Learn New Winning Chess Strategy

If you are looking for chess strategy that will help you to win this mind game, you are at the right place. It’s common for those who play or love to watch chess to look for new winning strategies. Whether you are a beginner or someone who know the basics of the game, you should always remember that the best strategies for chess are generally the ones which control the board, from the opening to end of the game.

3 Parts of Chess

  • Opening
  • Middle
  • End Game

comprehensive chess strategy

A chess game is divided in three parts: the opening, middle and end game. There are several basic aims of the opening development, controlling the center, pawn structure and king safety.

General Chess Strategies

  • The first chess strategy for beginners, which is also the most important, is to take your time and plan your move. You should never make hasty moves.
  • You should try to plan in advance for at least 3 moves when playing chess. It’s always good to think of all the moves that an opponent could make.
  • A good chess strategy is to develop your knights before the bishops. It’s always best to keep your bishop over a knight even though they offer equal points.
  • One of the most important chess strategy opening moves is to avoid moving one piece twice. You want to open the field to accommodate your second line pieces, which are the most powerful pieces.
  • In the opening stages, you should remain on your section of the board. By doing this, you will get to open many pieces to take advantage of the inroads that any other piece would make in the middle game. This is also another important chess opening strategy to remember.
  • A good chess player will always try to control all the central squares to not only move pieces anywhere on the board, but also to block the opponent’s path. You must always ensure that your king is safe when making your moves, because one careless move could make your king weak.
  • Another chess strategy that you should learn is that you need to plan ways to make the game simpler and take the lead near to the end. You can start to plan early because after moving the first 10 or more pieces this will end the opening of the game and the middle will start. At this point you have to evaluate your position.

trick and chess strategy

Note that these are just some of the general strategies that you should know about when playing chess. However, these strategies can be helpful if you are a beginner or you are teaching your kids to play the game. Speaking of kids, if you are looking for a way to motivate your little ones to play the game you can get a Harry Potter chess set. In fact, whether you are a parent, a chess lover or a collector, you can find different types of Harry Potter chess sets to satisfy your requirements.