Holiday Card Sayings – Types and Samples

Christmas is the season for giving and cheers. And what is better to be given as gifts than cards with holiday card sayings? These can either be funny, cute, or inspiring for someone to be happy – it all depends on you. How you choose them to be is not all that matters after all, because it is the purpose of giving that truly counts.

Why Give Out Cards

Most of us find it hard to juggle work and holiday preparations because of high demands of commitment and attention in our field of endeavor. And because of that, we also lack time for catching things up with our friends and relatives that are very close to our hearts. Even though we do not do this on purpose, sometimes we can’t help but prioritize our necessities first.

It is never too late to make it up to them though. And now that the holidays are just around the corner, it is time to show our loved ones how we miss them and we are thinking of them this holiday season. Below are some suggestions of Christmas card messages, which you could use to save more time and effort in making holiday card sayings.

funny christmas and holiday card sayings sample

Different Types And Samples Of Holiday Card Sayings

Funny Holiday Card Sayings

  • “Christmas starts as early as the first week of December with all the partying and scrumptious feast, and usually ends by April when you have realized how much you have spent.”
  • “Christmas is like a race, which determines which will succumb first – your feet or your wallet.”
  • “Christmas is the time when we should let go of the past and be grateful with the present. The only thing I don’t like about office Christmas parties is the fact that I have to find a new job the day after.”
  • “Christmas is the time of the year when you have to buy this year’s gifts with next year’s savings.”
  • “Don’t you think that we will have a merrier Christmas if ‘if’s‘ and ‘buts‘ were candy and nuts?”

Cute Holiday Card Sayings

  • “May all the sweet spells of Christmas unite, to gladden your heart and be filled with delight.”
  • “December is a very special month which makes everyone happy; and among all months, it’s the only one which starts with D.”
  • My Dad says Santa enters chimneys just because it suits him and he has to become fit for gift deliveries even though he doesn’t go to the gym.”

cute custom christmas card greetings

Happy Holiday Card Sayings

  • “A little smile and words of cheers, plus a bit of love with someone dear, and little gifts received this year. Best wishes to you this coming year. Be merry that Christmas is near!”
  • “May your Christmas be filled with joy and love; be full of contentment and laughter from God above.”
  • “The gift of peace, the gift of love, the gift of happiness… May all these be yours this holiday season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”
  • “Christmas is better with this opportunity to express best wishes and cheerful greetings. Embrace happiness in your heart this coming Christmas and New Year.”

Holiday Card Saying Creation Tips and Ideas

Doesn’t matter what exactly is your idea of sending a holiday card saying – whether you want to send good wishes, cultivate referrals, send reminders or express feelings, creating a unique holiday card saying can always help you do that. These colorful and classic cards carry messages for different people, for different occasions. These could be season’s greetings, Christmas greetings, wishing happy journey greetings or any other, they keep you on the top of mind of the reader every time he sees the card. A personalized holiday card saying never fails to express love and let the recipient feel the heart warming care even from a distance.

 Simple but Cute Holiday Card Saying

Creating A Personalized Holiday Card Saying

One of the best ways to remind the reader about you is to have a personalized image printed on the card with a customized, special saying printed on it. Wondering where can you get yourself a personalized holiday card? Aside from specialty shops near you that you can locate using the internet, the internet itself offers a great quantity of ideas in creating personalized picture printing and a holiday card saying. Such cards fit different pockets, offer different backgrounds, have different colors and create a different theme altogether. You can choose to have exclusive holiday card sayings printed on postcards, folded cards, flat cards, caricature cards or even online electronic cards attached to emails or messages to be sent to the recipient’s Smartphone or iPhone . You can also ask your nearby stationery shop for the same, however, you may not be able to customize it as per your preference there.

A Really Funny Holiday Card Saying

How To Create Unique Holiday Card Sayings

  • As mentioned above, printing personalized pictures can help a great deal in creating unique holiday card sayings.
  • Creating custom layouts and choosing different fonts can render unique touch to your holiday cards. For example, while creating business holiday card sayings, you might choose Times New Roman or Calibri. On the other hand, you may like to have a funky, bright colored card with freestyle script or blackadder font if going in for funny holiday card sayings.

For Corporate World Business Holiday Card Saying

  • The most important thing for your personalized holiday card saying is the message. One needs to have a formal tone while writing business holiday card sayings, an informal note while creating cute holiday card sayings, and a relatively humorous script while preparing funny holiday card sayings. In short, it all depends upon the objective of the holiday card and its reader. Basis that, you can decide the tone, language, and content of your holiday card saying.
  • If you are one of those who do not have enough time to create a unique holiday card saying, it is best to incorporate famous, inspirational quotes. This makes the reader feel more exuberant and completely inspired by good thoughts. You may also choose to include Christmas carols in your holiday card sayings.

Simply Awesome Holiday Card Saying

If you are still confused as to how to create unique holiday card sayings, it is recommended that you go through a couple of websites and look for the best website that can help you create the best and the most customized holiday card saying for you. Enjoy creating and send greetings with a more personal touch!