Chrome Cologne

The Chrome cologne, often referred to as Loris Azzaro’s signature fragrance, is one of the most refreshing range perfumes in the market. The Chrome cologne for men is quite unique in composition with their long lasting and refreshing nature making everything that it touches as cool and smooth as chrome. Moreover, the chrome cologne seems to be appealing to women. Apparently, the relaxing and soothing scent of Chrome cologne has a calming effect making women swoon for more. The Chrome cologne gift set is in great demand these days and is turning out to be the prime choice of several hundred people worldwide each day.

chrome cologne ideal for most men

The uniquely Chrome scent has such a sweet effect that each time you wear some on your body, the scent of the sea and woods cannot be mistaken for something else. The top fragrance notes of the Chrome cologne are a unique mixture of lemon, pineapple, and rosemary. Its middle notes are coriander, cyclamen, jasmine, and orris. The fragrance ends with the base note of soothing tea fragrance, combined with cedar wood, moss, musk and tonka. All of these combined gives Chrome a fresh vibrant appeal that is often described as manly.

Every bottle of Chrome cologne represents is a replica of what Azzaro believes to be the essence of living. The perfume has a distinguished outlook from the other category of fragrances. The chrome bottle for instance is made of transparent glass that lets you immediately see the steel-blue color of the cologne. The idea behind the use of blue is that it is the color which represents purity. Additionally, the silver Chevron top is shaped like a horsewoman who shows grace and excellence. You will find a lot of chrome cologne reviews pointing out the positive aspects of this rare breed of fragrance.

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Everything about this brand is refreshing. For example, one of the Chrome video advertisements shows men from three succeeding generations, who are out in the sea having fun. This picture seeks to exemplify the Chrome man, who is full of style in a laidback and relaxed manner. In fact, the same reflects the perfume’s creator’s extraordinary experiences during his childhood in his Mediterranean hometown. It could then be said that this cologne is meant for those men who enjoy living their lives exactly the way they have. The blissful scent of this Chrome cologne is sure to create wonderful memories of the blue sky enveloping the calm sea, made even better by pictures of colorful exotic flowers.

Perfume vs Cologne: Pros and Cons

You are probably wondering what’s the difference between perfume and cologne. The main difference comes in when it comes to the strength of fragrance. It is evident in all perfumes and colognes, including the Chrome cologne. In knowing that there is indeed a difference between a typical perfume vs cologne, there are pros and cons that you need to take into consideration when deciding on whether to apply perfumes or colognes.

difference of perfume and cologne

Perfume vs Cologne: Pros and Cons

  • Portability – Due to the fact that perfumes are stronger than colognes, they usually come in much smaller bottles as compared to the big bottles that hold colognes. This makes perfumes easier to carry around in bags, which is convenient to the user especially during travel.
  • Intensity of scent – Since perfumes are stronger, their scent lasts longer than that of colognes, making it easier for you to stay fresh without regular application. Colognes need to be reapplied often if you want the scent to last longer.
  • Amount applied – You need not use a lot of perfume, as their strong scents only require application in small amounts. Colognes on the other hand need application in much larger amounts and are thus less economical.
  • Alcohol content (liquid base)Perfumes have less alcohol and more scent and are therefore seen to be safer to use than colognes. Colognes have a high liquid base, which means they contain high levels of alcohol and less scent.
  • PricingPerfumes are expensive as compared to colognes. This is so because they are stronger and long lasting as compared to colognes. This is why colognes are cheaper than perfumes and most people choose to buy colognes, as they are friendly to the pocket and come in much larger bottles.
  • Mode of application – While colognes come in spray and splash form which eases their application, some perfumes have the dipsticks and roller balls. This means they cannot be sprayed meaning it is hard to reach certain spots to apply.
  • Scent strength – The perfumes tend to be so overpowering to first timers, as they are too strong. This is not the case with colognes, which are mild. Perfumes can therefore cause you some discomfort due to the strength of the scent.
  • Public application – Application of perfumes in public can be quite tricky and might earn you some unfriendly stares from people, more so because of their mode of application and the scent intensity, which can be irritating to some.

best things on perfume and cologne

Whether or not you choose to use perfumes or colognes, all have their advantages and disadvantages and that is probably the risk you have to take in your quest to have lovely scents that are appealing to you and those around you.

An important point to note is that perfumes are favorable if you have the oily type of skin. This is because oily skin loses the scent fast and there is need for stronger scents. Those of you with dry skins should use colognes. Use the product that is favorable for you, if you can tolerate strong scents, go for perfumes. If you can’t look for mild scents in colognes.

Top Brands of Men’s Cologne

Every once in a while, many men are looking for new signature scents. There is need to have a good cologne for application which makes sure that you portray an image of class and elegance as a man.
There are several top brands of men’s cologne that are in the market and you need to know this to select the brand that pleases you most. Apart from the Chrome cologne, here are some of the top brands of colognes that are best for men.

long lasting fragrance cologne for men

Acqua Di Gio, Giorgio Armani
This is a favorite to many men as it has a sense of masculinity and freshness that is loved by all. It has fragrances that are derived from tangerine, bergamot, jasmine petal, rosemary, aquatic nuances and fruity persimmon. This cologne comes in spray, aftershave and splash form in different sizes.

Ed Hardy, Christian Audigie
This cologne has a floral fragrance that is woody and gets its inspiration from the tattoo art by Ed Hardy. It has a long lasting and masculine woodiness fragrance that has a dramatic appeal. The fragrances range from bergamot, sage, mint, musk, black amber, sequoia forest and mandarin. The cologne has different sizes in spray form and has a two-piece gift set.

Cool Water, Davidoff
This has the perfect aquatic fragrance that is fresh and convenient for everyday use. It has a scent that will see you stand out from the rest of the people. The cologne has scents from coriander, sage, sandalwood and rosemary. This comes in the forms of after shaves, spray, shower gel and body lotions that come in different sizes. There are also gift sets that come in sets of two, three, four and five so you have a range of choice.

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Paul Sebastian, Paul Sebastian
This cologne has a classic style with a woody fragrance that is not too strong. It is best for creating statements that will see you get compliments from all. This cologne has the fragrances of lavender, jasmine, amber, sage and oak moss. It comes in the forms of aftershaves, spray and aftershave balms and has a three-piece gift set.

Curve For Men, Liz Claiborne
This is a favorite to many and has a scent that is quite catch and long lasting and cannot go unnoticed by women. It contains lavender, bergamot and clove as the main fragrances. It has musk, lime and vetiver as well as citrus, cedar and sandalwood. The cologne comes in the form of sprays and aftershaves and has three-piece and four-piece gift sets.

Drakkar Noir, Guy Laroche
It has a timeless fragrance that is classic and masculine. This cologne is long lasting and has fragrances such as bergamot, rosemary and lemon. It also has basil, patchouli, amber, cedar, sandalwood and even leather. It comes if form of sprays, aftershaves, splash and aftershave balms in different quantities. This has both two-piece and five –piece gift sets.

Be sure to pick your best of these top colognes and make your own scent statement that will leave heads turning your way.

How to Smell Like A Million Bucks With Cheap Cologne

Every man needs cologne. Whether it is cheap cologne or not, it is highly essential since it does not only boosts a man’s confidence, but also attracts admirers. Cologne is made from a combination of alcohol, water and blends of different extracts that include: oils of fruits and spices. It is an essential requirement for every man, but that does not mean they have to spend a fortune on buying one. This is because there is always the option of getting cheap cologne. An example of one of the best cheap cologne in the market is Chrome cologne.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Cheap Cologne

With the advanced technology available nowadays, a man can easily find cheap cologne from of very high quality. Even when buying cologne for men, it is important to take your to time choose the right scent since it reflects your personality and style. It is important to take the following factors into consideration when buying cheap mens cologne:

one of the wolrds cheapest cologne

Scent Categories

The first thing a man needs to know cologne categories to know what kind of scent you want. You should not sample many types of colognes at the same time on the same wrist when sampling cheap cologne. This is because the scents may get mixed up, giving off a totally different scent.

The common cologne categories include:

  • Citrus category: orange and citrus
  • Spice category: sandalwood and myrtle scents
  • Green category: this usually has a sweeter scent

Occasion or Event

A man should know the occasion in which you will want to use the cologne.

  • Some scents are good for day wear, while others for evening wear.
  • Some colognes like the fruit scented ones tend to lose their scent after some time. This applies to both expensive and cheap cologne.


It is important for the buyer to read the ingredients and make sure he is not allergic to anything. Some ingredients of the cologne might cause skin allergy. Others could also induce coughing once taken a whiff off.

  • Thus, when picking cologne for the first time, you should sample a variety of colognes before picking a brand.
  • You can sample the perfume by spraying it on your skin to get a hint of its scent and test if you’re allergic to it.


Even when buying cheap cologne, it is important that the man knows what his budget is. This way, you can look for something within your price range.

affordable million dollar scent cologne for men

How to Apply Cologne

The process of applying cologne is the same for both expensive and cheap cologne. A man should be able to know how to apply cologne the right way. Below are simple steps of applying cologne correctly.

  • Cologne is applied in the following areas: neck, wrists, chest, under the arms, back, and thighs.
  • Cologne can either be sprayed or applied.
  • It is easy to regulate the amount of cheap cologne to use when using a spray bottle.
  • Always position the spray two inches away from the skin before spraying.
  • Use the finger to apply the cologne when using a bottle with no spray.
  • Cologne should not be rubbed into the skin since this can change the scent.

Always remember that less is more during application. Cheap cologne worn right can leave you smelling like a million dollars.

How to Choose the Right Men Cologne

There is more to men cologne than just the scent. Not everything that sits on the shelves may fit your needs. This is because there are dozens of scents from different manufacturers, and you might get confused and pick something that does not work for you. Some guys feel that expensive colognes are the best because they promise class, but the ultimate need is getting a scent that is distinct without being overwhelming.

It might be a consolation to have several fragrances that you can exchange depending with the mood you want to create in a day. Some scents of men cologne stay on the body the whole day while others are strong for a few hours which can be quite irritating especially if you want to remain natural without smelling sweaty. How do you arrive at the best cologne for men?

best colognes for men

Things to get you started

Factors to Consider in Choosing Men Cologne

1) Where you want to wear it: The occasion controls the mood you create with particular fragrances as well as the type you need.

  • For example, events that take place outdoors call for fresh scents that can contain natural fragrances like citrus.

2) Your personality: The scent of the men cologne you choose should accentuate your character. Are you outgoing, introverted, jovial? Choose one that fits you best.

  • Check also on whether you wear other fragrances such as deodorant and after shave. Remember, having too many scents can spoil the effect created by men cologne.

most outstanding cologne fo

How to Test Out Men Cologne

Using such factors, try a few scents in the store instead of purchasing something blindly. At times, when you dab several scents on your wrist, your nostrils may ruin your decision. That is why it is advisable to narrow your search to a few scents of men cologne after checking the range of ingredients. This is because the differences between various men cologne brands lies in the notes. There are three notes:

  • Top notes: The fragrance produced at this level stays for a few minutes before it fades. The scents include citrus, orange, peach and red berries.
  • Middle notes: The scents stay on for hours and their recipes are a combination of natural and aesthetic components like jasmine, rose, lavender and geranium.
  • Base notes: They last for the longest time meaning you have a fresh smelling scent the whole day. The components of such cologne for men include amber, vanilla and musk.
  • Chrome cologne is one popular fragrance that was manufactured by the renowned designer Loris Azzaro, who drew inspiration from experiences he had when growing up.
  • This blue fragrance suits the evening because it has a fresh scent that suits any man.
  • Its notes include the fresh breeze of the sea that fades out to leave a fragrant woody scent that is finally overwhelmed by mandarin and grapefruit base notes.
  • This contains a different mix of ingredients that include light scents of black pepper, neroli and bergamont before the smell of cardamom and saffron take over. The base notes of this men cologne are tobacco leaves and amber.
  • This mix makes this fragrance suitable for evening occasions.

Top Brands of Men Cologne

Chrome Cologne for Men

Versace Cologne for Men