Facts about the Chicken Pox Vaccine

Chicken pox vaccine is being used for a long time. It is also known as Varicella vaccine as the virus which causes chicken pox is called varicella. This vaccine works quite well and persons who are vaccinated with it rarely suffer from the disease. Even if a person gets chicken pox after vaccination, it is in a milder form and one has lesser pain and discomfort. Usually people get the virus during winter and spring.

Chicken Pox Vaccine Side Effects

If the vaccination has been administered on time, there are hardly any cases of side effects of the chicken pox vaccine.

  • The usual changes that are noticed after the vaccine is given are swelling or redness where the injection has been pushed.

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  • Unlike polio vaccine, there are no oral chicken pox vaccines and so people have to bear with the mild effects.

  • If severe changes are noticed after the chicken pox vaccine is given especially in children, they should be immediately taken to the doctor.

Chicken Pox After Vaccine

Chicken pox is such a disease that any one who goes too much near the infected person and has not been administered with a chicken pox vaccine is liable to get the disease. It is highly contagious and so it is especially advised that children should not go to school or out of doors when suffering from chicken pox.

  • Sometimes it is found that although a person had taken the chicken pox vaccine, he gets infected from outside.

  • In such cases, the effects of the disease are much lesser than those who are not immunized.

  • The swellings, rashes and pain are all milder and they recover easily also and does not suffer from excessive weakness.

Why Having a Chicken Pox Vaccine is Necessary

Children are liable to get infected with the painful disease very easily. It has been found that children below the age of 15 are more susceptible to the disease. It is very important to take the chicken pox vaccine in due time. Although it is considered as a mild disease, sometimes patients become seriously ill with pneumonia and swelling of the brain. Most parents stay away from work and stay indoors to avoid spreading the disease when their children are suffering from chicken pox.

Chicken Pox Vaccine Immunization Schedule

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The chicken pox vaccine schedule is as follows:

  • There are 2 doses in the case of vaccines for children.

  • When the child’s age is between 12 – 15 months then the first dose should be given.

  • When the children are 4 to 6 years of age, the second dose of chicken pox vaccine should be given.

For others, the doses vary like:

  • Those who are above the age of 13 and had not taken the vaccine before, must take 2 doses of the vaccine with a gap of 4 to 8 weeks in between each dose.

  • Again, older children who had taken 1 dose before and had not suffered from the disease, should take the 2nd dose for safety.

  • Adolescents, adults, health workers, those travelling for busines, college students, teachers and all elderly people can take the chicken pox vaccine to avoid severe attackes of chicken pox. In adult cases, the disease may turn out to be severe and unbearable.