Guidelines in choosing the right semi formal dress

While a wedding party, a prom night and a pageant may require formal dresses, there are numerous occasions which require you to wear semi formal dresses. First and foremost, it is important to know the difference between the two before proceeding. Also known as cocktail dresses, semi formal dresses are shorter than formal dresses. They don’t go all the way down to the floor. The hem length is usually above the knee. Some dresses could also reach the lower calf but they don’t go lower than that. Semi formal dresses for juniors are more popular because they allow easy movement especially while dancing. They are fun, funky, comfortable and fashionable. More importantly for many of you, these dresses are also very sexy.

These dresses are becoming more common by the day because of their functionality and the fact that they can be worn for so many different occasions. In choosing semi formal dresses there are various things to keep in mind.

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Choose the correct dress:

  • It is important to keep in mind the length of your dress. You need to go for modest semi formal dresses that are not too short. Very short ones will make you look sexier than what is appropriate. You shouldn’t go for a floor length dress either because that will be too formal. Staying in between and choosing a dress that falls between your knee and ankle is ideal.
  • Choosing the right fabric is an important factor to consider. Semi formal dresses need to be light, movable and thinner. There are many choices such as satin, cashmere, crepe, chiffon, velvet and silk to choose from. Make sure the fabric is not too heavy. Denim, leather, cotton and wool are definitely not the right pick.
  • Your semi formal dresses should not be too shiny and bold. They should be modest and cute as mentioned above. Cute homecoming dresses that make you look pretty but not sexy is the best way to go. A dress that exposes too much is not ideal either.
  • While choosing the right semi formal dress is very important, choosing the right pair of shoes to go with it is equally important. You could choose between flats, strappy sandals, pumps and heels but you should avoid flip-flops and sneakers. Keep in mind that your comfort is the priority here. Choose shoes that you are comfortable wearing and walking in.

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If you are looking for cheap semi formal dresses, you should look over the internet. You’ll have a wide array of choices to choose from online. But make sure you make your choice based on the tips given here.

All Occasions Semi Formal Dresses

Many events require girls to wear semi formal dresses. Some of these occasions include weddings, funerals, proms and bar mitzvahs. Typically, a semi formal dress comes with an elegant fabric such as lace, velvet, satin, or tulle. Several brands offer beautiful styles of semi formal dress. XOXO dresses are among the preferred outfits of teens because of the extraordinary designs and affordable prices. Most of the brands of dress for semi formal events reach the knee, although some outfits are floor-length. The best semi formal dresses for juniors may feature a wide range of colors and styles.

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Dresses Perfect for Semi Formal Events

  • Metallic Dress: Those who look for interesting, semi formal dresses with a unique appeal should wear outfits with metallic color. The usual colors for metallic dresses are silver and gold. Several teens are fond of wearing this type of dress because of the modern and sophisticated appeal. The glitter and shine of metallic dresses will surely grab people’s attention. Any metallic dress will look perfect with minimal jewelry and a pair of black shoes. Numerous online shops and discount stores feature a wide variety of cheap semi formal dresses that are excellent for prom and other events.
  • White Dress: White dresses exude an aura of purity and elegance. The best quality of fabric for a white dress is loose and flowing. A long white dress paired with matching sandals will make the person look like a Greek goddess. For extra appeal, girls should wear gold jewelry or beaded necklace that could accentuate the dress. They can also pair the dress with classic pumps or strappy sandals. Most modest semi formal dresses are available in white color. Even with the simple and modest appeal of the color, girls can look stunning when they wear the ideal accessories and footwear. They should make sure that they do not overdo their look, so they could have an exquisite and classic appearance.
  • Lace Dress: Dresses made from lace and satin have a romantic and truly feminine appeal. Most lace dresses come with a neutral color such as beige or cream for a vintage look. There are also statement lace dresses made with bright and fluorescent colors. No matter what color of the lace dress, girls should consider wearing minimal accessories that will match the outfit. High-heeled pumps and sandals will also complement the overall look.
  • Strapless Dress: Sweetheart dresses are strapless with heart-shaped tops. This is one of the best styles of semi formal dresses for teens because of the modern and chic appeal. The bottom portion of the dress varies in designs; some bottoms may be puffy or lacey. The best way to wear the dress is with a statement necklace that will enhance the neckline. Moreover, it is essential to pair off the dress with a shawl or a blazer for warmth.

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Before shoppers buy a dress of their choice, they should check the size and features of the outfit. They should make sure that they purchase the excellent semi formal dresses that are comfortable and perfect for their body structure.

Beautiful yet Cheap Formal Dresses

 There are many celebrations in a year that every lady has to prepare for. There are birthday celebrations, proms and balls, weddings, parties, and other occasions that are worth dressing up. With all the events lining up, there has to be a way to attend each with a unique getup. At the same time, budget should not be compromised. There has to be a good discretion between looking lavish and having a tight rein on the budget.

Quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. There are available cheap formal dresses online that would perfectly fit any event. There are different ways of saving up while still looking your best in any gathering. What is important about a dress is the ability to choose something that fits a person’s style and sense of self. It should not be about the price or about the trend. Just try to keep options open and be versatile.

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Choosing a Dress for Your Event

Another consideration when buying a dress aside from the budget is the style of the dress or gown. You need to make sure that it will fit your body type. A gown that looks pretty but is unsuitable for your body type will only spell disaster. Knowing your shape, your body is a very important thing to consider so you can wear the right type of formal gown.

Buying a formal gown online is cheaper and more convenient plus there are a lot of choices to choose from. Wholesale purchase could also mean getting something suitable for your personality. The formal gowns through online wholesalers give you the best value for less compared to retail shops.

Cheap and affordable formal dresses for juniorsCheap and affordable formal dresses for juniors

What is your Body Type?

Checkout the description of your body features before buying a dress. This would include the following:

  • Rounded – This body type is composed of a larger bust, wider hips and, wider thighs. Women with rounded bodies can wear formal gowns that have lower necklines and drop waists.

  • Hourglass – This type of body figure has a larger bust with wider hips while the waist is well defined and thinner. If you have this body type, a strapless dress with defined waistline is good for you.

  • Pear-Shaped – This body type has rounder bottom and smaller bust and wider hips. For this body type, is it is recommended that a dress with and A-line is to be worn.

  • Straight – This is the body type that has a feature of narrow hips, smaller bust and less defined waistline. An empire dress would look flattering for people with this type of body shape.

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How to buy cheap formal dresses online

  • Plan ahead

  • Be on the lookout for cheap dresses online

  • Type down specific category of dress

  • List down all the sites

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  • Choose from the short-list

  • Register email address to sites selling dresses

Being specific can mean typing up cheap formal dresses for juniors, cheap winter formal dresses, cheap semi formal dresses and other categories. The more specific, the better results you will get. There are sites that list down all choices for cheap formal dresses. For instance, there are choices for dresses such as event dresses, pageant dresses, office dresses, party dresses and even dresses that are to be specifically worn in a country. Some sites can also help particular cuts, trains, embellishments, hemline, neckline, sleeve length, waist, back details, body shape, season, and style.