Guideline on How to Choose a Neckline

If you are looking for the ideal outfit for a special event or occasion, you have to make sure that you know how to choose a neckline that is ideal for your body and face shape. With the correct neckline, not only it boosts your attractiveness and balances your body structure but also speaks about your attitude and lifestyle. There are various designs and patterns to choose from but the decision depends on various factors such as body proportion, face frame, comfort level and many more so that you will know how to choose a neckline that suits you best.

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Tips on How to Choose a Neckline

  • If you have a short neck and would want to give it a longer and elegant look, you should opt for a V or a scoop neckline. On the other hand, avoid this neckline if you have a double chin.
  • The draped neckline is highly suitable for those with big busts since it will provide a slimmer or leaner appearance by playing down the bust size.
  • For those with a heart shaped face, it is best to choose the boat neckline or the jewel neckline designs.  The boat neckline is also flattering on women with long necks and small heads since it will make them look wider.
  • If you have a small bust line, you can emphasize it by choosing boat or jewel necklines.
  • If you have round shaped or diminutive shoulders, it is recommended to avoid wearing clothes with plunging necklines since they are suitable for those with well balanced and an evenly proportioned body.
  • Those with well-colored skin and fixed necks should opt for the square shaped neckline. The deepness of the neckline usually depends on the comfort level as well as the situation where you will be using the outfit.
  • For those that have broad and circular faces, use square, V, scoop necklines or even mock turtlenecks.
  • Those with long necks should choose the cowl neck, mandarin, notched, funnel, convertible and the turtleneck.
  • Avoid wearing a choker if you possess a short or broad neck or even with a double chin. You should opt for those with strapless or the blouses with the V necklines.
  • The Victorian high collars are flattering to those with a thin or long neck. For a casual look, it is best to pair it with comfortable slacks or jeans.

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Always take note of the following when choosing the ideal neckline for you. With the tips discussed above on how to choose a neckline that best suits your face and body, you will undoubtedly look best in whatever outfits you will wear.

Neckline Shapes that Flatter your Assets

There are a variety of neckline shapes made accessible for women to pick from. Take note that not every type of neckline shapes look good for a particular person. You should choose the kinds that perfectly enhance your body shape appropriately. The various necklines balance the different face shapes that you would surely look astonishing if the neckline complements you.

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Popular Neckline Shapes

  • Crew Neckline: It is suitable for those with a slim face shape. Individuals that have oval, heart, or oblong shaped faces appear good with this neckline. Those with round faces are not suitable with this since it will make the face appear even bigger. It is also not suitable for those with short necks.
  • V Neckline: This is suitable for most women since it elongates the neck and provides a skinny look. This neckline is ideal for those with round faces.
  • Deep V Neckline: This neckline has a tremendously low cut style, which often displays a little cleavage. Again, this is ideal for those with round faces.
  • Boat Neckline: This is deal for those with slender or slopping shoulders since it makes the shoulders appear broader. This is not ideal for those with wide shoulders since it makes the wearer look even wider. For the face shapes, it flatters the oval, heart and oblong.
  • Off One Shoulder Neckline Shapes: Blouses or shirts that have a rather wide neckline can be pulled to one side to make it look like one shoulder top. These are flattering for those with long necks.
  • Square Neckline: This is ideal for almost everyone but those that have a square jaw line should avoid this. This is highly flattering for those with round faces.
  • Turtleneck: This is flattering for those that have narrow faces. Those with oval, oblong and heart shaped faces are also suitable for the turtleneck. Again, this should be avoided by those with wide and round faces.
  • Cowl Neck: This has an unstructured and floppy turtleneck and drapes below the collarbone. They are flattering to those with small chests since the extra draping provides volume to the bust area.
  • Ruffle Neckline: This type is flattering for women with small chests. Those with bigger chests should avoid this since it tends to over complement their look.

elasticated fuschia waist shiny ruffle neck line blouse

With the different neckline shapes discussed above, you now have a guide that you can use in order to find the ideal neckline that best suits your face and body.

The V Neck Sweaters: Choose Fashion and Comfort

There are various types of sweaters that you can find in the market and one of the most popular of these sweaters is the V neck sweater. Sweaters are mainly worn in order to keep your bodies warm although, with time, this has changed and sweaters are now worn as fashion accessories. It is not rare to come across people who have dressed in fashionable sweaters, maybe, going to work or even in a social event.

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Features of a V Neck Sweater

  • The V neck sweater is a sweater that has a V neckline. This means that if you look at the sweater, the area around the neckline forms a V shape.
  • This is very different from the cowl neck that is a neckline that hangs loosely. The V neckline is common between male and female but when it comes to the cowl neckline, it is popular among women.
  • Mens V neck sweater is becoming more and more popular that you almost always see a guy wearing this. The men’s sweaters come in various designs and colors such as the black v neck sweater among many other colors. If you are looking to get your male friend or partner a fashionable sweater, this type of style will definitely do.
  • Furthermore, these sweaters are made from a variety of materials such as wool, cotton and cashmere. Cashmere V neck sweater is the most bought of the V neck sweater and they come in various colors and patterns. You can readily find them in the local clothes store and also on online stores.
  • A V neck sweater can be worn all seasons round. Basically, this type of style is appropriate during winter and even summer. You can also wear this sweater to casual and official events. They go well with khaki pants or shorts. For that formal look, pair this shirt with black shoes and a tie. Just make sure that the sweater compliments your clothing.

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The V neck sweater has several advantages. For instance, they are very fashionable and wearing them gives people the impression that you care about fashion. The only setback with these sweaters is that they tend to be costly. However, this should not stop you from getting a fashionable sweater that is very comfortable. Check out out-of-season designs as you will surely get big discounts with them. Shop wisely and buy only the ones that your budget can accommodate.

Crew Neck: Learn More about Crew Neck Shirts

A crew neck is a sweatshirt or any other upper body cloth like a T-shirt that does not have collar. It only has a round or circular neckline. This type of clothing is usually worn with layers of other clothing such as jackets. Originally, this shirt was used to make T-shirts for American footballers. This was so that they could properly absorb sweat and avoid the protective shoulder pads from causing any injury to the shoulders when these players were on the field. Today, so many other designs have been developed by adding something from this simple design.

One of these designs is the cowl neck. The cowl neck incorporates other layers to the crew neck so that a shirt or a sweater can look more stylish and attractive. While the crew neck shirt is used mostly for men, the cowl neck is common to women. But one important thing to note is that they are both fashionable and can be used when one is going to so many different occasions. The ideal use of the crew neck shirt is as an undergarment.

women crew neck plain casual short sleeve black tshirt


Uses of Crew Neck Shirts

  • Going to a dance: They come in handy since they absorb any sweat that you will probably be having when you are dancing.
  • Business party: This shirt is ideal because it is fashionable and therefore appropriate for such occasion.
  • Sports: This type of shirt is ideal during vigorous sports activity because it is lightweight and absorbent.

There are crew neck sweaters and crew neck sweatshirts that you can wear in so many occasions. They always come out beautifully when they are worn right. That means that you should try as much as possible to match them with the other clothing. There are some pairing tips that you should take note of when you want your shirt to come out right.

Tips in Wearing Crew Neck Shirts

  • If the shirt you have is way longer than your chest, pair it with a matching spandex. This will ensure that you are comfortable.
  • Crew-necked tops need to be tight if you want it to come out right.
  • When using this shirt as an undergarment, always choose the color white.

simple plain white crew neck sweat shirt unisex

Pairing your crew neck right is very important and therefore you should not take it lightly. Consider the Illest crew neck shirts as they are a brand that boasts of being made form high quality materials. You can find these shirts from your nearest shops or you can even check out different Internet online shopping sites if you cannot be bothered from tedious shopping.

All You Need To Know About Cowl Neck Tops

What is a cowl neck? A cowl neck is referring to a neckline of a dress, shirt or sweater that hangs down in a very loose fashion. A cowl neck is a very popular fashion trend among women, men don’t take part in this fashion trend. Today, it’s one of the essential styles women must have in their wardrobe. Read on and know why.

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There are a lot of cowl neck tops out there and choosing the right one is important, as it will help you pair your top with bottoms, shoes and accessories. Whether you are planning on buying a cowl neck shirt or cowl neck sweater, the pair tips are the same.

glimmering haute hippie sequin cowl neck top

Cowl Neck Pairing Tips

Wear With Spandex – If you are wearing a longer cowl neck top but that is too short to be a dress, then wear spandex underneath it. The best part about doing this is that you will be comfortable just like if you wearing regular pants, while at the same time looking dressed up as if you did wear a dress.

Multiple Layers – A lot of people like to wear just a top, however, layers are still very fashionable. It is recommended that you wear a layer of clothing underneath a cowl neck top just in case you decide to take it off.

Top Needs To Be Tight – Have you ever seen women wear a cowl neck top that is extremely loose? If not, that is because they don’t look right. When you sport a cowl neck shirt, you need to make sure it is tight enough that the cowl neck part of it doesn’t get lost in the clothing.

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Pairing your cowl neck top is very important, especially if you plan on going to fashionable event. Most women wear dresses or even a business suit. However, you can opt to wear a cowl neck dress if you wanted to. The nice thing about a cowl neck dress is that you don’t have to pair it with anything because it is a stand-alone piece.

Ideal Uses For A Cowl Neck Top

Dance – Do you like to dance? A cowl neck is a great thing to have when you go dancing because they are dressy enough, yet they don’t choke you. A lot of women wear dresses when going dancing. However, for some dances this would make it extremely difficult for you to have fun.

Business Party – Dressing the part at a business party is tough, mostly because you don’t want to stand out, either in a good or bad way. It is because of this that you should blend in by wearing a cowl neck dress. The benefit of this is that you will have both elegance and style on your side.

Fancy Dinner – Wearing something casual yet dressy is important when going to a fancy dinner. Often times women wear dresses and for some women, they don’t like the feel of a dress. If this is the case, then a cowl neck top will work perfect here.

heather grey kinetic cowl neck long sleeve tshirt

These are three situations where you could wear a cowl neck top and not have to worry about being overdressed or underdressed. If you are not sure about where to wear a cowl neck top to, then just put it on and see how it looks. You will ultimately be the judge of how you look in the top.