Color Changing Nail Polish Explained

If you love nail polish but want something different this time, you might want to give color changing nail polish a try. Unlike regular nail polish, it changes in color whenever it is exposed to sunlight or temperature changes. And since it was targeted towards the fashionable crowd, the colors are usually available in trendy instead of classic shades. For people with passion for classics, however, there are some varieties that they can choose from which range from ivory and pink to magenta and metallic nail polish.  Have you tried a color changing nail polish before? If not, then it would be a good decision to try them on and be amazed yourself.

awesome orly color changing nail polish

How It Works

Oftentimes, UV color changing nail polish change into only two colors – the original color when it is initially applied and the alternate color when exposed to sunlight or other sources of heat like warm water and hot air. But once the temperature changes again – becomes cooler for example – the color will return to its original tone.

This color shifting, as they say, is similar to what mood color changing nail polish do. This, however, detects your mood changes to make the nail polish color change. According to your body’s thermal changes the polish blooms into another color. Fun and interesting, it shows you how many times your mood changes which will surely make you smile.

One of the most popular names on this industry is Mood Struck color changing nail polish. Inspired by the retro fashion era, this nail polish gimmick is increasingly becoming a hit, especially to women who have a constant need for innovation and change. In this manner, the ladies will not have to buy a nail polish with a different color again since their needs are perfectly met.

solar active uv color changing nail polish


While one-color polishes still reign the most popular nowadays, color changing polishes are dramatically becoming a crowd’s favorite, especially to the youth who always have the eye for fun and exciting colors. They may not be suitable for professional settings like the workplace and business events, but the color lovers do not care. In fact, more and more of them are visiting the salons to choose among the wide array of polishes available.

Color changing nail polish provides the change and fun that most modern women are looking for these days. If you are one of them, you should definitely purchase a bottle or two today for you to enjoy the “magic” for yourself. It may be a bit pricey than regular polish, but the higher price is totally well worth it.