Specific Guidelines in Buying a Blender

Blenders are there to make your kitchen tasks more convenient. Things have changed a lot with the changes in our lifestyles and with the increased pace of life. In ancient time, kitchen jobs like grinding, blending, chopping and mixing were all done using handheld manual tools, but today, thanks to the technology, the growing home appliances industry now presents to us a large variety of blenders to choose like the basic mixer grinders, hand blenders, smoothie makers and food processors. Again they are all available to match different domestic as well as commercial requirements.

While shopping for a blender, it is important to take note of different factors that can actually affect the working and usability of the blender. To match your requirement and gain the best out of the price of blender, one needs to take care about the type of blender, features, price and brand. To elaborate on this, read on below.

Specific Guidelines in Buying a Blender for Mommies

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Blender

i. Type of blender required

Before coming to a conclusion on buying a particular blender, one has to decide on the type of blender to be purchased. Depending upon your daily needs and size of your family, choose a blender that can match your requirements in your budget.

  • Household with huge family and variable kitchen needs should opt for heavy duty high capacity blender.

  • Household with nuclear family but busy routine might opt for a food processor that can handle varied kitchen jobs like chopping, blending, grinding and kneading.

  • Households with less space for countertop equipments should go in for immersion blenders like the Cuisinart immersion blender range which is highly recommended for performance and efficiency.

ii. Maintenance

  • Choose a blender that is easy to maintain. Market holds certain brands that offer blenders with stainless steel blades and blender parts that are dishwasher proof.

  • Certain blenders even have completely detachable parts which make them easy to maintain.

  • One can even choose from blenders having touch buttons and switches that are easy to clean instead of push buttons.

iii. Design

Blenders are not only the means to ease kitchen jobs, but it has now become a style statement that can actually enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Different blenders with variety of different designs, shapes and colors are available.

best working cuisinart immersion blender

  • Popular designs include the contemporary style, retro style and euro style.

  • Again one can choose from either blenders with polycarbonate heavy duty plastic jars or glass jars.

  • Families with kids and heavy usage of blender might choose for safe plastic jars.

iv. Quality

Quality of any product makes its performance sound.

  • While choosing a blender, quality norms need to be focused on appliance’s power consumption, motor performance and durability.

  • Look for the stars rating to find if the appliance is power efficient.

  • Check the power capacity by looking at the output given in watts.

  • Blenders are kind of gadgets that long lasting and so while considering a particular blender, check for its durability which could be judged on the basis of material used in construction of blender.

v. Brands

With market dripping with several numbers of brands, it’s better to choose one which is rated high on the basis of customer reviews. Popular brands not only guarantee the performance of the blender but also offer after sales servicea for repairs and replacements of blender parts.

Various Types of Blenders

Technology has changed life in nearly all households. Gone are the days when for every small kitchen needs like chopping, blending, mixing, whipping or even grinding, people use to depend on manual methods. With the invention of a variety of kitchen appliances and electrical gadgets, life has become so smooth, simple and fast moving.

Counter top kitchen equipments like blenders have changed the scenario in each and every household. It has even reached the commercial applications where hoteliers, restaurant owners and café joints has commercial grade of blenders that are installed to handle food in bulk. Today, almost every popular home appliances brand has come up with various types of blenders to match variable consumer needs.

Various Types of Blenders to use

Top 3 Types of Blenders and their Features

With changing lifestyle, market is oozing with new designs that not only meet the requirements of your kitchen but also adds style and aura to the surroundings of your kitchen. They are a great combination of style and features. Depending upon your requirements and your budget, you can choose from below mentioned different types of blenders available today in the market:

i. Basic blenders

The most domestically accepted versions of blenders are the basic blender. It is found in almost every household around us.

  • These blenders are driven by electric motors and one can find blenders fitted with different capacity motor like 300 watts, 550 watts or 700 watts. Depending upon your blending and grinding needs, you can make a choice.

  • Usually, the higher the power of motor, the better is its performance in smooth and fine grinding.

  • These blenders are usually sailed with 2 big and 1 small polycarbonate or glass jar.

  • Again they can handle kitchen jobs of blending, mixing and chopping.

  • Popular brands like Cuisinart, Oster, Black and Decker offers some of the most performance-efficient models of basic blenders.

ii. Immersion blenders

Immersion blender in layman’s language is a hand blender.

  • It is a handheld stick blender with blade fitted at the bottom.

  • The basic job of immersion blender is blending semi liquid ingredients in their own vessel or in blender’s vessel.

  • Usually, immersion blenders are used to make soup, whip cream, pureeing vegetables, blending baby foods, smoothies or stir milkshakes.

  • The benefit of immersion blender is that it is very handy and slick to get accustomed in kitchens with scarce space. It can fit in almost all vessels and blend well without spraying out food.

best quality cuisinart immersion blender

  • It is also beneficial to use them with hot food which otherwise can create accidents if blended in closed jars of basic blenders.

  • One can choose from variety of popular immersion blenders among which Cuisinart immersion blender range is worth of its value and known for its efficiency.

iii. Food processor

Food processor is all in one appliance that can handle different tasks, such as: chopping, shredding, grinding, blending, mixing and even kneading flour.

  • It comes with different blade attachments and different jars meant for blending liquids, grinding dry ingredients, chopping and shredding vegetables.

  • Basically it is designed to handle all tasks that are usually done using hands and they are great help to working women to smoothen their fast moving life.

  • They are also available in different sizes, designs and capacity. They are even designed to match commercial needs.

How to Shop for the Best Stick Blender

Blenders have become a common household tool in modern homes and are used in all seasons. During winter they can be used to make soups while during the summer they can be used to make smoothies or other cold drinks. There are many types of blenders available and the stick blender is one of the most common blenders used in the home.

A stick blender is a kitchen tool that is used in blending items within their own container. The main body of the blender usually consists of a long shaft that can be made of either plastic or steel. It has a single rotating blade which is covered with a blade guard to avoid injury or accidents. One type of common stick blender in the home is the Cuisinart stick blender.

great stick blender

Advantages of Using a Stick Blender

  • The fact that the stick blender is not attached to a container makes it quite convenient. This is especially in regard to hot foods which always have the risk of dropping and burning you.

  • With the handheld stick blender you don’t have to disrupt the cooking process to blend items. The hand held blender can be used to blend foods that are still cooking; the best example is during the making of dense soups like the butternut squash soup.

  • These blenders are easier to clean than the ordinary blender. All you need to do for most is to remove the blade and clean and wipe the handle.

  • A stick blender is less bulky than a blender making it easy to use.

Steps on How to Choose A Stick Blender

1) Identify your needs

Know exactly why you need to get the stick blender in the first place and what you would like to use it for. For instance, if you need it specifically to puree your child’s food. a simple Cuisinart immersion blender may be just what you need because with baby foods you may not be in need of a blender with a very strong power range which may end up being more expensive.

2) Identify the available brands of stick blender

There are quite a number of brands available in the market all with different versions of the stick blender. Always look for the best brands of stick blender in that specific field. Most companies may produce different items, but they always have their specialties.

best cost effective cuisinart smart stick hand blender

3) Compare reviews

There are a lot of stick blenders in the market today, hence the need to look at what customers have to say about the different makes of blenders.

  • Looking at stick blender reviews online will give you an honest unbiased opinion of all available blenders. For example, if you are looking for the best stick blender for soups, sauces or smoothies you will definitely find the Cuisinart smart stick hand blender being mentioned several times.

  • When looking at the reviews you should also compare prices to see what stick blender would be most affordable to you.

  • The prices are usually indicated in most online reviews to allow you to compare the prices of the best items.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Hand Blender

A hand blender is a hand held device with a protected blade that is used to process food by inserting it in the food that is being processed. It can be used to blend or puree foods. An example of one of the hand held blenders in the market is the Cuisinart hand blender which is one of the best in the market.

Features of a Hand Blender

1) It is easily portable: If you’re tired of moving the food to the blender, now you can move the blender to the food. The hand blender can be used all around the kitchen without having to go through all the hassle.

2) It takes up much less space: This type of blender is smaller in size making it easy to store. You do not have to set out half a cabinet to store it. it can easily be stored in the drawer with other smaller kitchen tools like a whisk.

best hand blender

3) Uses less dishes: Most people do not like to do dishes and with a hand blender, you do not have to use an extra container because you can just blend the foods in their original containers.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hand Blender

Power of the blender

  • If you know what exactly you want to use your hand blender for, then you should check to ensure that the power of the blender will be able to handle all the items that you will be blending.

  • If you do not know, always choose the one with the highest power just incase you ever have to blend items that require high power.

Options available

A hand blender should be able to give you a variety of options to choose from when using the device. For example the Cuisinart immersion blender will give you the option of either continuous or pulse blending.

Ease of use

  • The hand blender should not be too complicated. The control buttons should be labeled and large enough for anyone to use.

best cuisinart hand blender reviews

  • The machine should also be comfortable to hold and should not slip from your hand when it starts blending.

  • Try and look for blenders with a non slip feature.


  • Just like all other electronic items, only choose a hand blender with a warranty. It would be a shame if you bought a blender and two weeks later it got spoilt because of some manufacturing error and you can’t have it replaced.

  • Always ensure you get a warranty for the hand blender that is valid for a reasonable time frame.

Ease of cleaning

  • This is very important because the machine goes directly into the food, it should be easy to clean the blade to avoid contaminating the food with old particles stuck in the blade which you could net clean.

  • If you use a dishwasher to clean, then you should make sure that the blender is safe to put in the dishwasher.

Additional features

When choosing a hand blender, you should consider what other additions it comes with. For example, the Cuisinart smart stick hand blender comes with a whisk and chopper attachments. This will add as an extra bonus to the hand held blender.

The Compact and Useful Cuisinart Immersion Blender

 The Cuisinart Immersion Blender makes it easy, clean and quick to prepare, whip and blend various foods and ingredients. The Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Blender to be exact, includes a chopper and whisk attachments that extend the performance of this kitchen tool. You can whip and blend right into your pot, pitcher or bowl so you do not have to use extra dishes. In addition, if you are going to use the chopper, your blender is transformed into a mini food preparation tool that is very handy. The Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender has a commercial appearance, professional performance and pure Cuisinart convenience.

best Cuisinart Immersion Blender

What Is The Cuisinart Immersion Blender?

The immersion blender made by Cuisinart is also called stick blender, and is an appliance for the kitchen designed for blending ingredients or pureeing food inside the container they are being prepared. In addition, it can also be used for emulsifying sauces and pureeing soups. The immersion blender is different from a food processor or blender in that the food or ingredients do not have to be placed in a vessel that is specially designed for processing. It is also different from a hand mixer, which does not chop the ingredient while blending.

the very best Cuisinart smartstick immersion blender

Features of the Cuisinart Immersion Blender

The Cuisinart Immersion Blender will make it very easy to prepare, whip or blend various ingredients without the need of a special pot, pitcher or bowl. The blender has a brushed stainless look that is very stylish as well as extra whisk and chopping attachments to expand its range of uses. The grip handle is very comfortable and is incorporated with a push button control for pulse or continuous action selection. Cuisinart Immersion Blender reviews highlight the following salient features:

  • 200 watt powerful motor

  • Measuring beaker

  • Calibrated mixing

  • Plastic and stainless steel

best efficient cuisinart smart stick immersion blender

Shopping Considerations

There are people who are doubtful about products that look like a toy – and the Cuisinart Immersion Blender really looks like one – since it gives the impression of being cheap. However granted that the Cuisinart blender looks similar to a disposable toy, people still commend it for its elegant appearance. It only has a single speed button but this is not a problem since you will be satisfied with its power. You can make smoothies easily with just the Cuisinart Immersion Blender.

best Cuisinart Immersion Blender reviews

The Cuisinart Immersion Blender is similar to a plug and play device. You just have to plug it in and make cauliflower and carrot soup easily. Making baby food as well as purees is just as quick. If you are a health conscious individual who is always on the go, you will benefit much from the Cuisinart Immersion Blender.

Do not make the mistake though that it is a cordless blender. Thus, you should be ready to contend with a long cord that can obstruct you when you are moving around in your kitchen area. However, with its price, free plastic beaker, easy grip and its three year warranty, the Cuisinart Immersion Blender is well worth your time and money.