Shopping Tips And Top Brands Of Cowboy Clothes And Accessories

Anyone can just purchase cowboy clothes. However, in order to look like a new age real cowboy, it is important that you purchase only from the top brands of cowboy clothes. There are a lot of brands in the market; hence, it is important to learn a few tricks that you can use when shopping for cowboy clothes.

inexpensive adiktd cowboy shirt

Shopping Tips to Complete a Cowboy Look

A wide range of cowboy clothes and accessories exist for you to choose from. It is important to ensure that the clothes you get are the best quality and at the best price range. There are local stores that offer cowboy clothes but to purchase easily, you can opt for online stores.

  • The cowboy shirt you go for should be a western shirt wear. Cinch shirts are ideal since they are great in pulling the cowboy look and they also last longer.
  • The fit of the jeans is also a factor to look at. It is better to get loosely fitting jeans because it is easier to move in these. Very tight jeans are also ideal if you are sure that you can move well in them. Always ensure that you try out different clothes for proper fitting.
  • You need to ensure that the belt is made from leather. The buckle should at least be made from brass or silver.
  • The hat should also be properly crafted to withstand all weather conditions and also to last longer.
  • Always go for boots that fit your style and taste. It is only advisable to buy boots from online stores if you are sure that they will fit you properly. The other factor you need to look at is the height of the heel of the boots. Ensure that the heel is of the right height for you to walk comfortably.

Top Brands of Cowboy Clothes

If you want the best cowboy clothes and accessories, here are the top brands that offer quality cowboy clothes and accessories.

  • Adiktd – This brand offers both expensive and inexpensive but quality cotton jeans and tops. The low doe jeans that look good with women are at $83.95. High zipperell jeans sell at $34.99 and look great for both men and women.
  • Ariat – The cowboy boots this brand offer are real comfort for the feet because of their cushion support system. They actually reduce stress and fatigue on the feet. This brand is among the top choice of equestrians. Ariat shirts, coats and accessories are also comfortable and functional.
  • Cinch – Based on customer’s reviews, they loved the long sleeves of Cinch shirts and their prints. These shirts are not only available for men but also toddlers and teens. The price range is usually at $22.00 to $58.95.
  • Bailey – A wide range of cowboy hats with unique and stylish designs are one of the strong features of this brand. The designs include straw cowboy hat, pecan felt hat and kid’s colt felt hat. The price ranges from as low as $38.95 to as high as $149.95.

high quality bailey cowboy hat

There are still more top brands of cowboy clothes and accessories in the market. Do some research and check your local stores or online stores for the best and quality products. With the wide availability of these items, you will not fail to get the best items that will definitely make you feel like a real cowboy.

Learn More About Cowboy Outfit

Cowboy outfit is not just another fashion statement, it is also a way of expressing an old fashion that has been there and is very popular amongst many individuals. There are different styles to the cowboy outfit. It is therefore of utmost importance that you learn about them and how you can pull them off.

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Tips on How to Look Like a Cowboy

The cowboy look is not about to lose its significance in the fashion industry. If you own a cowboy outfit, there are different ways to wear it and still look like a real cowboy.

Get the basic cowboy look. This is a cowboy style that only requires the essential cowboy outfit. There apparels are the ones that shout cow boy wherever you go. There are a few things you will need:

  • A pair of cowboy boots

Every cowboy must have a great pair of leather cowboy boots. This is one of the things that will tell if you are a cowboy or not. They also need to have wooden heels. These boots need time before you get used to having them on. This is because their sharp toes and heels are designed with the horseback stirrup in mind. There are better designs that are more comfortable these days that you can feel much comfortable in.

  • A pair of jeans

This is essential as most cowboys normally have a light pair of jeans on. These pants should be durable and comfortable. Getting a simple pair of jeans that are straight and preferably have a boot cut is a great idea. However, if you want to incorporate the 21st century look, you can always get the designer labels.

  • A cowboy hat

You may look at the cowboy hat like a fashion statement, but this is not as the hat is essential for certain functions to a cowboy outfit. It is worn to keep the head cool at all times. To keep the sun and dust from the cowboy’s face. These days, it is possible to get designer cowboy hats, but real cowboys prefer the old fashioned hats. If you are looking for the ultimate cowboy’s hat, you can get one from Baily brands or Stetson.

Get the advanced cowboy look. You can pull this look off by adding a few accessories into your basic cowboy look. They include:

  • western style shirt

This is preferably a shirt with long sleeves and with buttons down. The best fashion type of shirt to wear today is the cinch shirts. They are comfortable, stylish and durable. This is a perfect way to look stylish and look like a cowboy.

  • A belt and buckle

Ensure that your belt is leather and the buckle is large metal that has been crafted from brass or silver. It can also have cowboy initials or an advert for a beer or tobacco company. And grow a mustache for the ultimate cowboy look.

authentic cowboy vest

It’s fun to have a change of fashion statement every now and then. These cowboy outfits are not only limited for the cowboy look. They can be useful for your daily use such as the pants and the cinch shirts. These outfits are built to last and will surely make your money worth it.

Mens Western Shirts – Weathering The Storm

The cowboys have long immortalized the mens western shirts. A symbol of mental strength and cold boldness, the western shirt gave cowboy some character. The mens western shirt worn by ranchmen, cattlemen, sheep herders, outlaws and lawmen served both practical and image purposes. Indeed the mens western shirt was an integral part of the cowboy’s image.

in style cowboy plaid cross applique western shirt

Western Shirt – An insight


The primary striking element of a western shirt is yoke on the front and back. A yoke is a cloth piece, fitted around the shoulders or neckpiece of the shirt. It’s usually in contrast and supports the lower part of the shirt. They served practical and image purposes. Cowboys and ranchmen carried heavy and rough material like ropes on their shoulders and a yoke made of tough denim was ideal to withstand the wear and tear. It also accentuates the shoulders making them look broad and enhances ones personality. Yokes can be straight, scalloped, curved, printed or plain.


Made for practical purposes, this became the style element in mens western shirts. This pioneering accessory was created as it is easier to snap open especially when caught in wire or cow horns. Also ranchmen and cowboys didn’t have the time to sew buttons. Mens western shirts with snaps became a distinguishing factor of a cowboy from his big city counterpart. Popular material used to make snaps is pearls, nickel or copper. Urbanization of western wear has seen this fashion fade away, but it’s still a favorite amongst mens vintage western shirts collectors.


Embroidery is a key element and brings art into mens western shirts. Decorative stitching, embellishments and appliqué work is also commonly found on mens western dress shirts. Fringes are also a popular design variation in western shirts. There around the cuffs and yoke borders and are made of various materials.


Gabardine was a popular fabric used in western wear from its inception. Over the years other fabric like rayon, nylon, satin and polyester have been used in manufacturing. However today cotton/poly cotton and denim remain the most popular of fabrics used in manufacturing. Cost has been the primary factor in this shift of fabric.


Western shirts were primarily fitted in nature. They were sort of a unique selling point of these shirts. The more fit the shirts were the lesser chances of snag. However with wholesale production taking over, relaxed fit is now the name of the game.

History Mens Western Shirts

Historically the mens western shirts have been adopted mostly by cowboys, ranchmen and cattle herders. Hollywood stars like John Wayne and Paul Newman were literally brand ambassadors of this style and they are commonly seen wearing cinch shirts. But over the years the concept of the ‘urban cowboy‘ has helped bring western wear to modern fashion territory. Today it is being adopted by its city counterparts although not in their traditional essence.

modern style western shirt

Top Brands of Mens Western Shirts

  • Wrangler
  • Ariat
  • Levis Strauss
  • Lee

A legendary brand amongst collectors is the Rockmount Ranch Wear which pioneered many designs and concepts in mens western shirts. The character and strength oozing out of a western shirt propels a man’s personality.

Cinch Shirts – An Edge to Western Fashion

Cinch shirts are a part of the line of apparels that the company started in 1996. Cinch is a brand preferred by equine lovers of the west. The quality of the materials used in making Cinch apparel coupled with their unique design has made it an icon. In the west where rodeo is popular, there is just one brand that stands out – Cinch. Cinch shirts and jeans are worn by world champion riders and rodeo stars.

well designed cinch long sleeve solid plain weave shirt

Cinch Products

The line of Cinch products ranges from Cinch shirts to Cinch caps and jeans. Each product is designed and made with quality and style in mind.

Cinch Jeans

Cinch jeans are in a league of their own. There are denim jeans and there are Cinch jeans. Cinch jeans are divided into two categories: the basic jeans design and the fashion jeans. The basic jean cuts are White Label, Duster, Dooley Dark, Green Label SE, Green Label, FastBack, Bronze Label, Blue Label and Black Label. The fashion jean cuts on the other hand are Cade, Lucas, Graham and Carter.

perfect cinch jeans white label

Cinch Shirts

There is not a rodeo star that has not worn any of the Cinch shirts. Cinch shirts are unanimous with success. Famous athletes are brand ambassadors of Cinch shirts for men. The bold patterns and designs of the Cinch shirts are what made them stand out from among the many shirt brands. Samples of the styles of Cinch western shirts are Ocean Eclipse Pattern, Grass Green Plaid, Larkspur and Camel Print, Salmon Clover Pattern, Khaki Solid, Blue Solid, Kelly Green Diamond Pattern, Paisley and Wildflower Print, Blue and Gold Scalloped Print and Blue and Molasses Pattern.

Tees Collection

Aside from the Cinch shirts collection there is also the tees collection. Samples of the styles under this collection are the Khaki tee with print, black tee with print, orange tee with print, burgundy tee with print and brown tee with print.

fabulous cinch boys burgundy paisley shirt

For Kids

There are also Cinch jeans, Cinch shirts and Cinch tees for kids. The designs for the kids wear are specifically made just for kids so they can be both comfortable and adorable. There is also adult apparel available in kids’ sizes so the parents and their kids can have matching shirts.

The entire collection of Cinch apparel from Cinch caps, Cinch jeans and Cinch tees can be found in their website.

Wearing Tips for Cinch Shirts

Cinch shirts are best paired with Cinch jeans; however, you can also wear them with a pair of khaki pants. A pair of cowboy boots with the jeans complements the Cinch shirts well but you can also opt to wear it with a pair of canvas shoes and dark wash jeans. There is no specific guideline on how to wear the Cinch shirts. What is important is that you go with the style that you are most comfortable in.

elegant cinch mens shirts

If seasoned cowboys believe in the quality and style of Cinch shirts, it would be high time that you should do, too. For the best quality Cinch shirts on sale, browse reliable online sellers for their price quotes.