Interesting And Helpful Information On Business Card Holder For Men

A first-rate business card holder for men is one that ultimately reflects your individuality and also your business intent. For instance, a straight-edged, smooth contemporary design is best suited to the serious and stylish businessman, whilst quirky designs like a circuit-board business card case is best for men in the more unusual, geeky or creative fields. A personalized business card holder can be a good way to convey your personality and your business style to potential clients.

Quality Leather Business Card Holder For Men

Most usually designed to be very lightweight, and the perfect size to fit inside a pocket or wallet, a business card holder for men is a generally viewed as a reflection of status within the business world. It needs to be portable, always accessible and effortlessly impressive.

Different Styles Of Business Card Holder For Men

Ultimately, you want your business card holder to fulfill it’s main role brilliantly – that of protecting your business cards from wear and tear, keeping them in impressively pristine condition for when you hand them over to those important contacts.

Aluminum Business Card Holder For Men

The varieties of design for a business card holder for men are seemingly endless, especially when you consider all of the material options. Below is a list of some of the more common variations:

  • Personalized business card holder – business card holders can be personalized with branding, color and design specifications, monogramming and engraving.
  • Silver business card holder – contemporary, chic. These can usually also be engraved, if desired.
  • Leather business card holder – the advantages of leather as a material for a business card holder for men is that leather is long-lasting, flexible and strong, as well as having an impressive and pleasingly refined appearance.
  • Faux-leather business card holder – not as likely to be as durable as the real deal, but will come at a smaller price.


Cool Personalized Business Card Holder

Another aspect of design to consider is the color scheme of your business card holder; looking at the color’s durability and suitability (examples: white may get dirty easily, bright orange may be too brash/jarring). Also, what is the interior of the business card holder like? Does it have a soft, protective felt interior, or a dyed material that may rub color off on the business cards over time?

A business card holder for men can be purchased online from many different kinds of store, including printing and office supply stores, and menswear and designer fashion stores. For instance, take a look at the brand Coach; there is an extensive range of stylish Coach business card holder designs online. In addition to the usual outlets, you may like to check out online gadget and geekery stores, if you think this may suit your style a little better. And of course, you could consider online auctions, as well as handmade leather and metalwork stores.

Unique Coach Business Card Holder

Business card holders make a wonderful gift for any businessman, especially when personalized; an appropriate business card holder helps establish and define a man’s working identity, an identity that includes confidence, professionalism, prestige and a certain panache. For making business cards, you might check free business cards info guide and some cool business cards templates online.