Hair Care Essentials

The hair is every woman’s crowning glory. No wonder women spend so much time and money in keeping their hair always looking its most beautiful best. No wonder, too, why there is an entire industry dedicated to providing the women (and men) of the world with hair treatments and hair care essentials.

Get The Best Hair Care Essentials

These hair care essentials are made to provide the hair with adequate protection from the natural and chemical pressures that the hair goes through day in and day out:

  • Pollution;
  • Heat;
  • Dust;
  • Humidity and change in weather; and
  • Styling

Styling, especially, exposes the hair to intense heat and chemicals that damage the hair – no matter how good they look in the beginning.

Among the top hairstyling treatments that people go for is hair coloring. Whether they do it for the necessity of it (hiding gray hair), for the fun of it (Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, anyone?) or simply to give that up-do a new flavor, hair coloring is just as ordinary as cutting the hair itself.

One of the most common problems that color-treated hair encounters is dullness and dryness. While permanent hair color remains permanent, the life in it does not. The chemical reactions of the hair cause it to become limp and lifeless, and leaves the color a little lighter only after a few weeks. Luckily, there are hair care essentials out there in the market that helps keep color-treated hair just as beautiful as it were natural.

Top Three Hair Products for Maintaining and Caring for Colored Hair


1.      Color Depositing Shampoo

Those quality color depositing shampoo does not color the hair but only maintains it. It contains deposit-only-dye that is not permanent so this is not the item for keeping your silver strands away or for transforming your beach blondes into chestnuts. What this miracle of an item does is keep yourhair color longer and looking more vibrant. If you are into beautiful colored hair longer, this then should make it to your list of top hair care essentials.

New Redken Color Depositing Shampoo

2.      Color Conditioners

The chemicals in hair dye strip the hair of its natural moisture, thus the brittle and dry texture. This is where you need your conditioning THE MOST. And not just any conditioner at that. For color-treated hair, use color conditioners that will not only keep your hair moisturized but will lock the color in so you get just as much hydration for your hair while keeping the color a little longer.

3.      Leave-on Conditioners

Leaving the house equals leave on conditioners. You cannot simply go out into the harsh realities of the world without giving your colored tresses the right amount of protection. This will keep your hair coated and guarded from heat, humidity, pollution and other impurities WHILE keeping it hydrated.

Apart from these hair care essentials, caring for colored hair requires certain measures including regular hot oil treatments and avoiding heat treatments (curling iron, perming iron, etc).

How To Shampoo Your Hair Properly

Not a few people think too much about how to shampoo hair properly. More often than not, it is all a matter of wet-shampoo-rinse routine that does not take more than five minutes. But hair care experts know it takes more than that.

Tips on How To Shampoo Hair Properly

Shampooing hair requires more effort than it seems to achieve healthy and strong tresses. And there are more factors to consider than just knowing which shampoo brand smells the best or which one suits you best.

Essential Guidelines


  • Water Temperature

One does not simply walk into the shower and wash the hair with icy cold water or steaming hot one. There is a difference between the water that you use for wetting the hair, pre-shampoo, and rinsing the hair.

You see, the hair, just like the skin, have pores that open and close up depending on the temperature of water that it is exposed to.

Before applying the shampoo, you must open your scalp pores with warm water – this way, your hair follicles will get the best of your shampoo’s nutrients. Rinsing water, on the other hand, must be cold – icy cold if you can tolerate it. You don’t have to stand under cold water for a long time; just a quick splash of the cold water will do the trick, close your pores and lock in the nutrients.

  • Frequency of washing the hair

Do not wash your hair every day. It sounds disgusting but it is in fact healthy. Shampoos also contain harmful chemicals that could rid your hair of its natural sebum or oils leaving your hair looking dull and lifeless.

If you’re too bummed about greasy and dirty-looking hair from skipping the daily wash, the secret is a little talcum powder. Sprinkle some baby powder on your hair, and brush it off to hide it. The talcum powder prevents the hair follicles from releasing too much oil.

  • Amount of Shampoo

Shampoo must neither be too little nor too much. A quarter-sized dollop is good enough; a little more if the hair is longer. It does not matter what kind of shampoo you’re using – anti-dandruff shampoo, clarifying shampoo, those trendy color depositing shampoo – you’ll need just enough for your hair and a small dollop is all it needs. Unless, of course, if you have Rapunzel locks.

How To Apply Color Depositing Shampoo

  • Massaging the Scalp

How to shampoo hair properly does not include quick and slight touches between the hair and the shampoo. And it also goes beyond just lathering up. Proper shampooing requires long and slow circular massages all over the scalp.

Taking too much time? Think about it this way: you are getting a run for your money because you are using your shampoo to its optimum capacity, you are giving your hair what it needs, and you are shampooing enough for two days since you would be skipping the washing for tomorrow.

Knowing how to shampoo hair properly goes beyond the need to be clean and hygienic. It is about caring for your hair the way it deserves to be treated – and keep them looking beautiful at that!

Advantages Of Salon Shampoo Products

These days, with the numerous advertisements coming out to promote different shampoos in the market. It can be confusing for the ordinary consumer to choose which one to go for. You have probably experienced changing your brand several times or getting carried away by effective commercials and promos by newly released shampoos that claim to provide some extra benefits. However, based on many studies, these regular shampoos all contain basically the same ingredients. This is why at present, more people are starting to delve deeper into the salon shampoo which a lot have claimed to be more advantageous.

Kérastase Best Salon Shampoo Color Treated Hair Salon Shampoo vs Regular Shampoo

What is so special about the salon shampoo? Generally, here are the following advantages of the salon shampoo over the regular shampoo:

  • The amount of beneficial ingredients in the salon shampoo is greater. Despite the claims of over-the-counter shampoos regarding their volumizing, hydrating, and softening effects, research and experiments show that the quantities of additional vitamins and proteins inserted into the salon shampoo are much more significant. Most of these are also all-natural and organic components. Hence, the price goes up.
  • There are chemical fillers incorporated into regular shampoos. Most of the regular shampoos often have chemical-based preservatives and additives to make the shelf life longer. But then, these may have damaging effects on the hair in the long haul.
  • Usually, the salon shampoo is more concentrated as compared with OTC shampoos that are oftentimes fundamentally made up of water. This is why salon shampoos are more effective and you need not apply them as much or as often.



Popular Salon Shampoo Brands

Of all the many salon shampoo brands, there are several that always come up among hair care professionals and salon experts. These are the ones that will surely give you your money’s worth. The following are the top salon shampoo brands that you can truly count on:

  • Kerastase – If you want a brand that is reliable and highly esteemed in the market, this is for you. Only selected salons make use of its products but you can be assured of amazing quality because the company has had extensive experience in developing a wonderful line of salon shampoos, conditioners, and the like. If you are searching for a great color depositing shampoo, this brand can also provide you an excellent one. Kerastase boasts of several award-winning products over the years.


  • Redken – If you try to research on the best salon shampoo and conditioner, this name will surely pop up a lot of times. Whether you are looking for effective color protection, softening and lengthening shampoos, moisturizing products, strengthening and hair repair treatments, or style support products, Redken has all of these and more! This brand is certainly well-established and has been a great partner of salons for many years already.


Know The Best Salon Shampoo Brands

  • Nexxus – Whatever kind of hair care you need, Nexxus is another big name in the industry that people and especially salons can rely on. This company carries a lot of tried and tested products, including the best salon shampoo color treated hair can ever have.

If you take a look at the big salons these days, you will discover that these three salon shampoo brands are generally preferred and used by the salons. This is because they have already proven their worth in this field and many users have already testified about their marvelous benefits.

Indeed the salon shampoo is more costly than a regular shampoo for good reason. If you are really after healthier hair, then you should go for a salon shampoo.

About Suave Shampoo Products

It is the dream of every woman to look beautiful with their hair and it all depends with the amount of care and time you put to your hair to make it look good. What other way to give your hair a dashing gloss than with the wide array of Suave shampoo products. There is one word that describe Suave beauty products – professional. It is the only way to keep a professional look on your hair and maintain a shine worth the envy of many. There are many shampoos Suave has to offer and each specific shampoo target a specific need for your hair.

All About Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo

Suave offers six major categories of hair care products which are the following:

  • Professionals Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Scalp Solutions Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Dry Shampoos
  • Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Professional Styling Products
  • Suave Styling Products


Popular Suave Shampoo Products Today

Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo

This is one of Suave shampoo products praised for its results. Suave daily clarifying shampoo brings your hair to its natural form after a thorough clean. It works with all hair type and is efficient in getting rid of residues from hairsprays, hard water, chlorine or gels. The daily clarifying shampoo is perfect for dull hair as well, probably as a result of using different gels, hair sheen or swimming in chlorinated water. Users of this product find it efficient in cleaning, has a good smell and quite inexpensive. According to the cons given by customers, you have to be careful using the shampoo everyday as this will strip your hair off its color; and the new scent is not that appealing like before.

Find Reviews for Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo
Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo

Does your hair need a lot of time to do? There’s a corresponding Suave shampoo that will address your problems. The Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo allows you to do your hair even without taking the lengthy bath. Containing mineral clay in its ingredients, this dual benefit shampoo from Suave provides a clean and shiny gloss you need in between washes. The dual benefit is the gist of it all besides being a shampoo, the Suave professionals dry shampoo also styles your hair improving on its lift as well as the texture. According to Suave dry shampoo review given by customers, this dry hair dual purpose formula delivers on its claims provided you shake it before use and spray it about 10 inches from the hair.

These Suave shampoo products are considered hair care essentials by most experts and users as well for being inexpensive and mild on hair compared to other products. Your hair will not only look good but also smell good in a jiffy. However, what may work to others might not work at all for you so do essential tests first before fully using the product. Use the product as recommended and not to use it simultaneously with other hair products like a color depositing shampoo. Reviews can only give you a good idea of how Suave shampoo products work but the real experience can slightly or even be drastically different. 

Color Depositing Shampoo

Color depositing shampoo is just one of many examples of the amazing strides that have been made in the hair care market over the past several decades. Products such as ARTec color depositing shampoo are formulated with pigments that are absorbed by hair cuticles for a quick and easy coloring option, or for a simple shade touch up. Color depositing shampoo can be used in a variety of different ways. First, it can be used as a basic toner or simple color additive. Many stylists also recommend that it be used following a professional coloring in order to keep the color looking uniform and lush. There are dozens of different colors to choose from, whether it be color depositing shampoo red, black, brown, or blonde.

Pure Blend Color Depositing Shampoo

How Color Depositing Shampoo Can Add Life to Your Hair


  • Perhaps the most beneficial way to use products such as Loreal color depositing shampoo is as a supplement to professional colorings. These kinds of shampoos are excellent at keeping your coloring fresh and new. Obviously, hair coloring and dyes can wash out gradually over time. Color depositing shampoo works to add subtle shades to the hair, particularly at the roots, keeping your color full and vivid for a much longer period of time.
  • Aside from providing benefits to professionally colored hair, color depositing shampoo may even be used as a touch up to natural hair colors. These products deposit pigments into the hair cuticles and can therefore freshen up your natural coloring.


Buy Loreal Color Depositing Shampoo

  • Most hair coloring shampoo products not only deposit pigments, they also contain conditioning elements. The conditioning ability of hair coloring shampoos can keep hair luscious and healthy during the course of colorings. Chemical hair colorings have the potential to wear down the strength or quality of hair over time, and conditioners in hair coloring shampoo can restore the life and vitality to damaged hair. This additive also ensures that your color maintains its glow and luster longer.


Buying and Using Color Depositing Shampoo

Color depositing shampoo products can be bought in salons, and there are also a wide variety of brands which can be bought at most drug stores. Although the retail products may be more affordable, salon shampoo products are always best in terms of results. When trying to decide on the right brand and shade of hair coloring shampoo, consult your stylist. He or she will be able to provide the best feedback on which type is best for your hair and your particular color.

Artec Brunettes Coco Bean Color Depositing Shampoo

Regardless of whether or not you get your hair colored regularly at a salon, color depositing shampoo can do wonders for the shade and tone of your hair. Professional coloring is supplemented extremely well, and natural hair colors can be amplified and accented with these types of shampoos.

For the best results, always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most will advise that color depositing shampoo be used on clean hair. Simply wash your hair with a normal shampoo before applying the color depositing product. This ensures that your hair and cuticles are in the best shape possible to absorb the pigments.

Pureology Color Depositing Shampoo Red

If you are in search of a simple and affordable way to supplement your hair color, color depositing shampoo is certainly an option to consider.  For more brands you may also check on Suave shampoo online.