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Comparing Clutches Vs Shoulder Bags

There is a wide variety of bags available today and each variety in turn comes in a number of designs and types. Choosing the best has become extremely difficult and the competition of clutches vs shoulder bags has become very fierce. It has become nearly impossible to choose between them and more often than not you surely find yourself torn between the two types. To make it easy for you to choose among clutches vs shoulder bags, here is some information about each of them.

jessica mcclintock stone frame pleated clutch

Comparing Clutches Vs Shoulder Bags

Clutches: The Positives

  • Clutches are extremely stylish. They are chic and can make you the attraction of the party very easily.
  • The fact that they are small may come as a benefit for those who don’t have the habit of carrying too much.
  • They are perfect for parties where you have to look stylish and fashionable.
  • Clutches come in a wide range of designs and you can easily find one that suits your taste and matches your dress. The Tory Burch clutch is a perfect example.

Clutches: The Negatives

  • However, these are small, hand held purses. This comes as a huge disadvantage for many women because surely, you want to have many things when you go out. Such a small clutch really gives you no space for all the stuff you’d like to carry.
  • You can easily lose these clutches.
  • A robber or thief can easily snatch a clutch from your hand and escape before you can even react.
  • You can’t use a clutch for formal occasions such as going to the office.
  • Having to hold them all the time comes as a big downside. Surely you don’t fancy holding something in your hand throughout the party.

Shoulder Bags: The Positives

  • They are easy to carry.
  • They are larger and you can thus fit in everything you want to carry easily. You don’t need to leave out anything.
  • They are perfect to sling onto your shoulder and go to work.
  • They are extremely comfortable and will dangle on your shoulder gracefully as opposed to clutches.
  • They won’t be stolen easily.

Shoulder Bags: The Negatives

  • They are not as eye catching or unique as clutches.
  • They wouldn’t make much of a fashion statement in a party.
  • The range is not as high as clutches even though there is a variation in the prices.

flatiron embossed banana republic bag

The ultimate decision between clutches vs shoulder bags depends on you. It is up to you to decide the winner of clutches vs shoulder bags according to your preference, your comfort level and the occasion. Perhaps the best thing to do is have both in your wardrobe. By then your only problem would be to choose the right one for the occasion.