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A Discussion of Different Picture Frame Sizes

Picture frames help encapsulate your treasured memories and keep them alive for the long term. Using beautiful wooden or metallic frames gives your photos an exquisite look and makes them wonderful pieces of decoration for your home. It is important to buy a picture frame with the right size. Pictures require the perfect framing to get the best beauty out of them. With countless companies manufacturing hundreds of different picture frames regularly, the variety of picture frames is stupendous.

standard picture frame sizes

Common Sizes for Picture Frames

There are many different picture frame sizes available in the market. Some of the common picture frame sizes are:

a.) 4 x 6
b.) 5 x 7
c.) 8 x 10
d.) 11 x 14
e.) 16 x 20
f.) 18 x 24

Picture frame sizes can differ over a large range of sizes. Frames can be found in a size of as small as 3×3 and as big as 30×40. The location of hanging or propping up the picture is essential to the purchase of the frame. With an exact idea of the size of the picture, the frame can be personalized to great effect. The standard picture frame sizes are usually 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 9×12, 10×13 and 11×14.

Picture Frame Size Considerations

You may think that picture frame sizes are not worthy of research. Photography enthusiasts, however, are excessively careful to buy the right picture frame with the perfect size. A frame that has the correct dimensions and proportions help highlight the beauty of a picture to great effect. Picture frame sizes should be carefully considered when purchasing. Here are a couple of things which should be kept in mind when choosing the perfect sized picture frame:

1.)  Overall Size:

The overall size of the picture frame relates directly to the type of picture involved. Pictures that are to be put on a wall look splendid in enormous picture frames. Smaller picture frames are best for pictures that are to be placed on a surface like a table or a shelf.

2.)  Dimensions of Picture:

Picture frames are available in different dimensions. You have to choose a picture frame according to the dimension of your picture in question. Frames with dimensions of 6×4 or 7×5 allow pictures to be placed horizontally; others also allow pictures to be placed vertically.

most common picture frame size

An 18×24 frame is a very popular frame size choice among photography fanatics. This frame size can be used in order to place pictures vertically and horizontally. 18×24 frames are usually used for posters or exclusive pictures. You must have sufficient place in your room to put this big frame with ease. Frames can be easily damaged so they should be hanged on walls with great caution and attentiveness. An 18×24 frame is best for large family portraits and big unique posters. The frame comes in many beautiful designs and shapes and helps provide your portraits a glowing look.

The full detail of picture frame sizes can be accessed using a picture frame sizes chart. This provides different dimensions and their respective details for the interested. You can also choose the size of your picture frame from the picture frame sizes chart and order a personalized picture frame with the preferred size.