What Are the Pros and Cons of Air Conditioners?

Air conditioners are widely used today from homes to offices to conduce the a desired comfortable atmosphere. One of the best assets they could offer is to keep you cool during a very hot summer season while inside your home or office. Air conditioners doesn’t only provide cooling, they can also control humidity and even make the air cleaner for breathing. However, there are many things that one needs to consider before buying one since all appliances have its ups and downs after all.

You can find many pros and cons of air conditioners you can read over the internet. Most of them are actual experience of home owners. The pros and cons are very vital for people in order to ponder first before buying one for their home. The pros and cons of air conditioners are like a review for them on what to expect for the product. It is also very important because they can give you the idea of what to expect or experience. Here are the lists of pros and cons.

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Pros of Air Conditioners

  • When you have air conditioner, you can sleep without an open window. You will be shield from the noise outside of your house such as noisy drinkers, sound of the truck or conversation of people. This is very helpful when you are in the middle of the city and you have lots of neighbors plus near the main road.

  • People install air conditioners in their house or offices for them to stay comfortable during hot and very humid summer days. Because of this, they help reduce or avoid some heat related health problems for those older people or other vulnerable ones. It can cool almost all parts of the house unlike fans, which you need to have more than one in order to be cooled.

  • Not only they increase the comfort of people at home but will decrease the heat stress that may happen not only to people but as well as with the appliances such as computers and our pets at home.

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Cons of Air Conditioners

  • The cost to operate air conditioner can be expensive. This can create financial disadvantage on your part and a problem for those people who only have limited budget.

  • Old air conditioner models has a bad effect to the environment due to the use of chlorofluorocarbons or CFC which contribute to greenhouse effect and other more types of pollutions. Although newer models are improved and doesn’t use CFC, there are still those that still utilize old models particularly in third world countries wherein there’s no strict laws that prohibits the use of one.

  • Old air conditioner models or even the newer ones if not maintained properly may also cause health issues such as asthma and other respiratory health problems.

Here are the pros and cons of air conditioners according to most homeowners. Just make sure you read a review of the air conditioner you which to buy. You can find cheap air conditioners but with high qualities in the market. This is if you have read the pros and cons of air conditioners you are planning to buy.

Five Popular and Top Brands of Air Conditioners

What are the top brands of air conditioners? As years passed by, technology changes and become more advanced. As of today, the simple big square box air conditioner becomes unique, with more characteristics and advanced in features. There are now different types of air conditioners that caters the different needs of people and as well as the different types of buildings. Picking the best air conditioners is not just about the capacity, size or the type to use but as well as the brand.

There will be many top brands of air conditioners where people can choose from. Here is the list of among the popular brands people mostly used:


Top 10 Brands of Air Conditioners

This brand is a multinational company in Japan. Sharp Corporation is founded in the year 1912 in Osaka as their headquarters. The brand designs and manufactures many types of electronic products. Their first product was mechanical pencils but now they become one of the biggest companies of electronic products. People love air conditioners of Sharp because they are certified and rated highly by Energy Star.


This brand produced low cost electronic products for people such as cheap air conditioners. It was known first as GoldStar in the year 90’s. It started in the year 1985 and eventually a Korean manufacturer of electronics. The GoldStar name changed in the year 1995 and became LG Electronics. Until that time, they started to good quality products. People adore their products because of the quality of air conditioners they produce which is either expensive or cheap. Everybody can avail and buy because they trust the brand.

GE (General Electric)

The acronym stands for General Electronic Company and is a multinational corporation company in America. The four segments of the company are the Energy, Consumer and Industrial, technology Infrastructure and Capital Finance.

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Just in year 2011, they become the 6th largest company and on the 14th most profitable company in United State. GE products are also certified by Energy Star with positive ratings. Due to this, they become one of the top brands of air conditioners.


In year 1902, Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner. In the year 1950 with the name of Carrier Corporation, they successfully launched in the market their air conditioner products. Now, they are one of the biggest company and manufacturers of air conditioner around the globe.


An American manufacturer brand of appliances that was founded in year 1934 by George Foerstner. Armana was first called Electrical Equipment Co. They first produced air conditioners in year 1954. Until that time and up to now, they become one of the best selling air conditioners in the market.

Here are the top brands of air conditioners people love and trusted to use not only in their homes but also in their work places.

About Central Air Conditioner Prices

The need for air conditioners in both homes and offices increases daily especially with the increase in global warming. One of the most common types of air conditioners is the central air conditioner. Central air conditioner prices usually will vary depending on the features of the air conditioner. The price range is very wide and there are several cheap air conditioners for those on a tight budget. Below are some of the major factors that will determine the price of central air conditioners.

Factors Affecting the Central Air Conditioner Prices

Efficiency in air conditioners is the amount of energy that is converted into cool air in comparison to the amount of energy that is lost in the process. It is one of the most important factors that determine the central air conditioner unit prices.

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The efficiency of central air conditioner units is expressed as SEER (seasonal energy efficient rating) and the ratings will range from 13 to 23. When you opt for a higher SEER central air conditioner unit you will have lower utility costs compared to when you take a unit with a low SEER rating. If you expect that the central air conditioner will be used a lot then you may need to invest in a high-efficiency unit. If your AC will have minimal usage then you should invest in a low efficiency unit.

Installation Fees
Central air conditioner prices will also vary depending on the installation cost. Installation fees will usually be determined by the location of the building and the labor rates of the area. Generally, for those living in cities, labor rates are usually much higher than for those living in smaller towns.

The installation fees will also vary depending on whether you will need ductwork done on the building. If you are installing a central air conditioner for the first time then you will need to have ductwork done which will increase your installation fees.

A warranty is an assurance given by the manufacturer of a product to the buyer that the product is fit for use and will remain fit for a number of years. Should anything happen during the agreed period, then the manufacturer will bear the cost of repair. This is usually based on certain terms and conditions. Longer warranties therefore indicate the manufacturers’ confidence in the product.

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When it comes to electronics including central air conditioners, the norm is that the longer the warranty, the higher the cost of the product. For example carrier central air conditioner prices for units with 10 year warranties will be higher than those with 7 year warranties.

One factor that will determine the price of your central air conditioner is the price. All brands will have different prices depending on what their specific model. However when it comes to brands the cheaper option is not always the better option. It is advisable to stick to common brands that have a good reputation when it comes to related electronics. One of the common reputable brands of air conditioners is Trane. Trane central air conditioner prices will vary depending on the individual item but will usually start from around $1500 to $7000.

The size of the building will definitely influence the size of the air conditioning unit. The bigger the size of the building to be serviced the higher the central air conditioner prices.

Take time consider all these factors in order to find the right central air conditioner that fits your needs and avoid overspending.

Cheap Air Conditioners To Cool Your Home This Summer

Now that spring has finally arrived, it is time to start thinking about those long hot summer days that will soon be upon you. While summer is a great time of the year for many outdoor activities, most people want to be cool and comfortable while spending time indoors and finding cheap air conditioners is one way to cool down those high indoor temperatures effectively.

Window vs Portable Air Conditioners

Not everyone can afford a central air conditioning system to cool their entire homes; however, that does not mean that you can’t find cheap air conditioners to cool down one or more rooms in your home. In fact, by choosing either a portable or window air conditioner, you too can enjoy the comforts of at least one or two cool rooms to relax in during those hot summer months.

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Let’s take a look at the difference between a portable and window air conditioner and consider their benefits and drawbacks.

Window Air Conditioners

You can really find some reasonably priced cheap window air conditioners. These cheap air conditioners for sale start at around $100.00 and go up from there. However, you can sometimes find these appliances on sale both online and offer and often get as much as $20.00 or $25.00 off on a unit.

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Here are some of the benefits of a window air conditioner:

  • These air conditioners are usually pretty durable for the price. Some reviewers for various brands of these appliances state that their units have run for 5 years and more making them incredibly affordable when you consider the price of these units.
  • Come in various sizes and some of these units are capable of cooling large open spaces.
  • Some of these units run fairly quietly.
  • Some can be set to turn on at certain times saving money on your energy bill when you are gone from home then turning themselves on in time to cool down your room prior to your arrival home.

best high quality cheap window air conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners

You can also find cheap portable air conditioners, which can be moved from room to room making it possible to cool any room in the home as long as you have a window or a place to vent the hose attached to the air condition. You can find many brands of cheap portable air conditioners that start at around $70.00 and increase in price from there.

best cheap portable air conditioners

Here are some of the benefits of portable air conditioners:

  • Easy to move from room to room making it possible to cool down whatever room the family wants to congregate in at any given time.
  • They are usually easy to clean and maintain saving time and effort.

  • Like cheap window air conditioners, cheap portable air conditioners can last several seasons when cared for properly.

When purchasing a cheap air conditioner look for sales or discount coupons. Make sure to read the reviews to get at least some idea how long your unit will last you, and make sure that you take note of any difficulty people have had with cleaning and maintaining their units. Finding cheap air conditioners is not difficult if you just spend a little time to ensure that you are getting a good working unit as well as that low price.