Essentials And Styles Of Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress has been designed for black tie events, semi-formal occasions and cocktail parties. The length of the dress depends on local custom and fashion but it can range from above your knee to just over the ankles. If the length is around a couple of inches over the ankle, it is termed as tea length. When it reaches down to the ankles, it is referred to as ballerina length. There are also designs that were especially made for smaller women, which are termed as petite evening dresses.


The name cocktail dress was first coined by Christian Dior in late 1940s, which he uses to call early evening attires. The most distinguishing differences between a cocktail dress and a formal gown are the following:

  • Lushness of the fabrics
  • Extra trimmings that are used in sewing them
  • length of the dress

dazzling tulle strapless a line cocktail dress with short fluffy skirt

Cocktail dresses are made with cheaper fabrics, shorter and typically have fewer ornaments than floor length gowns. If you are going to opt for a formal gown, which is also referred to as formal evening wear, it could easily cost you from several hundreds to a few thousand dollars. This is enough to make many women think twice about purchasing something that they will only use once or twice. Cocktail dresses offer a more affordable option and they are stylish enough to be worn on various occasions.

Some of the fabrics that are used for a cocktail dress include taffeta, silk, cotton, satin, polyester blends and denim. An easy to care fabric that is resistant to stain has an appeal to most women, especially those that are hand or machine washable. However, most of the stains that can get to your cocktail dress may be dotted away easily with seltzer water and clean cloth. This must be done before the stain sets itself in fully and ruin the dress.

Popular Styles

Some of the popular styles that are available for cocktail dresses are the following:

  • Cutaway cuties
  • Halter hot selections
  • Sassy strapless picks
  • Skinny strap dazzlers
  • Sleeveless and ruffled inspirations
  • Tiered thrillers
  • Weaved wonders

lovely purple short one shoulder neck and natural waistline printed cocktail dress

When it comes to the trendiest colors for the season, you will not make a mistake with black as it is always in fashion. Red, on the other hand, would always get you noticed. Other great colors include blackberry, cherry, aqua, coral, fern cream, fuchsia, iris, grape, kiwi, sunflower, lilac, pink peach, powder blue, silver teal and floral. Choosing the colors will depend on your personality and individual taste. With this information about cocktail dresses, you can now choose your desired style wisely and fashionably.

Cocktail Dress: Choosing a Quality Cocktail Dress

Cocktail parties are one of the most attended events and in the case that you are invited to one of the parties, you will need to wear a cocktail dress in order to fit in the occasion. These are types of dresses specifically designed to be worn during a cocktail event. They come in a variety of designs and shapes. In addition, the dresses also differ in lengths, sizes, colors and styles to meet the diverse preferences of women.

Popular Styles of A Cocktail Dress

  • Little Black Dress

  • Sexy Strapless Dress

  • Shift Dress

  • A-Line Dress

cute cocktail dress

Compared to other types of dressing, these dresses can still be worn to both formal and informal events. You can easily accessorize this dress as it goes well with any types of accessories. It is important to have a few of this lovely type of dresses in your wardrobe because they always come in handy in any occasion.

Considerations When Looking for a Cocktail Dress

  • Design: There are various brands of dresses in the market and each brand has a unique design. When choosing for the best one for you, opt for a design that you will be comfortable with. Most of the dresses are short, but if you are not comfortable with short dresses, get a long cocktail dress. There are also the sleeveless and bareback dresses designs. A popular design nowadays is the one shoulder cocktail dress.

  • Color: This is important, as the color you choose will determine how you are going to accessorize. It is also advisable not to go for loud clashes of colors. Cocktail events are supposed to be entertaining and relaxing thus one-tone colored dresses are preferred. Most people prefer a white cocktail dress or a red cocktail dress.

  • Material: The materials used for making this dresses include silk, satin, cotton and chiffon. All these materials give the cocktail dress a great appearance and the type you choose will depend on your taste.

elegant white cocktail dress

  • Comfort: This should be your number one goal when getting any types of dress. Find one that fits right to your figure. You do not want a dress that is either too tight or too loose that will make you uncomfortable and will look unflattering. Before purchasing the dress, always try it on so you can assess how you look on it.

  • Size: Cocktail dresses are of various sizes. There are those for plus size women, skinny women and even for pregnant women. Choose a size that suits your body shape.

  • Cost: Before you decide on a dress, consider your budget and make sure that your money is just enough for the dress. Do not pick out dresses that cost too much as that would be impractical. Always remember that these dresses may be worn only when occasion calls for them.

For those who are risky when it comes to fashion, have a look on the leopard print dress. This type of style may be too loud for others, however, this style could also make your look sophisticated and stunning. With the right accessories, you will surely be the envy of everybody. Whichever you decide to purchase, keep in mind the factors mentioned above as these will guide you in choosing the best cocktail dress that suits your style.