Detecto Scales – Quality Measuring Devices Tested By Time

Scales are used to weight things and sometimes even humans. Detecto scales are the number one scale company in the United States. This company was started in the 1900 by the Jacob Brothers who were immigrants. They produced butcher supplies like butcher scales, scales for baker’s dough, clinical scales, hanging scales and counter scales. But the Cardinal scale company, based in the Webb city, Missouri, acquired the Detecto scale company in 1981. This Cardinal Detecto scales company was earlier a renowned name for heavy duty truck scales. So now after the acquisition the product line up became a complete circle with all types of scales.

All Purpose Cardinal Detecto Scales

Types of Detecto Scales

There are mainly two types of scales under the Detecto scales flagship. They are balance beam and digital scales. They have digital scales such as,

  • Veterinary scales
  • Fitness scale
  • Food scale
  • Truck scale
  • Wheel chair scales
  • Wrestling scales
  • Bariatric scales
  • In-bed scales

Go for Detecto Medical Scales

You might wonder why people prefer Detecto scales over other brands. These perfectly engineered scales are very precise and hence are used in laboratories, doctor’s offices and in gymnasiums. One of the Detecto medical scales which is very popular is the Detecto 337 Balance Beam Doctor/Physician Scale is one the quality beam scale manufactured in USA. Detecto scales are very dependable and the readings are very accurate. It is easy to assemble as the complete instructions are given in the Detecto scales manual. You will find the product worth the money you spend and it is easy to maintain. The Detecto scales are manufactured to keep up with the standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Techology . The products are tested rigorously for precision.

Factors To Consider Before Purchase

  • Decide whether you want a scale in Kilograms (metric weighs) or in English Pounds
  • Whether you need hand rails or hand support to step on the scale
  • Whether you need height rod
  • Think if you want wheels to move them with ease

Use Detecto Scales Manual

The above features are optional. So before buying a Detecto scales see if you need them. If you are overweight and want to keep watch over your weight then you must have Detecto scales. The company offers excellent customer service and after sales support. It also provides two year warranty which is a very great feature as you can be trouble free for two years. They also provide a platform cover so that you can safely protect them from dust or water after use. Considering its long standing reputation you can access the creditability and the peoples trust on Detecto scales. When it comes to scales the American people always prefer the Detecto scales. That is why they are scaling in their business and is a very successful company till date.