Chrome Cologne

The Chrome cologne, often referred to as Loris Azzaro’s signature fragrance, is one of the most refreshing range perfumes in the market. The Chrome cologne for men is quite unique in composition with their long lasting and refreshing nature making everything that it touches as cool and smooth as chrome. Moreover, the chrome cologne seems to be appealing to women. Apparently, the relaxing and soothing scent of Chrome cologne has a calming effect making women swoon for more. The Chrome cologne gift set is in great demand these days and is turning out to be the prime choice of several hundred people worldwide each day.

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The uniquely Chrome scent has such a sweet effect that each time you wear some on your body, the scent of the sea and woods cannot be mistaken for something else. The top fragrance notes of the Chrome cologne are a unique mixture of lemon, pineapple, and rosemary. Its middle notes are coriander, cyclamen, jasmine, and orris. The fragrance ends with the base note of soothing tea fragrance, combined with cedar wood, moss, musk and tonka. All of these combined gives Chrome a fresh vibrant appeal that is often described as manly.

Every bottle of Chrome cologne represents is a replica of what Azzaro believes to be the essence of living. The perfume has a distinguished outlook from the other category of fragrances. The chrome bottle for instance is made of transparent glass that lets you immediately see the steel-blue color of the cologne. The idea behind the use of blue is that it is the color which represents purity. Additionally, the silver Chevron top is shaped like a horsewoman who shows grace and excellence. You will find a lot of chrome cologne reviews pointing out the positive aspects of this rare breed of fragrance.

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Everything about this brand is refreshing. For example, one of the Chrome video advertisements shows men from three succeeding generations, who are out in the sea having fun. This picture seeks to exemplify the Chrome man, who is full of style in a laidback and relaxed manner. In fact, the same reflects the perfume’s creator’s extraordinary experiences during his childhood in his Mediterranean hometown. It could then be said that this cologne is meant for those men who enjoy living their lives exactly the way they have. The blissful scent of this Chrome cologne is sure to create wonderful memories of the blue sky enveloping the calm sea, made even better by pictures of colorful exotic flowers.

Chrome Cologne

Chrome cologne is a cool, light blue colored cologne that is a signature fragrance by a widely known French designer, Loris Azzaro. Chrome cologne for men is great to wear in the evening for a night out at the club or a dinner date. It has a unique combination of aromas, which is an excellent conversation starter when you are on a date with a special lady.

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The Man Behind The Scent

Loris Azzaro is born on February 9, 1933 to Italian parents in Tunisia. Brought up in the Mediterranean, he enjoyed the simple pleasures brought by the sun and sea. Thus, Loris Azzaro came to consider blue as the color that really represents him. He sees himself as someone who is really accustomed to nature. His precious childhood memories were his inspiration when he created his collections, including the Chrome cologne.

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He went to Paris to establish his very own clothing line in 1962 and decided to go into the perfume business more than a decade later in 1975. His first fragrance was called Couture, which was a perfume for women. Then in 2000, he came out with a fragrance for men called Chrome cologne that later became his signature.

Description of the Fragrance

Chrome cologne has a cooling and refreshing scent that is a representation of the sea and the sun, the main features of Tunisia where Loris Azzaro spent his childhood years. Each spray of Chrome Legend cologne has the wisp of the sea, which is followed by the aroma of lush woods that then ends with a soothing hint of tea. The base notes are of bitter orange, mandarin, citron and grapefruit with a hypnotizing top note of bergamot. The combination of these scents gives Chrome cologne a truly smooth and fresh appeal that is genuinely masculine.

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Chrome Cologne Bottle

The favored color of Loris Azzaro is blue and each bottle of his cologne is a representation of his belief of the essence of living. The bottle for Chrome cologne is of transparent glass, which allows a person to see the steel blue colored cologne inside. Blue represents the same purity that one will discover in the sea. The Chevron silver top is designed like a graceful horsewoman that shows excellence.

What Users Say

If you are going to read on a Chrome cologne review, you will find it recommended for evening or parties. Those who have used it stated that the citrus aroma of Chrome allows its wearer to attract plenty of attention from people around. The smell is rather intoxicating and very attractive to women. The cologne has been created to remain on the skin and clothes for a long period and thus can be smelled even when you go back from office at night. Most users agree that its scent is so sensual and gives the feeling of freshness and cleanliness all through the day.

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Overall, the Chrome cologne is definitely one of options men should consider when shopping. You can find Chrome cologne sold in mall and store where you can get a closer look and try the scent on. For those shopping online, you can shop for the 0.24 oz version for testing. Try one today and have the masculine scent of freshness and sky.