Essential Massage Oils

The next time you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, picture a lemon being sliced in quarters. Feel your mouth start to water, a telltale sign that your stress is dissipating. Essential massage oils that are citrus-scented are among the most popular for their stress zapping attribute. Use lime or grapefruit scented oil the next time you give your significant other a relaxing massage.

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Massage Health Benefits

Aside from feeling soothing and lifting all your troubles away, there are actual health benefits that you reap from getting a massage. Massage can increase circulation, which helps to remove toxins from your body. Your tense muscles will be eased and your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest and digestion, will run smoothly. Adding essential massage oils to the mix will multiply your satisfaction. Trade couples massages with your special someone for a relaxing, luxurious way to get closer to one another.

Types of Massage Oils

There are two major classifications of massage oils.

  1. Oils for Stress Relief. Essential massage oils are highly effective on the olfactory system, or a person’s sense of smell. A person’s sense of smell runs right into the part of the brain that experiences stress. This means that certain scents can actually help lower your stress level. The top essential oils for stress relief are lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus. Lime and lemongrass smell like lemon and will relieve stress as well, as will bergamot and rose.
  2. Aromatherapy Oils. There are several different options for essential massage oils, and you should know the benefits of each type of scent before buying one. The scents that make up a basic aromatherapy oils list include marjoram, cedar wood, patchouli, chamomile, peppermint, jasmine, and sandalwood.
  • Marjoram is a good choice to combat fatigue
  • Marjoram and patchouli fight depression
  • Cedar wood is the best choice for sensitive skin
  • Chamomile will lift mood
  • Peppermint is refreshing
  • Keeping your mind alert
  • Jasmine will increase libido
  • Sandalwood works as an anti-inflammatory

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Choosing The Oil

If you’re wondering how to choose massage oils, there are a few factors to take into consideration. Here are some of them:

  • What’s the temperature like?

If it’s cool, you’ll want a thick massage oil, like sesame oil. If it’s hot and humid, you’ll want a light oil, like almond, grape seed, or jojoba oil.

  • How long will you be keeping the massage oil?

Sunflower oil, for example, is light and odorless, but it has a short shelf life. Apricot kernel oil has a long shelf life.

  • What is your partner’s skin type?

Avocado oil is moisturizing and is best for people with dry skin. Look for essential massage oils that have these oils as a base. You can also make your own massage oil by adding a few drops of aromatherapy oils into the massage oil.

Dripping cool oil onto your partner’s skin may look sexy, but in reality, it’s just plain uncomfortable. Instead, pour the oil into your palms and warm it up by rubbing your hands together. Whatever you do, don’t heat up massage oil in the microwave. It may be hotter than you expect and you could burn your partner’s skin. Run hot water over the bottle of oil to warm it up.

Different Kinds Of Massages

Having massages from time to time is one great cure for all the stressful situations we go through day in and out. Since ancient times, massages have been used for both beauty and health purposes because the special oils used in the massaging process makes the body very beautiful. They also help release high blood pressure, stress and other disorders in the body. There are so many kinds of massages in the world that have their special and distinct features that makes them special from each other. So, if you have been considering going for a massage and you are confused about what type of massage to go in for, this article will be just right for you.

Whether you are going for couples massages or an individual massage, it is important if you know the kinds of massages and what each massage entails to know the exact one suitable for you. Also, there are full body massage techniques and other popular massage styles that you should know off to ensure that you are being given the right service.

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Various Kinds Of Massages

Sports Massage

The sports massage is a type of massage that mainly sees to the massage needs of athletes and physically active people. There are processes involved where this massage type is concerned because they not only help to release an athlete’s stress and pain, but also helps to strengthen his muscles.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is mainly used for relaxation purposes and brings great improvement to the person receiving the massage. This massage is mostly based on the neck, hands, shoulders, and back.

Pregnancy Massage

There is also the pregnancy massage, which is mainly for pregnant women. This helps to relax them and the growing fetus. Not all therapists have much experience where prenatal or pregnancy massages are concerned so do not make a mistake of calling just any one where this type of massage is concerned. Only trained massage therapists should be allowed to go through with this type of massage because they are best in understanding you well and know perfectly well how to treat you.

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Other Massages

Some other massages also include the deep tissue massage, Russian massage, trigger point therapy and others. Also, there are best massages for two available in some spas where two people receiving the same massage at once by different masseuse. This type of massage for couples or friends.

Having a massage does not have to be something strange to you so relaxing and enjoying yourself is important. The body is always stressed due to busy schedules and duties, which is why there is no reason for you to stop from getting some pampering once in a while. Doctors would even advise that you see the masseuse at least twice a week. Depending on the spa you go to, prices may vary so make sure you search very well to get the best price that fits into your budget.

Complete Day Spa Packages

The month of love is near! So, you must start looking for ways so that the coming celebration will be not just a memorable and enjoyable experience, but also a practical one that is perfect for you and your partner’s needs. If so, you must be searching for the best day spa packages for the coming Valentine’s Day, those that will cater to you and your partner who may both be working hard every day and need a much deserved break.

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Tips To Remember When Scouting For The Best Day Spa

For you to choose the best Valentines day spa packages for you and your partner, you must take into consideration what kind of services exactly you want to get. What kind of pampering do you want for yourself and your partner? Do you want a thorough body massage with manicures, pedicures and facials? Go around your place, visit the existing spas, and check the services available. The day spa packages vary from spa to spa, so compare them against each other, taking into consideration the cost. Check which ones also fit the budget that you have prepared. Good day spa packages would not mean anything if you can’t afford them, so be sure to set a budget and look for the best one that matches it.

The Perfect Day Spa Packages

For men who are workaholics and have almost no time for relaxation, they are best given cheap day spa packages that include a thorough body massage that lasts for at least an hour. A facial would also be good as part of the package for a fresher looking, more relaxed face afterwards. Most workaholic men do not spend much time taking care of their skin, so a facial would serve them a lot of good indeed. Throw in a thorough feet treatment to relieve terribly tired feet. Have your men come out of the day spa refreshed and sporting smoother skin and feeling way relaxed.

For women, good day spa packages would include, aside from a full body massage and a facial, a manicure and pedicure and hand and feet wax treatment. A facial is always well appreciated among the ladies, so you’ll never go wrong with this included in the package. Remember how often women wear these feet-hurting heels, and you’ll know that they would very much appreciate having their feet pampered every once in a while. They suffer a lot to look good, so this treatment would be very good indeed. Also, women are very much concerned about the softness of their hands and feet. The treatment will leave their hands and feet soft and callous-free. The manicure and pedicure will complete the whole experience. After everything, she will come out of the day spa feeling like a brand new person, feeling more beautiful than ever, with skin so soft and so refreshed. Also, those clean and shiny nails never fail to lift the mood and make any day brighter.

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Of course, there are also couples massages available for partners who want to spend the day together in a spa. For these people, they can as well scout for the perfect couples day spa packages, which may also include a thorough and complete pampering.

Spa Specials For All

February is getting nearer and nearer, and as the Day of Hearts approaches, more and more couples are thinking of great and unique Valentine date ideas. Of course, there are the typical gifts such as flowers and chocolates. But those should only be the introductory surprise. Make the coming season of hearts not only more memorable, but, more enjoyable and stress-free with Valentine spa specials.

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For some couples, preparing for the Valentine’s Day is so stressful as it needs a lot of planning and effort—not to mention money—so why not make the coming Valentine’s day something new by availing of spa specials in Las Vegas. Couples massages are something that both you and your partner will enjoy. It is something that, at the end of the day, will make you more than satisfied. Spa holiday specials can do that for you, and you don’t need to be frightened by the price too.

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Making The Hearts Day Memorable

There are ways by which you can get great discounts for spa specials. You’ll be amazed that you don’t have to spend so much for such a relaxing time for the both of you. Here’s how:

First, you can check the spa that you are thinking about going to and ask if they sell gift certificates. When you purchase gift certificates, you buy the spa’s services for a lower price. You can either buy gift certificates online or right at the spa directly.

Second, you may also check if there are any upcoming discount packages. Usually, spas come up with great special packages that cost much lower than the ordinary rates during certain occasions. They almost always offer special packages on Valentine’s Day, so get your reservation immediately if you spot some. Many people are expected to flock these places when the discount packages are announced, so be sure to get your reservations quick. Either way, you are sure to get spa specials very cheaply, and you and your partner are sure to enjoy the time.

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Comparing Spa Specials

Getting cheap spa specials is not everything, though. You must make sure that the quality of the service is good so that the experience would not turn out to something that you will regret. Check the spas around your place and compare existing services. Compare the spa specials that they offer, and be guided by the following questions:

  • What kind of massage do you want?
  • How long do you want it to last?
  • How about the place, is it nice and comfortable, or will it only make you feel uncomfortable?

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Make sure that you are able to answer these questions so that afterwards you will get to know which place is perfect for you and your partner. The location and privacy in it are very important too. You don’t want to go to the spa and find out that the rooms are made of spaces merely divided with cloths, and people could easily peek into where you are lying. That is surely weird! Be sure that in availing any of the spa specials, the place you choose is much better than that.