Sending The Right Meaning With Custom Trophies

Custom made trophies are a form of award, only that these are more personalised. The fact that they are personalised makes them have an emotional attachment with their owner, hence guarded more closely and fought for more vigorously. Custom trophies have a deeper personal meaning and value to their owners and for this reason inspires an individual or a team to do their best to bag that coveted award.

Trophies and medals started being handed out as awards back in the year 1912, and it began with the athletes, and then later spread to other sports and now even to the top achievers in the academic as well as other fields.

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Comparing Trophies with Medals

In the same way that there are custom trophies, there are custom medals. The only difference between the custom medal and the custom trophy is the fact that a trophy is to be placed on a surface while a medal is worn around the neck. Another difference is that a medal can only belong to one person while a trophy can be shared among team mates.

By being personalised, it means that custom medals and trophies are engraved with either an individual’s name, personal motto or are in the shape of an object of value to its recipient. This feature in custom medals and trophies makes them relevant only to its owner or owners in the instance of a winning team but not to an outsider.

Custom acrylic trophies are being used today as an alternative to the traditional glass and crystal trophies. These kinds of custom trophies can be moulded into various shapes, dyed to various colours and made in a variety of sizes as deemed necessary. Corporate names and logos could get engraved in these trophies personalising them further.

Ordering Considerations

Before ordering custom trophies and medals, the following key considerations and requirements have to be put in mind:

  • Specific materials appropriate in making of that particular trophy depending on the field being awarded.
  • Company assigned to make the trophy needs to be specialised in the manufacturing of the trophy or medal required for quality results.
  • Give careful thought on how to customize the trophy or medal to avoid sending a wrong message.

Cheap custom trophies can be obtained by shopping online where great discounts are offered. Buying on wholesale is also another way of getting discounts.

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Features of Custom Trophies

Custom trophies and medals are very handy when used as awards for the following reasons:

  • They come in unlimited design options
  • They are a genuine expression of thoughtfulness
  • Custom trophies and medals set a theme
  • They are relatively cheap due to improved technology

If you are planning to award people or a team with trophies, it is advisable to go for custom trophies as they are more valuable and sentimental.

Custom Trophies – Exact Essence Of Awards

Custom trophies are a personalised form of award that is valued greatly by its owner because of personalized nature. Custom made trophies are an award specially designed and made for particular individuals for achievements attained solely, and through hard work. These trophies are of great importance, especially to the person they are customised for as they are made from utmost thoughtfulness and consideration that suits just one particular individual or team.

 Cheap custom trophies are very popular today, especially with the increase in the number of competitive sports played in this current time. A custom trophy can be easily obtained as discount trophy through online shopping as well as on wholesale and in trophy sales that are held every once in a while in leading trophy stores.

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Benefits of Custom Trophies

Custom trophies have various advantages, hence their wild and wide use today. Some of its advantages include:

  • They come in unlimited design options. This means that custom trophies come in one’s own selected shape and design. A football player for example receives a trophy in the shape of a football, unlike the way it was previous when all trophies were in the shape of a cup.
  • Custom trophies are a genuine expression of thoughtfulness. This is because they come with specifications that fit an individual or team, and not just anyone except that team or individual sees its value.
  • As a result of the fast growing levels of technology and innovation, the prices of custom trophies are relatively low today. This means that uniqueness in awards could be met at the least possible cost.
  • Custom trophies can be designed to match a particular theme during an award giving ceremony. Awards for ballerinas for instance could be moulded into ballerinas, instead of cups that are almost meaningless as awards.

Custom design trophies are supplied far and wide today to countries all over the world for award giving ceremonies and they come in all designs based on one’s particular specifications and prior order. These trophies provide for motivation and inspiration among players and competitors.

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Famous Custom Trophies

Custom trophies today are being used in all sectors of sports. They are given from indoor to outdoor sporting events. Some examples of popular custom trophies used in sports today include the following:

  • Stanley Cup awarded to the champion team from NHL
  • Vince Lombardi Trophy – awarded to the winner of Super Bowl from NFL
  • Sprint Cup Trophy – awarded to the winning driver of NASCAR
  • Larry O’Brien Trophy – given to the champion team of the NBA
  • World Series Commissioner’s Trophy – given to the champion team of MLB

These championship trophies are made of sterling silver with a wooden base and they all come from the famous silversmith Tiffany & Co. These masterpieces have remained the most coveted prize today.