • Long chef blades are called traditional chef knives, while shorter ones are called mini chef knives. They have a balanced weight from butt to tip, which allows for general chopping, dicing, slicing and mincing of vegetables, fruits and meats. The appropriate size depends on the size of the handlers arms.

A typical knife set contains different types of knives for different purposes. Most of these knives have specific functions in a typical kitchen setting. One of the most popular knife sets available in the market is the Henckels knife set. A typical set will contain the four basic knives above and more, for the different cutting needs of any kitchen.