Tips in Buying Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets, which are commonly white cotton sheets, have been important accessories in our room, generally because of their numerous benefits. One of those benefits is that they help us to sleep better during nighttime. And because of the extreme comfort they provide, they become a good choice as a covering and essential accent  to our bed.

However, seeing on the label that a sheet is made out of cotton is enough not for us to determine whether it indeed is the best type of sheet.

pure white organic cotton sheets

Important Shopping Tips

Below are some cotton sheets buying tips that you should take into consideration:

1.) Check the sheet’s label and look for its thread count.

  • The higher the thread count number is, the better the sheet can get.
  • You can also do this by holding the sheet against the light. You’ll know that it has low thread count if you can easily see through its fabric.

2.) The sheet’s fiber content should be checked as well.

  • Sheets with blended cotton and polyester are less likely to wrinkle and long-lasting and if you are looking for cheap cotton sheets, this is probably the best choice.
  • Also, pure cotton sheets feel cooler and are easier to maintain.

3.) When choosing, opt for sheets with longer fibers because they are softer  than the shorter ones.

  • They also are better in terms of quality.
  • Some examples of sheets that have long fibers are Egyptian long fiber, supima and pima. This again can be known through the sheet’s label.
  • Supima may have longer fibers than Pima, but both have this soft feel which make them very appropriate for covering our bed.

4.) Select a cotton sheet that has greater number of vertical cotton fibers.

  • Generally, sheets that possess this quality are much more delicate although they have weaker fibers.
  • To be sure, read the sheet’s  vertical proportion in its label. One good example for this is Sateen.

5.) The sheet’s fabric finish should also be considered.

  • Sheets are commonly treated with chemicals like chlorine and silicon to prevent them from wrinkling and possible deformation. Some are also treated with alkalis  to achieve a glossy finish.
  • For sensitive and allergic individuals, there are also pure-finish sheets  that you should consider buying to save you from allergic effects that treated sheets can give.
  • Moreover, organic cottons that are grown pesticide-free may also be your option. You can get the organic cotton sheets for only $60 up to $90.

6.) Most sheets are dyed after weaving to give them colorful prints and attractive designs.

  • However, this may cause stiffness after few washings.
  • If you want the softest sheets, choose the ones that are woven with pre-colored yarns. They just are a bit costly as compared to the dyed ones after they are woven.

soft and silky prima cotton sheets

7.) Looking for cotton sheets on sale? Then, buy your sheets locally.

  • This will save you big bucks because import and shipping fees are removed in their price tags.

8.) Make your sheets last longer and save more dollars by rotating them for at least once a week. This is enough to keep them looking good for ten to fifteen years or so.