All About The Dark Matter Supplement

Dark Matter supplement is not new to the users, it was there for use before and now the manufacturers have launched a new and enhanced product. Dark Matter supplement is a post workout enhancement and it is advisable to take it immediately after your workout, the faster you can get all the nutrients into your body the better it is. Some of the major changes made on the Dark Matter supplement are that of the flavor and the texture of it. If your purpose is to increase body muscles then you should opt for Dark Matter supplement as it helps in increasing the muscle size tremendously.

If you don’t want another workout of yours to go futile and want to experience a palpable size gain then Dark Matter supplement is recommended.

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The Ingredients

The Dark Matter supplement ingredients include variety of insulin manipulators, creatine and amino acids which will accelerate your muscle growth. The carbs and protein ratio of the product is 4 to 1. Some of the other ingredients include – l-leucine, Dark Matter Proprietary Blend, leucine-alanine dipeptide, l-lysine, waxi maize, l-valine, l-methionine and other body building essentials. There are three delicious flavors present including grape, blue raspberry and fruit punch. Intake of Dark Matter supplement will not only help you grow the muscles but will also assist you speedy recovery post workout.

What The Reviews Say

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The Dark Matter supplement reviews are mostly positive. The supplement helps you do better pumps while lifting. The smell of all the three fruit flavors are excellent and they taste good too, also there is no problem while mixing it with water or milk. The supplement also decreases the muscle soreness to a great extent.

The company claims that it increases the protein synthesis by 600%, replenishes glycogen stores thus increasing the muscle size. For best results, it is recommended that you have 2 scoops a day, one post workout and the other at night.


  • Use of new technology and elements helps in faster muscle gain.

  • Quicker recovery and less muscle soreness or no muscle soreness at all.

  • With the introduction of 3 fruit flavors the taste of Dark Matter supplement is excellent.

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  • Helps you do better pumps and keeps you from feeling exhausted.

  • If you ask for Dark Matter supplement side effects, then there are no possible side effects of this product.

  • Different kinds of creatine provided which helps you work more intensively.

  • Presence of amino acids assists your body to repair the old muscles and build new ones.

  • Easy availability of the product.


best dark matter supplement reviews

  • The solubility of the product is not quite effective and you have to shake it a lot while mixing.

  • Quite expensive

  • The protein content is less.

  • The texture is quite thick.

Whether you are an athlete or someone who trains everyday, Dark Matter supplement has been made keeping in mind people like you. Go through the ingredients and you will know that it will help you in faster recovery with less muscle soreness. It also helps in increment of muscle size. Dark Matter supplement is a complete product, it is not only a powder there is definitely more to it, no wonder the users are constantly on the rise.