Top Banks In The World

If you want to make it big time in the banking industry then you have to work with any one of the top banks in the world by market capitalization, net assets or by any other parameter for that matter. Your portfolio and resume must implicitly demonstrate that you can handle the massive responsibilities and the pressures that come as a result of working with the leading financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and/or Chase bank to mention but a few .

What Are The Top Banks In The World

Of course, we all want our expensive MBA’s to be put into good, productive use in the prestigious banks as opposed to finding some menial clerical work in an obscure credit firm miles away from even dreaming of a listing anywhere in the world leading stock exchanges. We all strive to land the best paying jobs with an equal opportunity employer who has a solid integrity reputation and the most professional excellence when it comes to delivering on the expectations of their workforce, their customers and their shareholders as well.

Here are a few names that make all the bold headlines in the banking world:

  • Deutshe Bank– this German giant is believed by some to be the one thing that is still holding the volatile Euro-zone intact. As of 31st December 2011 it had the biggest asset base of around 2.8trillion dollars which amounted to exactly 15.6% total market share. The largest currency trader on the globe is accountable for transactions of over 20 million individuals spread all over. It was also reported that they were employing over 105,000 employees as of this date and they were expected to hire even more personnel in the coming financial years.
  • Barclays PLC is another titan of the baking industry with its headquarters based in the UK. It has continued to post impressive results even as the other major banks continue to make huge double digit percent losses. It is widely believed that this is as a direct result of their expansion campaigns in emerging markets. It boasted of a an asset base totaling to 2.5 trillion dollars as of 31st December 2011 and it currently has a direct workforce of around 63,000 personnel all over the world serving an approximately 38 million customers.


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The advantages or merits that arise when you work for any of the top banks in the world are amazing. Your career will instantly take off into the skies and beyond with all the major players in New York, Beijing, the UK all desperately looking to hand you a lifetime contact and a whole barrage of many more other equally appealing and alluring incentives that will make you a wealthy person in no time. As a hedge fund manager in one of these institutions you will be accorded the sole responsibility of balancing and managing million dollar portfolios for your clients and this gives you a sense of accomplishment from your job.

The perks we are alluding to include an out-of-this world health care plan, an enviable entertainment allowance and a chance to travel and get to see the larger world out there. Experience a banking career with a remarkable difference today try Chase Bank Careers and you might be literary laughing all the way to the bank and back.

Basic Banking Career Requirements

Someone who wants to have a career in the banking industry should know what some of the banking career requirements are.

Guide for Banking Career Requirements

Three Important Minimum Requirements


  • Age Requirements

One of the banking career requirements is being age 18-years-old or older. However, an 18-year-old will likely be qualified to be a bank teller. This is because higher ranking positions typically have educational requirements that need to be met.

  • Educational Requirements

A high school diploma is a requirement for entry level positions such as a bank teller or customer service representative. Bank tellers and customer service reps will need to know basic math and have interpersonal skills. They will also need to have basic computer skills and have experience with spreadsheet and/or word processing programs. Many banks will provide training in these areas but only if a person formally gets the job with the bank.

Associate and bachelor degrees are also banking career requirements, if a person wants to pursue a career as a senior bank teller or other types of management positions. A degree in accounting, economics, marketing, or business administration is needed if one hopes to pursue a career as a loan counselor, financial sales rep or a loan officer.

As mentioned above, one of the banking career requirements is a diploma and/or a degree. Attending a community college and working towards a degree in accounting, finance or business is a smart idea. Having a degree in one of these areas will greatly increase one’s chance of being able to land a great job at a bank. Once a person graduates from community college, they will be able to attend a 4-year college and work towards a bachelors degree, which will ensure a successful start in the banking industry.

  • Training and Experience Requirements

Further, banking career requirements will vary state by state but many loan officers and employees in high ranking positions will require ongoing training. Ongoing training will usually include obtaining and maintaining certain certificates in certain areas of banking. Employees will sometimes be required to take courses in budget management, data processing, international finance and credit as well as human resource management. These courses can last as little as just a few weeks or a few months.

Best Chase Bank Careers

Best Bank To Start Your Career

There are many banks one can start their careers at. Sometimes, it can be very hard to choose a bank to start a career with. The best bank to try to start a career at is Chase Bank. Chase Bank careers are the best for many different reasons.

  • Chase pays their employees good money, even their entry level employees, such as their bank tellers.
  • There are many advancement opportunities at Chase.
  • Not only that, but the benefits that the company offers its employees are excellent.
  • A person who works at Chase will interact with customers on a daily basis. They will speak face-to-face with customers and help them with a variety of things.

Anybody who wants a good paying job with a company who knows how to treat their employees, should apply for a job with Chase Bank.

Chase Employment: Success at your Hands

Chase bank is well known as a very strong financial firm in not just one but numerous cities across the country and this is the reason why Chase employment is the dream job for many individuals. Chase employment opportunities are considered to be among the best and are highly in demand because your future in banking is set and shaped up right if you manage to get yourself one of the many Chase bank employment jobs that are offered. Potential candidates are selected based on their skills and the requirements of the bank. Since it is such as huge firm, numerous employees are required to operate it and to keep its successful streak intact.

Find Chase Employment Opportunities

Chase Bank Careers

  • Teller Jobs
  • Personal Banker
  • Credit Card Services Advisor
  • Telephone Banker or Chase employment at the call center
  • Mortgage Loan Officer
  • Auto Finance Document Analyst
  • Branch Manager


Information about Chase Employment Opportunities

  • These jobs will nurture you and help you grow as an individual such that you are benefitted widely by it.
  • The standards set by this bank are really high and this is why you need a very strong educational background in order to qualify for a post.
  • Verbal skills are also very important because banking is all about communicating with the consumers. This is even more essential when you are applying or the post of a customer satisfaction executive.


Looking for Opportunities

  • The easiest and the quickest way to see if there are any vacancies for Chase bank jobs is to look through the internet. You can simply get onto the official website of JP Morgan Chase & Co and surf through the different opportunities for you.
  • There are also posts for the disabled and you can check the site from time to time for opportunities of Chase bank jobs.
  • You will find the Chase bank application for employment right there and you can fill it in with the right details and send it immediately.


Online Chase Bank Application For Employment

Incentives and Benefits

If you get any of the Chase bank jobs, you are in for many attractive perks and increments. They are enough to make you love your job and work hard to keep up the standard of the company. There are numerous benefit programs to increase the security of employees. Employees also get discounted loans and refinances, student loans and others.

Chase employment is indeed a golden opportunity and this is why if you are looking for a career in banking, you should apply for the jobs.

Career Step: Chase Bank Jobs

Also known as JP Morgan Chase & Co., Chase bank is a job treasure. This huge banking company has a lot to offer to freshers as well as experienced people who want a career in banking. Since the company is large and among the best, the screening process for Chase bank careers is stringent. Only those with a strong educational background and healthy verbal skills can get through. However, there are numerous Chase bank jobs that one could apply for depending on what they are skilled at.

Best ChHase Bank Jobs Teller

The list of jobs at Chase bank is quite long with numerous opportunities. There are Chase bank teller jobs, personal banker, financial advisor, business banker, credit card service advisor, auto finance collector and mortgage loan officer to name a few. Each post has different requirements and eligibility factors.

How to Land Jobs from Chase Bank

  • The best place to look for Chase bank jobs opportunities is the official JP Morgan Chase & Co. website. The website is easy to navigate through and gives you all the information you require about jobs, vacancies and the requirements.
  • You can keep checking the website to see if there are any job vacancies to suit your skills.
  • Note that Chase bank is a huge company and the need for employers is high. The standards however are par excellence and in order to be selected and recruited, you have to work at that standard or even better.
  • Opportunities are always high for Chase bank jobs because of the number of employees required but you should note that only the best can get through.


Find Jobs At Chase Bank

Requirements for Chase Bank Jobs

  • You need to have a very strong educational background to get into any of the jobs offered at Chase bank.
  • Verbal skills are also a must because most of them require having to talk to customers and satisfying them with your services.
  • Almost every job requires at least one year of experience with a graduation degree while there are jobs like Chase bank jobs teller or mortgage loan officer that are open even to freshers.
  • Typing skills are an added plus for all jobs but they are necessary if you want to apply for posts such as auto finance collector.
  • If you are bilingual, you have an added advantage over the others.

Other requirements are specific to the Chase bank jobs you want to apply for and you can look through the website for additional details about each. Depending on whether or not you fit the criteria mentioned, you can go to the ‘search and apply for jobs’ page and take it further from there.

The opportunities are numerous and working at Chase bank is the best a banker could ask for. The benefits that the employees receive are a big incentive to keep working better and to keep the standards of the company intact.

Chase Bank Careers: Taking a Step to Success

If you are passionate about a career in the financial sector, Chase bank careers can provide many avenues to stimulating, challenging, and rewarding careers. Founded in 1799, Chase is one of the world’s largest and most prominent banks, employing more than 140,000 people. Chase has a long and distinguished history, counting Aaron Burr and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. has some of its influential former employees and shareholders. Today, Chase is headquartered in Chicago, and has numerous locations across the United States. No matter what kinds of careers at Chase bank interest you, the company has a wealth of opportunities for prospective employees at every stage of their career.

All About Chase Bank Careers

Types of Chase Bank Careers

ŸIf you are a recent college graduate, there are many careers at Chase bank, which may provide the path to a successful future. Chase hires many college graduates each year in a variety of sectors. Obviously, graduates with business and financial degrees are qualified to work in the bank’s investment and retail sector, to name only a few. For those with other specialties, such as computer science or communication, there are other careers at Chase bank, as well.

Careers For Chase Bank Teller

Seasoned professionals seeking a change have many options in terms of careers at Chase bank. With experience in the financial sector, many applicants are strongly positioned to transfer their skills to a new career or company.

One of the most basic careers at Chase bank, albeit one of the most important, is the bank teller. Many long and successful Chase bank careers begin at the teller level, as it is generally an entry-level position. Bank tellers have a number of distinct responsibilities. First and foremost, Chase careers bank teller involves interacting with customers and account holders each day in a face-to-face setting. Tellers are responsible for assisting customers with withdrawals, deposits, and money transfers. Many bank tellers at Chase bank are also responsible for issuing items such as cashier’s checks, traveler’s cheques, and money orders. Other duties of a Chase bank teller include balancing cash drawers and branch vaults.

Successful Careers At Chase Bank

If you are interested in Chase bank careers teller, it is important to research salary expectations. In general, Chase bank tellers can expect a starting salary of approximately $20,000 per year. Although all Chase bank careers depend to their particular branch and geographic location, this is a relatively accurate estimate.

If you are ready to begin your search for Chase bank careers and are interested in becoming a teller, there are several resources at your disposal. Obviously, the first place to visit is Chase bank’s careers website. Here you can view numerous opening across different departments and in varying locations. Often times, there are several Chase bank  jobs posted on the corporate site.

Get Chase Bank Careers Teller Job

If the corporate site proves unhelpful, you can always visit your local branch and inquire about Chase bank employment as a teller. Some branches may choose to advertise their positions independently, so visiting in person is the best way to find out if any teller careers are available. Good luck!