Essential Tips and Information On HID Bulbs

One of the most popular bulbs these days is the HID bulb. Most people don’t even know how HID bulbs work, do you? The way HID bulbs work is by using metal salt and gas to create a plasma which gives the light its extreme brightness. These are much better than halogen and for most new cars, they come standard with HID bulbs already in the car.

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You can also get HID bulbs for your house, however, you should handle them with care because they are not cheap and they can burn you. If you are looking for cheap HID bulbs, then it is recommended that you look online because most retail stores will charge a lot more than an online retailer would. HID light bulbs are sometimes difficult to replace if you don’t know what you are doing, so follow the tips below to ensure that you do things right.

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Tips On Replacing HID Bulbs

  • Let Cool – Although, the HID replacement bulbs will be cool, the bulb already in use could be rather hot. Being that HID bulbs use plasma to make the light, this could easily burn through your skin or thin clothing. This is why you should let the bulb cool before you even touch it.
  • Wear Gloves – If you are replacing a HID bulb without a glove, then you could be risking your skin and even your hand. A glove won’t save you from getting hurt completely, but it will at least take some of the pain away in the event the bulb breaks of the gas leaks out onto your skin.
  • Recycle HID Bulbs – Did you know that you can recycle a HID bulb which will then go back to the factory and they can reuse it to create a new bulb? A lot of people simply throw light bulbs away but it is better to recycle them wherein you’re saving the environment from hazardous waste as well.

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As you can see, this is not your ordinary light bulb and because of that you should really take all the precautions possible. A lot of people think that a HID bulb won’t be that much different than a regular light bulb but this is where they are wrong. One of the ways that you can tell they are different is by the way people use them.

Ideal Uses For HID Bulbs

  • Gymnasiums – When you are inside, you need to have as much light as possible. Most people would assume that a gymnasium would use regular light bulbs, however, they normally use HID bulbs because of how long they last and how easy on the eyes they are.
  • Stadium – Similar to a gymnasium, stadiums will use HID bulbs to ensure that people can see whether it is cloudy outside or just dark.
  • Parking Lot – If you look around you at night you will see a lot of lights, all of these will most likely have HID bulbs. The reason for this is the fact that HID bulbs are much brighter and last a lot longer.
  • Perimeter Lights or Outdoor Area Lights – If you want the brightest light for your outdoors, HID bulbs are the best choice. If will give you the best vision at night thus giving you better security.

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HID bulbs are almost everywhere now, they are on cars, in houses, in stadiums and even in LCD monitors. However, there are certain restrictions in using HID bulbs in vehicles and that’s mainly because of the intense brightness is produces. So research is still important to ensure you are not doing something prohibited. Hence, HID bulbs are here to stay in giving you one of the best artificial light sources today.