Types of Air Conditioners: Delonghi Air Conditioners

Air conditioner is a kind of equipment that is used to remove heat from a house or room. It basically balances the air condition of a given place. This is a necessary electrical appliance especially in countries with warm and humid weather. There are a lot of types of air conditioners available in the market nowadays. Make sure that what you purchase is the one suitable to your room or the space you intend to install the air conditioner.

Main Types of Air Conditioners

  • Central Air Conditioners

  • Portable Air Conditioners

  • Window Air Conditioners

different types of air conditioners

One good example of air conditioner is DeLonghi portable air conditioner. Delonghi was a family business that started as a small business in Italy. They have advanced with time and they now offer the best brand when it comes to supplies of air conditioners. Let’s analyze what makes these different types of air conditioners unique.

DeLonghi PAC-W130E Pinguino

This type of air conditioners is very reliable and it has a three-in-one portable air conditioner. The properties of this AC include:

  • It acts as an air conditioner, has a dehumidifier and air purifier.

  • It has a capability of storing 14 liters of water.

  • It can give you a service of 12 hours without any interruptions.

DeLonghi PAC-C110 Pinguino

This type of air conditioner has a dehumidifier, an air purifier, and it runs on 11,000BTUc. There is a T110 model that gives you special modes.

  • They have a sleep mode which empowers you to be able to set a timer that will lets your air conditioner cool off when not in use.

  • It has a smart mode that gives you variety of choices on how you want to cool the air conditioner.

  • Its air filter uses Filtrete 3m filters that have the ability of removing large particles of dust from polluted air.

DeLonghi PAC-C129 Pinguino


best reliable delonghi portable air conditioner

These types of air conditioners have been made in such a way that they are portable, and also have capabilities of disposing accumulated water during refrigeration process. Water disposed is warm and it is released by a hose that gets rid of it and allows warm air to be taken out. The properties of this AC include:

  • It acts as a dehumidifier and also as a fan.

  • It runs at 12,000 BTUs.

  • It has a silent operator and it also has an exhaust hose that is usually used when water is being disposed.

You can choose one that suits your needs from the above list. When you use DeLonghi type of air conditioners according to given instructions, then you can be assured they will give you a long service without spoiling.

Tips on Proper Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance

If you are an air conditioner owner either in your home or even business premises, in order to ensure that your conditioner works effectively, you need to always undertake air conditioner cleaning and maintenance. This can be done on a monthly or even yearly basis. It all depends on you and how tight your schedule is. If proper care is not taken, your air conditioner will not last for a long time.

Air conditioner cleaning and maintenance is important as it gives one an opportunity to replace parts that are worn out. When you have decided on maintaining your air conditioner, it is important that you hire a specialist to do so, as doing it yourself can result in furtherdamage. If you own aDeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner you can call their specialists to come and fix it for you.

great air conditioner cleaning and maintenance

Performing air conditioner cleaning and maintenance on the Delonghi air conditioner should not be a daunting task. Every air conditioner manufacturer provides you with a manual that you can use to understand operations of your air conditioner. It is also downloadable online without need of registration. Of importance to note is that poorly maintained air conditioner loses efficiency and its cooling capabilities as well as costing you more to run it.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of Air Conditioners

  • As the portable air conditioner is working, condensed air must be expelled out of the room through a venting kit that comes with the machine.

  • A portable air conditioner also acts as a dehumidifier as it removes water from air. The water is used to cool the air conditioner. With time if one lives in a humid area it would be advisable to drain condensed water once in a while.

  • With time, a portable air conditioner collects impurities due to its functions as dehumidifier and air purifier. This collects on its filters. It is important to clean its filter so as to ensure your conditioner is working efficiently.

handy delonghi portable air conditioner

  • The conditioner’s housing unit should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning external parts results in increased air volume. One should also ensure that their portable AC is kept away from direct sunlight, as its color will fade.

  • Proper air conditioner storage is very important especially after summer. This helps prolong your AC’s life. To do this, pack your unit in its original carton and place it in a dry location. This works for AC’s that do not have built-in heater functions.

Most important thing to remember while performing air conditioner cleaning and maintenance is taking caution. Before cleaning any parts ensure that it is unplugged from the power source. This avoids electrical accidents, which can be fatal.

What to Check on Air Conditioner Reviews

Before buying an air conditioner, it is very important to go through various air conditioner reviews. Instead of spending a lot of money on buying a unit without knowing about it, you should be on the safe side and find out what others have to say about it. There are customer opinions and reports all over the Internet, which you could check and decide. The first thing to keep in mind though is that reading one review from one website is not enough. You should take advantage of the fact that there are so many options at your disposal.

best air conditioner reviews

All you need to do is take some time out and skim through at least a few air conditioner reviews of the unit you are interested in. You must do this because to eliminate fake review risks. If you go through a few on different sites thus, you will be able to get an idea about the unit.

However, you can’t just pick any review and trust it. The review should be informative and must provide details about the particular product. There are many things that you should look for in air conditioner reviews and no matter which type you want to buy, the review should tell you about the BTR and EER numbers. BTR or British Thermal Units are a measure of the cooling capacity while EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio tells you about the energy consumption. The better these numbers, the more will your unit cost you.

Considerations when Checking Air Conditioner Reviews

  • Portable Air Conditioner Reviews: When you are looking at reviews of portable units, you should check how much area it can cool and how big it is. You should also compare costs of different brands because these units usually cost less. The features you should look for are fan, heater, conditioner and dehumidifier. Check if the unit has a remote control for easy operation. You could also check its contribution to removal of allergens if you are suffering from any allergies.

best portable air conditioner reviews

  • Window Air Conditioner Reviews: Check the size of the particular model you are looking for and see if it is ideal for your room. The reviews should provide you information about the price and the cooling capacity along with any features like remote control, timer, color, anti-corrosion design, filters to capture dust, pollen to name a few.

  • Central Air Conditioner Reviews: Central units are large and expensive and you must thus be more careful while checking the reviews. Check the prices in the reviews and compare them with other models. A good duct system is very important with these units along with temperature regulation and control.

No matter which type of unit you want to buy, you should check the warranty in the review, the money back guarantee, noise, vibrations and the energy efficiency along with the factors mentioned above. The Delonghi portable air conditioner is an excellent example of an efficient and reliable brand.

Air Conditioning Units: Which One to Choose?

As opposed to what numerous people think, there are many different types of air conditioning units in the market today. It is important for you to know about the different models before making a choice if you want to end up with the best deal. For example, it would be stupidity to go for central air conditioning units when actually your house is small and you could do with a window air conditioner. Here are the main types of air conditioning units and some information about each which is bound to come handy when you look for air conditioners for your house.

best air conditioning units

Types of Air Conditioners

  • Window Air Conditioners: They have been designed for smaller rooms and as the name suggests, they are installed in the window. All the essential parts of the unit such as the expansion valve, compressor, condenser, evaporator and cooling coil are enclosed by a metal box. They are also similar to the wall air conditioning units and the only difference between the two is the place of installation. Wall units are installed in the wall while the window ones are for the window.

best quality central air conditioning units

  • Split Air Conditioners: These are made up of two different units. The indoor unit consists of the cooling coil and the cooling fan while the outdoor unit has the condenser, expansion valve and compressor. They are usually installed in the ceiling. They make for great interior designing and can also be used for two rooms together.

  • Central Air Conditioners: They can pump out a lot of cool air in less than a minute and are a popular choice in offices. They are the best for large areas and big houses with two stories. They are also used in gyms, hospitals, buildings, etc.

list of air conditioning units prices

  • Portable Air Conditioning Units: They are really handy because they can be shifted from one place to another with ease. Most of these are not evaporative. They are based on refrigeration. You can use these in your house so that you can carry them around to any place that is convenient for you and stay cool and relaxed. Be careful to buy the right brand such as the Delonghi portable air conditioner to get your money’s worth.

cool wall air conditioning units

Air conditioning units prices could be out of your budget and thus it is important to analyze your purpose before picking any model. Wall ACs are cheaper than central ACs and if you have a small house, there is no need to even think of a central air conditioning unit. It is important to be practical while choosing air conditioning units if you want to save up on your money and your electricity bill.