Interior Designing: Ideas for Nursery Decors

The nursery is your baby’s first sanctuary so it is important to beautify it in manner that is best for you baby as well as utilizing ideas for nursery decors. When decorating the nursery, you have to bear in mind that it should be pleasant and useful for the baby. You can find numerous ideas for nursery decors for a one of a kind nursery for your baby. You should take note of the following when setting up and preparing the best nursery for your child. Aside from that, you can also incorporate your own ideas for nursery decors.

Chocolate Styled Crib Dust Ruffle

Tips when Setting Up a Nursery Room

  • When it comes to the color of your nursery, you should choose a color that will have a direct effect on your baby. You have a lot of colors to choose from depending on your preferences.
  • The furniture that you will choose for the nursery should be suitable in maintaining the safety of your baby. Any sharp edges or nicks should be secured. You should acquire a cot so that your baby can use it until the toddler stage or simply a crib. It should include all the sheets and pillow as well as a crib dust ruffle or a bed dust ruffle to prevent dust from accumulating under.
  • Getting a changing table is also essential since you will be changing diapers and clothes quite often.
  • You should also choose a theme for the nursery. It can be based according to the gender of the baby or any other theme such as animals, stars, jungle and many more.
  • As for other ideas for nursery decors, you should select toys that have high contrast in color size and shape. This makes it highly attractive to them.
  • You can also make use of your baby’s sense of smell to soothe your child in the nursery. By associating lavender smell during sleeping time, the smell will lull your baby to sleep in no time.
  • If you are more on the creative side, other ideas for nursery decors are utilizing picture frames with images suitable for children. You can paint several pictures that match the items in the nursery.

Classic Styled Ideas for Nursery Decors

There are a lot of ideas for nursery decors to choose from. All you have to do is to let your imagination flow so that you will create a one of a kind nursery for you precious angel. All you have to do is to customize so that everything will be the way you wanted in your baby’s nursery.

Child Safety: Keeping Nurseries Clean

Keeping nurseries clean is a must since this is the place where infants and toddlers spend most of the time. It might be a daunting task in maintaining the cleanliness of a nursery, but it is a must. We all know that infants and toddlers are exploring their environment; they are crawling on the floor and placing anything that they see in their mouth. Keeping nurseries clean is important so that your child will have a clean and sanitary place to stay.

Must Learn in Keeping Nurseries Clean

Tips when Keeping Nurseries Clean

  • Provide clean sheets for the crib as well as adding a crib dust ruffle – The sheets should be changed on a regular basis and provide a crib dust ruffle so that dust can be prevented from gathering under the crib.
  • Toys should be cleaned regularly – You cannot prevent infants from placing things in their mouths since it is their way of learning about their environment. It is recommended to sanitize the toys on a regular basis.
  • Keep the floors clean at all times – There should be shoe covers present in the nursery so that it can prevent dirt from entering the room.
  • Sanitize the changing table – You can make use of changing table sheets since they are a fast and easy way to keep the changing table sanitary. The changing area should be cleaned regularly with the use of a disinfectant wipe or spray.

A nursery should be clean at all times. The presence of dust and allergens should be minimized at all times. You have to take note that there are dangers involved if the nursery is not maintained and cleaned regularly, especially with the presence of dust and certain allergens.

Glamorous Crib Dust Ruffle

  • Presence of dust mites is the common trigger for allergies and asthma.
  • Inhaling large amounts of dust can affect the health of infants.

When it comes to keeping nurseries clean, you should opt for effective cleaning agents that are safe for infants.  Avoid using the cleaning agents that are harsh and exudes a strong smell. It is best to use natural yet effective cleaning agents.

  • Baking Soda – It is a natural cleaning agent that is not harmful to children. It can effectively clean any surface.
  • White Vinegar – It is a natural disinfectant that is capable of killing germs and bacteria. You no longer need to use chemicals that are harmful to the children.
  • Lemon Juice – This is ideal as a cleaning and disinfecting agent and works similarly to white vinegar expect for the fresh citrus scent it provides.

Always remember that it is important to maintain the cleanliness of your nursery. Keeping nurseries clean is vital for the health of your child as well as for hygienic issues.

Things to Consider in Buying Crib Sheets

Pregnancy is a beautiful and a very exciting stage in life. Throughout the nine months, you experience numerous emotions and changes but with all that came the planning for the arrival of your baby. You start making arrangements and shop for the best things possible.

There are many things that you should keep in mind and crib sheets are at top of the list. They add comfort and protection which give them significant importance. Before purchasing, you should consider style, size and quality. There are several options to choose from when it comes to crib sheets, hence you don’t need to compromise anything. There are also various deals from time to time which make budgeting easier. The only thing you should keep in mind is the quality and the added protection for your baby when it comes to buying crib sheets.

Comfy Organic Crib Sheets


Types of crib sheets:

  • There are several types of crib sheets available in the market today based on the material they are made up of. 100% cotton sheets are the most common for obvious reasons. They are comfortable as well as affordable. These days even cotton weave is becoming popular because it can be placed easily on the mattress and is very soft. There are also flannel crib sheets which are warm, cosy and soft. They are ideal because they regulate temperature by not allowing the body to get cold.

Warm Flannel Crib Sheets

  • Mini crib sheets are also very popular these days. These variants are small, as the name suggests. They take up less space and are ideal for mini cribs which are small and portable. If you use a mini crib, buy mini crib sheets instead because buying regular sheets would be hazardous to your baby. Refrain from purchasing sheets not designed for the crib.

Cozy Mini Crib Sheets

  • You should be very careful about the safety, the material with which the sheets are made and also whether it is easy to wash. The sheets should be comfortable and relaxing as well.
  • They should fit snugly onto the bedding and not loose from any end.
  • The crib sheets you purchase must satisfy all the health standards set by the government so that you can be sure that you are providing your baby with the highest level of safety and protection.
  • Always go for organic crib sheets because they are natural, no chemical content thus safe.
  • It is ideal to buy 4-5 sheets because changing them often is inevitable.

Factors to consider regarding crib sheets:

Simple Crib Dust Ruffle

Complete baby bedding comprises of sheets, crib dust ruffle, comforter and bumpers. You can buy the whole package together or separately based on your preference. Always make sure you are buying the right quality for complete safety.

Essential Information in Choosing Baby Crib Bedding

If you are expecting, you must already be planning the arrival of your baby. You and your family members may have already started shopping in order to keep everything ready before your baby arrives. Baby crib bedding is probably one of the most essential things to think of while designing your baby’s nursery.

Custom Crib Dust Ruffle

You have a lot to choose from when it comes to baby crib bedding and it’s essential to pick the right one. Crib bedding for the baby usually comprises of a sheet, a comforter, a crib dust ruffle and bumpers. It is not ideal to go by looks and pick the fluffiest baby crib bedding you can find. There are things that you must consider such as your baby’s comfort, safety and even gender when it comes to selecting bedding.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • For the baby’s comfort, the thread count is important. However, thread count is not the only factor that plays an important role. The fluffiness that 400 thread sheet offer can also be provided by a sheet with 200 thread counts provided other factors during the manufacturing process of the cloth are met. Softness depends on chemicals, dyes and also the weaving process. Hence it’d be ideal to feel the softness before making a purchase. Too fluffy is not the right choice. Many paediatricians actually recommend a firm mattress that fits the crib perfectly.

Ideal Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets

  • Your baby’s comfort will also depend on whether the baby crib bedding is hypoallergenic or organic. Hypoallergenic bedding is designed to keep your baby away from allergens like lint and dust. Organic bedding on the other hand is designed without the use of any chemicals, dyes, etc. It is completely natural and safe. Both types are typically good for the baby unless the baby is very sensitive to allergens. This usually is a case to case basis.
  • When it comes to safety, size is an important factor. Size is usually standard but there are some variations too. The sheets, as mentioned must fit snugly and won’t come loose when the baby turns or plays. If the sheet is too loose, your little baby can get tangled leading to disastrous consequences. The corners must be tight and sturdy.

Cool Baby Boy Crib Bedding

  • When it comes to bedding, you should never go for hand-me downs and second hand goods. You should always buy new baby crib bedding because old ones may have small tears and holes. The elastic bands may also be broken, the size could be a problem and the bedding may not have followed the most recent standards of comfort and safety set by the government.
  • You can make your purchase based on the gender of your baby too. The baby boy crib bedding can feature baseballs and puppies and may have the traditional color of blue. There are many variations to baby boy crib bedding sets that you could choose from. When it comes to baby girl crib bedding, flowers are the most popular and colored pink. You can always go for other feminine details depending on your preference.

Stylish Baby Girl Crib Bedding

Always make sure you buy something comfortable that you can afford. There are numerous options and you can easily find something that will fit your budget.

Crib Dust Ruffle Benefits and Uses

When buying something for their baby, most parents would spare nothing and most will build the best nursery for their new child, space and money allowing. However, there is a big chance that the nursery would become messy fast, and finding the time to tidy up with a baby would be difficult. This is where the crib dust ruffle comes in handy. Something that has been forgotten in the past, the dust ruffle for crib is starting to be popular once again. Although there are plenty of benefits to having one, the main advantage of having a dust ruffle for the crib is its stylish appeal. It can make the crib, which is actually the bed for your baby, look really good.

Fashionable Crib Dust Ruffle

Benefits of Having a Crib Dust Ruffle

There are different kinds of crib dust ruffle options that are available in different sizes, patterns, shapes and colors. This will make it easier for you to match the same to the decoration of your nursery.

Here are the reasons why you should purchase a crib dust ruffle:

  • It provides style.

Dust ruffles can really add style to any type of crib. With a lot of options that are available on the market, it can provide a certain look to your baby’s crib. Even a plain white crib dust ruffle could add elegance to an otherwise boring crib.

Best Dust Ruffle for Crib

  • It provides additional storage.

A feature that allows you to transform the base of your baby’s crib into something where you can keep your baby’s things stored properly is one big importance of the dust ruffle. Thus, if you have been searching for an extra storage for your baby’s blankets, nappies and beddings, utilizing a crib dust ruffle for the task would be perfect.

  • It can hide ugly spots in the nursery.

In case your carpet is stained, which is normal if you have a baby in your house, or that the style or paint of your baby’s crib is not exactly to your liking, a dust ruffle can conceal such ugly spots or enhance the appearance of the crib, and even the area around it.

Fashionable Crib Dust Ruffle

  • It is comfortable.

If you like to have a padded area in the crib to make your baby, or even toddler, more comfortable, a padding that is topped off by a crib dust ruffle could help in eliminating bumps and bangs that could hurt your little one.

Crib Dust Ruffle Shopping Options

You most surely have various options when shopping for a new dust ruffle. Say, for instance, one popular option is to create one yourself by purchasing and using a crib dust ruffle pattern. Many parents choose this option because these ruffles are actually easy to create, and all you have to look for is a material that is suitable to your taste and preference. Given the availability of various materials, you will have a lot of options when you go through this route.

Gray Circles Crib Dust Ruffle Pattern

If you are tight on the budget, you can opt for a second hand or used dust ruffle, which is commonly sold online in Gumtree, Craigslist, eBay and other similar sites. Buying a brand new one is a more popular option though since a crib dust ruffle is not that expensive.