Top Designer Rain Boots Today

Rain boots have never been out of trend especially on 4-seasoned countries. These are usually worn during spring time when the ground is rain and mud-laden. Many of the famous A-list celebrities have been seen wearing designer rain boots. These trendy rain boots are made of rubber or PVC to make it look better and stylish yet still able to endure and withstand harsh weather conditions. They have become popular even to fashion-trendy teens and are highly visible during many music festivals like Glastonbury and V Festival due to the muddy venues. These designer rain boots look really good when paired with a Mackintosh. Despite the pricey cost of these boots, manufacturers and designers are true to their words in delivering the most comfort in a chic way.

jimmy choo hunter rain boots

Examples of Designer Rain Boots

  • Jimmy Choo “Hunter” Rain Boots:

The must-have brand Jimmy Choo boasts a couture style Hunter Wellingtons made of black rubber with an embossed crocodile pattern and a gold tone buckle. The boot shaft extends just before the knees to keep you protected from the rain. The price for these boots is $400.

  • Burberry Rain Boots:

This pair of rain boots looks very elegant and trendy with its black PVC and gold tone jewelry chains. The price for these boots is $395.

  • Chanel Camelia Rain Boots:

This designer brand created a masterpiece when it launched an elegant looking pair of rain boots. It is made from black PVC material with cute flower designs and a white sole. The price for these boots is $395.

  • Gucci Devendra Rain Boots:

This pair of Gucci’s is a must-have for wellies lover. It looks very eloquent in a black PVC material with the patented GG design. The price for these boots is $280.

  • Dolce and Gabbana Women’s Leopard Print Rain Boots:

The Dolce and Gabbana pair of rain boots is a cute purple leopard PVC Wellingtons that transforms a rather boring rain boots to a high fashion foot wear. The price for these boots is $188.

dolce & gabbana brown leopard white patent trim tall boots

Buying Affordable Designer Rain Boots

These designer rain boots though seem very expensive to a minimum wage worker who craves for these elegant brands. However, many designer stores offer designer rain boots sale during the end of spring when the fashion trend starts to focus on summer wear.  By then, many cheap designer rain boots are widely available for everyone. Just be quick in heading to your favorite stores because most likely these designer rain boots on sale will be selling like hot cakes.

For a cheaper option of the best rain boots, there are many reliable brands that still promise comfort and style without compromising the price. These rain boots may not have the designer logo but they are actually tested and proven effective by consumers through the years. Here are some examples of high-street brands:

  • Hunter Original Tall Boot (Price: $115)
  • Western Chief Buckle Rain Boot (Price: $49.95)
  • Bogs Classic Cosmos Hight Style (Price: $88)
  • L.L. Beanie Wellie (Price: $59)

These selections of rain boots are considered by consumers as few of the best available in the market. Remember that when buying designer rain boots, you actually pay for the established brand as well. While opting for a cheaper ones will give you the best value of your money.