Footwear Appropriate For Winter

Snowfall, Christmas, holiday season, festival shopping – winter comes with ample entertainment every year. Women give plentiful importance to choose the proper footwear appropriate for winter. In fact, shoe searching is an important part of their holiday shopping plan. Boots are the all time favorite winter footwear for women right from 1950’s.

There are several different types of boots designed for winter outings, winter sports and the ones which match the elegant festival dresses. Here are some of them.

different Types of Footwear Appropriate for Winter

Ankle Boots

Whether it is a simple park stroll or a shopping trip, ankle boots are the best fit for early winters. Ankle boots are usually worn at the start of the winter with long pants.

  • They are available in wedge model, with the high heels, flat heels and the lace-up model.

  • These shoes will fit women with stout bottom and short stature better than the tall ones.

  • Three- fourth pants will never look great with this model. A neatly tucked in full pant will do the trick.

Calf Length Boots

When it comes to winter footwear, both men and women prefer calf length boots. Be it winter sports, riding or the winter picnic to the lake, calf length boots will fit the casual winter dresses beautifully.

  • Just be careful to clean them and train yourself wearing them first before wearing them outdoors. Else they might cause rashes in the legs.

  • Leather boots get molded to the size of the leg if you just wear them for a few hours indoors.

  • They give ample grip in the slippery snow and are great in protecting the legs from harsh winter weather.

stunning designer boots

Knee High Boots for Women

Women have soft skin which gets hurt easily through the leather saddle when riding. Knee high boots give them enough protection from such issues. Further they make the lady look extremely sexy. Hence, every seductive women starting from women pop stars to feminist dominants wear them.

  • Knee high boots for women became a hot fashion accessory by mid 1960’s and continues to be the most stylish winter footwear till this date.

  • The lace-up and zip-up models are extremely famous even in modern day fashion ramp walks.

  • The Brown Wolfe Knee High Boot costing a little over $240 topped the best seller list last winter.

Several exclusive shoe designers are gearing up to produce footwear appropriate for winter this year too. Make sure to mingle in the trend by purchasing yourself a pair of knee high boots this year.

Style Tips 101: Wearing and Caring for Designer Boots

Designer boots were created in the early 19th century inspired by the Russian winter shoes. They became a sensational hit in France, just like any other fashion accessory and spread across the western world in a very short time. Women of the early 19th century used them extensively for riding, camping and several other outing purposes.

In the mid 1950’s, the knee high boots for women became a high fashion accessory owned by almost any girl. As the size of the skirts and dresses started to get shorter, the designer boots became all the more famous. Be it a sexy leather suit or a simple skirt and a tee, these knee high boots suit them perfectly well.

best designer boots

Tips on How to Maintain and Care for Designer Boots

Storage Tips:

  • Always store them upright in a spacious wardrobe.

  • Never fold and stack them in a small rack.

  • Insert a cylindrical cardboard box or a long plastic bottle inside the boots when they are stored for a long time to keep them in shape.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Wipe the boots with a moist cloth after every use.

  • They can be cleaned once in a year through professional cleaners to avoid damage. Get it cleaned after that summer camp or the seasonal outing when the shoes were used extensively.

  • Make them shiny with leather spray when you wear them in daylight.

How to Look Chic in Designer Boots

  • Selecting the shoes fit for your body shape is the secret behind looking elegant in any footwear.

best quality knee high boots for women

  • Use riding shoes or laced up model with heels when you wear them with the pants.

  • Wedge shoes are better than pointed heels when they are worn with skirts.

  • Though the black designer boots go well with all the garments, colored ones should be matched with suitable colored jackets, hats and accessories for best look.

  • The colors in the suede shoes might fade out quite quickly. So, follow the manufacturer instructions properly.

Tulip Black, Chocolate thigh shoes and Barley2 over Knee Boots are the most famous models in the market this year. Keep updating your boot wardrobe at least once in two years to stay in trend.

There is nothing more authoritative than jeans, knee high designer boots and a long winter coat. Any lady looks super powerful and extremely confident in this outfit. Further, the outfit gives ample protection against the freezing winter. The boots with fur lining which match the hats and furry coat cuffs will guarantee to change your look in a jiffy.