Cowboy Boots: Fashionably Rugged

Cowboy boots have been in fashion since time in memorial. The first pair of boots that were manufactured was the high tops, pointed toes and two-inch heels design. They were mostly used when riding horses but with time, this type of footwear is worn in almost any occasion imagined.

Gorgeous Cowboy Boots for Women

 Cowboy boots have transformed with time such that they are now available in many types, colors and designs. You can wear these boots to work and even when going out with friends. There are different types of these boots such as the cowboy boots for women. With all the emerging brands of boots today, one brand has remained true to its words for quality and durability, which is the Frye Harness boots.

Best Frye Harness Boots

Features of Cowboy Boots

For people who require wearing cowboy boots while riding, they should take up cowhide leather boots, skins of buffaloes, ostrich, lizards and also elephants. These boots have some good breathing, which offers protection from snakes, barbed wires, bramble and other risks that you might come across while riding .If you have boots that have heels, then you will be sure that your feet will be well protected from stirrups. Below are more features that make these boots different:

  • They have been made using various add-ons such as fancy embroidery, gold, gems and also diamonds. These add-ons are mainly found in womens cowboy boots.

 Stunning Womens Cowboy Boots

  • The cowboy boots have heels 1.5 to 3 inches long. It also has round toes or even sharp pointed ones. Their shaft quarters usually ranges from 10 or 20 inches especially to a height that do not have lacings.
  • There are variety of ranges from western boots, Peewee boots and also roper boots. You can use Peewee boots for fashion purpose.
  • The best one for men is belted harness, 8R and 12R harness which are usually rough, rugged and are a perfect choice when wanting to exude a cowboy look.

Examples of Cowboy Boots

  • Shirley harness boots are short in size and they come in black and dark brown leather. It has broad hemmed straps on upper part.
  • Jane Strappy harness boots are usually long. They have grain leather that comes in different colors such as black, tan, dark brown and also charcoal colors. They have a special design, which contains double loop straps.
  • There is also the Phillip harness tall and comes with soft vintage leather material. They are available in black, burnt red, dark brown colors and also classy cognac.

Elegant but Cheap Cowboy Boots

When it comes to purchasing these cowboy boots, it is good to source for best prices online. There are also cheap cowboy boots readily available in your nearest department stores. When you are wearing men boots, ensure that you wear them with fitted shirts, denims and sum it up with leatherjackets. For ladies you should pair them with fitted jeans, sexy and curved jackets and also fitted shirts.