Lists Of The Top 5 Nail Polish Brands On A Budget

Do you know the top 5 nail polish brands in terms of quality and affordability? When it comes to nail polish, women could spend a great deal of money collecting colors. That is why it’s best to find a budget nail polish brand to buy. Dollar stores and drugstores carry many great nail polish brands and here’s the top 5 nail polish brands on a budget to choose from. You can find them at your local drugstore or even dollar store for an affordable and stylish manicure.

classy wet n wild nail polish

Top 5 Budget Brands

  • Wet n Wild. Wet n Wild nail polish is a long time budget product. With every color imaginable including special nail art polishes and even chrome nail polish when you need a great price to satisfy your polish fetish Wet n Wild is the way to go.
  • Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen has a history in being in the top 5 nail polish brands that fits in any budget. Not only can you get colorful polishes but you can also get all sorts of manicure tools including top coats, nail strengtheners and nail art supplies from Sally Hansen.
  • Revlon. Revlon is a well known nail polish brand and many of this brand’s products make the top lists. With several different nail polish collections and lines Revlon is a budget polish that gives you a great deal of variety along with the savings.
  • L.A. Colors. L.A. Colors is a brand that has become popular in the past few years. With cutting edge colors and great nail art polishes there is no end to the variety of looks that you can create with this budget nail polish brand.
  • Mirage. Mirage nail polish is a higher end of the discount price range but well worth the extra. With amazing colors, long lasting polish and a great reputation as a quality product, Mirage is one of the most popular budget lines for nail polish products.

glistening green mirage nail polish

When you want to get quality nail polish products that are affordable, simply visit your local drugstore and compare prices. Many times you can find the same color in different brands for a variety of prices. There’s no need to pay a fortune for a great nail polish. You can spend less on each one making it possible to buy more colors at one time.

Most women aren’t satisfied with just one color of nail polish despite the fact that many tend to spend most of their time within a specific color family. Some like pinks, some like reds while other women prefer a rainbow of colors based on their clothing and style preferences.

No matter what your color or style choices you can have an amazing manicure every day of the week with the top 5 nail polish brands listed above.

The Dos And Don’ts When Applying Nail Polish

Are you having problems on when and how to apply nail polish? Although trying to find the time to paint your nails is sometimes difficult, knowing thedos and don’ts when applying nail polish can help you to have the best looking manicure you can. Knowing how to properly handle the nail polish and take care of your nails can avoid you making any mistakes that will either harm your nails or diminish the lasting effects of your nail color.

efficient nail polish application

General Rules When Applying Nail Polish

The following are rules when applying nail polish.

  • Taking care of the polishyou buy is the first step in knowing how to properly apply your nail polish.
  • You should always store your nail products in a cool and dry place. Read all of the guidelines for storing them plus any directions for use which are mentioned with each product. Extreme temperatures can cause the nail products to chip, so avoid putting your nail polish in warm places.
  • You should not use any polish thinners because these can make your nails appear dull and degrade the quality of the nail polish.
  • When you are ready to apply your nail polish, you should never shake the bottle because this will cause air bubbles to form in the polish. Instead, rolling the bottle of nailpolish or turning it upside down for around three minutes will help the color to blend together well.
  • When applying the polish, use two to three broad strokes to completely cover the nail.
  • Avoid over applyingthe polish as it will take longer to dry.
  • Don’t stick your hands in front of a blowing fan, wave your hands back and forth or put your hands under cold running water. You should instead wait for your nail polish to air dry naturally.

Color Recommendations

The other things you should know about the dos and don’ts when applying nail polish is the sort of colors that will look good with your skin tone. When it comes to nude colors, here are the things you need to know.

  • Avoid pale and fleshy colors if you have pale skin.
  • You may wear stronger shades when you have darker skin, with or without white pigments.

Also, when it comes to candy colors, the following are the shades that will contrast with your skin tone.

  • Stay away fromlight tones of candy colored polishes if you have pale skin.
  • With a darker skin tone, you should be wearing the lighter colors.

Salmon pink and similar colors shouldn’t be used by anyone as they will drain away your color.

proper applying of nail polish

With toffee and coffee nude colors, you need to choose very carefully. They will often look good on any skin tone, but you should still choose a color that will match your skin tone, otherwise you can end up looking overdone. Glittery and shimmery colors like chrome nail polish are quite popular and they are the best choice when you are looking for a glamorous look. They are also the best polishes for your beach look and when you have tanned skin. However, remember that too much glitter can be very hard to remove.

With sufficient knowledge, the dos and don’ts when applying nail polish will help keep your nails healthy and your nail polishes in their best conditions. Plus, your manicure will look its best and last longer when you know how to properly care for and apply your polish.

Scan Through Your Colorful Caboodle With Nail Polish Rack

Do you have a hard time organizing your nail polish collection? Just as your collection of nail polish is growing with the never ending styles coming up, having your own nail polish rack is the solution to keep your storage neat and easy to find. This idea helps you to organize your nail polish in every color and every kind. This will allow you to scan through your colors without having you dig in your endless variety of nail polish.

ideal home nail polish rack

Types of Racks for Nail Polish

There are several types of racks you can see in the market. You can even make your own if you want it tailored according to your unique need. Here are some samples of racks which you can use to organize your fashion collection of nail polish:

  • Nail polish wall rack. This rack in embedded on the wall. It is a permanent structure which is ideal for nail salons and polish stores. To make these racks attractive, lights are installed over it to show the bright-colored nail polish which act as both display and decoration.
  • Wood back nail polish rack for walls. This is a mountable kind of rack where you can hang it or screw it anywhere in your wall. It has a homey yet, chic appearance. Typically, the wooden back has a shiny stainless steel holder to keep the nail polish in place. A regular-sized wall rack like this can hold up to 90 bottles of nail polish.
  • Nail polish acrylic display rack. This is the type of rack you see in the grocery stores where the rack is made of sturdy plastic. The top most level is usually enlarged for advertizing the brand names on the display.
  • Spinning nail polish rack. This charming rack rotates whenever you want to scan through your different colors of nail polish. It is ideal for small spaces where you cannot install wall mounted racks. This type of rack can be made of glass for an elegant display. Store owners invest in this type because it can capture a classy feeling. You can actually make your own spinning racks using pretty glasses plates.

Can You DIY Nail Polish Rack?

Of course, you can custom-made your own rack. You have to decide what type of racks you need. You can choose to make a wall-mounted rack or a spinning rack. For wall mounted rack, here are the things you need:

  • Cutter
  • Wooden ruler
  • Card board
  • Styrofoam
  • Sticks
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Several charming buttons for decoration

best way to store your nail polish

The first thing you have to do is to determine the measurement of your rack. Cut the card board according to your desired size. Then, measure the styrofoam’s length. It should be leveled to each sides of the card board. The thickness should be not less than two inches to make it strong enough in holding your collection. Use the glue to attach it on the card board. To keep nail polish bottles in place, use the sticks. Just measure it according to the size of the styro and stick it on the card board using a glue gun. Decorate your rack the way you wanted it to look like.

Organizing things is fun if you have the right storage. Keep your collection neat by keeping your colorful collection in your nail polish rack. It would be a breeze in making a choice as you can see your base coating, chrome nail polish or glittered nail polish all packed in an organized and orderly manner.

Create Cosmic Illusion with Magnetic Nail Polish

Are you looking for ways to be creative with your nails? Magnetic nail polish is a unique type of nail polish that contains small magnetic particles to create a very catchy design. The magnetic particles can be moved by small magnetic discs that comes with the package. All you need to do is to place the magnets just above your newly painted finger nails and your off to go. It can move the iron particles to create a cosmic design such as stars or glowing Saturn belts. You can do this by yourself because it is so easy to apply.

must try trendy magnetic nail polish

Are There Any Magnetic Nail Polish Tips for Application?

How to use magnetic nail polish is different from your conventional nail polish because of the presence of the small magnetic particles. It is also different from chrome nail polish because chrome is too shinny and gives your nails a metallic look. Magnetic nail polish has a deep starry finish. Here is a step by step guide on how to DIY:

  • Clean your fingernails. Be sure that the sides are prettily shaped and that no cuticles are protruding on the nails.
  • Choose the color of your nail polish. Be aware that this type of nail polish is quite expensive than the others. Because of its unique iron powder content, it costs at around $15 in the US. It can be higher if you are really going for the top brands. On the other hand, some companies are making their own cheaper brand to make this kind of nail polish available for everyone.
  • Starts with the base coat. This will make your nails stronger and your nail polish lasts longer.
  • Apply first coating of your nail polish. Do not move it with magnet yet. This is a trick that you can use to create a neat appearance. This allows you minor mistakes but still get a great finished nails.
  • Prepare the magnet. Some brands come along with a magnet. They create a certain pattern like circles and stripes. You can use any magnet in your house to create a different look from what is recommended in the box.
  • Add a thick layer and quickly place the magnet over it to move the iron particles. You have to be careful not to touch the magnet on you wet fingernails. This will make the polish messy.
  • You cannot apply this type of nail polish all at once on your fingers. Finish one finger at a time. Because you have to keep the polish wet, applying to all fingers at once may cause other fingers to dry up and you cannot move the iron particles anymore.
  • The magnetic nail polish directions are the key to make different designs.
  • Never add another coat once you have moved the magnet. This will only cover your design.

magnetic nail polish easy application tips

Eye-catching and enigmatic! Magnetic nail polish is one of the fashionable contemporary innovations on making your hands beautiful.

Applying Unique Chrome Nail Polish

Online and offline shoppers often ask how and where to buy chrome nail polish. The choices vary between the intensity of the metallic chrome finish as well as the differences among silver chrome nail polish or gold. However, the same general application tips and fashion rules will apply to either.

What Makes This Polish Unique

The biggest unique factor of this polish is its metallic look. It is also unique simply because it is a color which few people are bold enough to use. Why? Well, if you have medium or tan skin, that’s the “sweet spot” for applying this polish. Many pastel colors or matte and flat nail colors are the norm. You often see French manicures and the like. However, with a chrome appeal, you don’t need to add extra colors or designs. Also, you will enjoy the reflective or mirror-likefinish of this polish. Few other nail polish colors can match the shiny and light reflecting nature of this variety.

glittter gal contorted mauve duo chrome 15 ml nail polish

Do’s and Don’ts of Application

If you are going to apply this polish then keep in mind a few things you will want to try.

  • First, make sure you are applying it carefully with some nail or finger guides. You don’t want to smear it onto your skin as this polish will easily show any mistakes.
  • You will also want to steer clear of adding any other French-type manicure white lines or other embellishments. This is a color that naturally stands out on its own; hence, no extras needed.
  • Try to accessorize with complimentary bangles, earrings or necklacesin silver fashion. Applying this nail polish to a color coordinated outfit is the key to pulling off this fashion statement. Also, if you are going to opt for gold chrome nail polish, then make sure you accessorize with gold fashion pieces.

shimmering GAP gold chrome nail polish


Best Skin Tone for Chrome Nail Polish

It’s important to consider your skin tone before you decide on this unique color of polish. Depending on your skin, this color may contrast or simply not be noticeable at all. If you are someone who has medium tone skin then you can go for brighter colors. A chrome finish looks striking against your skin because of the contrast but it won’t look too overwhelming.

Tan skin people should also consider using this polish. It is going to be a choice reserved for personal discretion but you will often find advices from various blogs which lead one to believe that darker toned skin will contrast too much with chrome. It’ll actually give off the opposite appeal that you’re looking for.

glittering bobbi brown chrome glitter nail polish

Top Brands Who Sell It

So where can you find this wonderful color for your nails? Here is a list of some of the most reputable brands which sell chrome nail polish.

  • Sally Hansen chrome nail polish– A very popular brand among cosmetics, this nail polish can be found on discount cosmetic outlets online. Surely, you can save some money shopping there.
  • Rite Aid or Target – These two pharmaceutical and convenience juggernauts are ripe with cosmetic lines in their aisles. A weekend visit to either establishment will allow you the time to compare your chrome colored cosmetics side-by-side.

cool sally hansen triple shine chrome nail polish


Those mentioned above are but few brands that sell this unique nail polish. Be bold. Apply chrome nail polish now for you to shine and stand out.