Tips In Getting Cheap Flights For Students

When it comes to student discounts, one of the most substantial savings around is cheap flights for students. Whether you are looking to spend an exciting spring break abroad, tour the world on summer break or attend school in exotic locations around the world, numerous discounts available can cut the costs of flights to popular destinations down to a more manageable size. With a few simple steps, you can be on your way to enjoying cheap international flights for students and seeing the world.

Easy to Book Cheap Flights for Students

Most major airlines and travel agencies require a few forms of identification and verification that you are in-fact a student. Common items for identification include:

  • Government or State issued identification card
  • Proof of age, such as a birth certificate or government issued identification card.
  • Proof of student status including student identification cards or transcripts from your current school year

 Commendable Cheap Flights For Students

If you plan to travel frequently, an International Student Identity Card can be purchased for a small fee and save you the hassle of submitting all these documents every time you wish to book cheap flights for college students. As an added benefit, this card will often earn you discounts at various lodging, transportation services and tourist attractions around the world. ISIC cards can be found at various issuing offices or obtained over the phone or online.

Get Cheap Flights for Students Now

Cheap flights for students follow most regular ticket discount trends. For optimal savings, consider these tips when booking your flight:

  • Try to book your flight at least 21 days in advance.
  • Avoid popular travel times such as major holidays for increased savings.
  • Check airports around your intended destination for the best deals. Sometimes only a half-hours drive can save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Consider red-eye or overnight flights when possible.

When possible, bundling your cheap flights for students with lodging or tickets to local attraction can help to reduce to the total price of your trip. However, always read the terms and conditions for bundle packages to ensure they fit your needs. Some ticket and attraction discounts are only available during restricted hours or limit your access to available services or events.

 Book Cheap Flights for Students

When it comes to finding the best cheap flights for students, the best source is often going directly to the airline. Many companies offer programs and discounts exclusively for students looking for discount flights. These tickets are often more flexible than traditional tickets or have special requirements for purchase. For example, AirTrans Airlines offers discounts for standby flights that can cut the cost of cheap flights for students to Europe to a fraction of their original price. While you might spend a little more time waiting in the airport, you will enjoy the same great service and substantial savings once you are in the air.