Consumer Tips: Refrigerator Ratings

So you want to buy a new refrigerator? Do you know the last thing on the minds of those who want to buy this appliance is? It’s a hard guess, no doubt. Energy efficiency. Space, size, finishing, etc are at the top list of many a consumer mind. But energy saving hardly registers.

Many consumers, too, take for granted the importance of refrigerator ratings. Most people make the mistake of looking only on the outwards appearance of the product, forgetting the real stuff.

Refrigerator ratings will tell you all the good things about the product. More importantly, it tells you if it helps you conserve energy and conserve money.

Consequently, when you are looking for an energy efficient refrigerator the following guidelines should help:

best refrigerator ratings

•The refrigerator that you are pinning for should at the very least have a positive citation or refrigerator ratings from an independent consumer watchdog

•Similarly, the refrigerator that you are pinning for should meet some industry certification. They usually come with the rest of the refrigerator ratings sheet. A fine example of such a certification is the Energy Star certification that is an industry standard given to those manufacturers that meet the minimum threshold as far as energy conservation is concerned.

•The third clue as to whether your prospected refrigerator is an energy efficient product is in the application of technology that promotes energy efficiency. The technology that these refrigerators use to achieve energy efficiency could be by way of improved insulation, having high efficiency compressors, and the availability of more temperature and defrost machines.

The Benefits of an Energy Efficient Refrigerator

There are many advantages that come with having an energy efficient refrigerator.

•Foremost, and most apparent, of all the advantages is a reduction on your electric bill. This may not be there all too soon, but you will notice it in the long run.

reliable energy efficient refrigerators

•Thirdly, it has the effect of reducing your household’s carbon foot print by way of less consumption from the national grid, and less expulsion of pollutants. Yes refrigerators are pollutants, albeit in a small way, check it out.

•Lastly there is a selfish reason to buy an energy efficient refrigerator. In most states, a rebate is offered (in most cases the ceiling stands at $ 100). Such a rebate is offered to domestic customers who purchase a specific size of refrigerator. Although, it represents a wise investment choice as far as investing is concerned. Check refrigerator ratings for a more informed choice for you as consumer.

When shopping for an energy efficient refrigerator, there are many arguments in the marketplace that will be thrown in your direction. Perhaps you will be courted by the green crusade to play your part in conserving the environment. Perhaps, you will be persuaded by leading manufacturers as they attempt to showcase the latest science of their products.

The long and short of it is this: getting such a household appliance has a myriad of advantages that far outweigh any seeming obstacles that are to be found along the way. Get the top brands for these products: LG, Kenwood, Hotpoint, Panasonic, etc.