Essential Bike Safety Tips To Guide Newbie Riders

What are the essential bike safety tips to ensure a smooth ride? Although bicycles are completely environmentally friendly and perfect to use on the road, it is certainly not exempt from accidents on and off roads. To ensure that such mishaps do not occur or at least greatly lessened, it is advisable to be adept with all the rules of bicycle safety. Safety tips are an indispensable insight for riders to attain when hitting the road with their wheels. Get equipped with the right kind of bicycle safety facilities that is a wise step for anyone using the vehicle. Being safe on a bike is certainly an aspect that is entirely in your hands. A little insight into the evident safety measures will definitely make your ride pleasant.

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Safety Tips To Remember

The following bike safety tips for riders are attributes quite basic and essential. These are vital prerequisites that every bike user must induce into prior to becoming a skilled and efficient biking specialist.

  • Handling – The first aspect that you need to have adept knowledge about is to have full control over the vehicle. Most bike crashes occur due to faults of the bicyclist himself. Knowing how to skillfully handle the vehicle and control its movement is quite crucial. You should be able to master the skill of starting or stopping and even when to make a turn. This ensures that the rider avoids more falls and rides the bicycle securely. Proper handling needs to be mastered especially if you’re riding with baggage like having a Chariot bike trailer in tow.
  • Road Rules – Understanding road rules is also quite important. Having just the safety tips in mind is just not beneficial enough. Realizing that traffic regulations are of immense priority when indulging into a ride is necessary. While bicycles are considered as legal vehicle, it does mean that you will have to abide by the laws, rules, traffic signals and signs. Make sure that you are extra cautious when making turns. When approaching areas of intersection do not forget to make use of signals. Apart from hand signals, voice signals are also useful. Bicycles when traveling in a huge group are likely to crash against each other when compared to hitting or being subjected to accidents with motor vehicles. Proper coordination with fellow riders greatly lessens this possibility.
  • Emergency Maneuvers – Of all bike safety tips, a proper understanding how to properly use emergency maneuvers is important. This is challenging for riders as they need to master tricks and special maneuvers like quick start, quick stop, quick dodge and more. These are essential to avert harmful obstacles on the road.
  • Brake Mastery – Being ready in one way is to make sure that you have both your hands ready to brake. You should be able to manage these aspects timely as prior braking can be dangerous. Pulling the brakes later can be hazardous as well.
  • Proper Frame – The common bike frames that are not sturdy enough and wear faster than those designed especially for heavy bike riders. So, you must carry the amount of weight that is just suitable for the vehicle to bear, otherwise it might just succumb to the mass on any ride.

proper helmet wearing for safety biking tips

proper helmet wearing for safety biking tipsThere are several bike safety tips that one must keep in mind while biking on any landscape. The fact that these are made of light frames requires handling well so that the rider or even the companion does not fall prey to accidents.

Tips On Purchasing Popular Biking Accessories For Enhanced Riding Experience

What are the popular biking accessories that you’ll need while traveling, you might ask? The safety aspect while driving on the road gave rise to the popularity of biking accessories that are essential across various countries at present. However, down the years these were bought for functionality, comfort and aesthetic value. As far as the safety of the biker is concerned, there are some biking accessories that are considered necessities for every rider.


The helmet being the most important protects the head in case of accidents. It is the inclusion of such beneficial biking accessories products that ensures that any kind of mishap on road does not hurt your brain which can cost your life. Choose the suitable variety of helmet accessories that fits your head perfectly. A helmet that is big for you might just slip on your face and hamper your vision. Even a helmet too small can squeeze or scratch your head. It can also cause severe discomfort while driving.

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There are some other popular biking accessories essential for safety which includes high visibility clothes. These are of pivotal necessity when driving at night.

  • Vests – Such kind of costume usually comes in the form of reflectorized vests. There are some clothes that are sold with matching lights for the bicycle itself. You can simply choose lights that shine brightly and have a long battery life.
  • Locks – When commuting to work using your bicycle, ensure to purchase sturdy locks that will keep it protected from being stolen when parked. Make sure that you choose from among the huge range of cable locks, shackle locks or even chain locks that suits your lifestyle.

Storage And Utility

When it comes to functionality there are some storage accessories that you must have. These are the bike packs, tool kits, cane baskets, hydration packs and more. These popular biking accessories are great for storing tools and items that you need while traveling. These accessories enable you to obtain space for storing things that you keep purchasing on the way. Choose the kind of accessory that matches the design and frame of your bike. One accessory that is getting more popular by day is the Chariot bike trailer. This trailer type accessory allows you to carry significant amount of load as compared to the regular tool kit. You can even use this to carry your child to take to your trips.

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GPS And Racks

Most people travel long distances and when it comes to such cycling expeditions, electronic gadgets like GPS and more are extremely vital. A GPS system ensures that you can find your way to the destination especially during nighttime. If you opt to carry the bike in your car though during those travels, then a car rack is what you need. Choose among the various types like the roof, hitch or trunk racks.

Prior to immersing yourself into popular biking accessories, make sure that you consider assessing the overall condition of your bike. The scrutiny essentially facilitates the understanding of which parts are needed to be replaced. There are some parts that quite easily worn out like that of saddles, pedals, bar ends and handle grips. When buying these from local or online stores ensure to prioritize quality which typically translates to a much higher price but worth it in the long run.

Important Considerations Before Choosing A Child Bike Trailer

Is there a certain age for your kids to be introduced to participate in a leisure activity such as biking where all you have to do is attach and secure a child bike trailer? There are parents that put a baby, who can barely sit down on their own, in a baby trailer. They consider this the safest way to transport their baby from one place to another by being environmentally and health conscious at the same. Given the advantages, some parents are still horrified at the idea of their baby being latched at the back of a speeding bicycle in the middle of the road. Clearly, there are certain degree of understanding that should be emphasized as to why some parents would brave the opportunity to bring their kids along for the ride.

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Is it Worth Taking the Risk?

First of all, the possibility of an accident should not be avoided every time you go out on the road. With that thought threatening the chance of a parent and their kids to enjoy a nice afternoon, should a chariot bike trailer be developed in the first place? Obviously, the people who have developed these bicycle contraptions have thought about it as well but they still moved forward and produced these unique biking accessories. They created these with full trust on the parents to consider the necessary precautions before they jumped on the road. Here is a quick review as to what needs to be considered before putting your kid on a child bike trailer;

  • Location – it has never been reported that a parent and a child on a child carrier bike trailer has been reported or seen speeding on an expressway. Which means that location or the biking route should always come first in the safety precautions lists.
  • Biking Skill – a parent should know that they should handle themselves first on a bicycle before they can decide to attach a single child bike trailer. They should evaluate themselves first and don’t get too excited with the thought of biking with the kids. If you could barely make a simple turn or avoid a tree then forget bringing your kid.
  • Safety features – the best child bike trailer should have all the safety features present and more if possible. Locks should be secured and cannot be easily removed by toddlers. It should have the necessary padding or cushion during rough roads to avoid bumps and bruises. The child bike trailer should be well covered with enough ventilation for protection from the weather while at the same time letting them enjoy the view.

croozer 525 double child bicycle trailer

These basic precautions when using a child bike trailer are a must for every parent. There should be any excuse for a parent to forget this because the last thing that they want to happen is to put their kids in harm’s way at their expense.

Rediscovering the Bike Trailer

Bicycle is arguably one of the most influential invention in the field of transportation. Supersonic jets, bullet trains and super cars have come and go but the simple bicycle has maintained its grasp as one of the better option for transportation. Aside from the benefits to your health that you get when you go out for a ride, it has other important benefits in every person. This leads to the development of a bike trailer to maximize the use of bicycles in everyday use. Are you excited to learn the available variations of a bike trailer?

chariot cougar 2 cts stroller bike trailer

Types of Bike Trailers

A bike trailer is a frame attached to the bicycle itself for the purpose of transporting goods and people by means of a bicycle. There are several variations that have been created to satisfy the needs of any individual.  In general, there are two types of bike trailers according to the number of wheels – they are single and two-wheel trailer.

  • Single-wheel trailer – this type is more stable but can be limited to its carrying capacity. It allows a person to gain more speed during travel since the motion of the bike and the trailer are more in sync.
  • Two-wheel trailer – this type will allow more hauling capacity. It is not designed for speed but can be very useful when you need to carry loads from one place to another quickly because it is much wider allowing for more space to carry different loads. Kids bike trailer is one of the most popular design for a two-wheel trailer.

copilot model A bike trailer best for babies

Designed for Kids

From the given types of bicycle trailers above, it is easy to consider what type of bike trailer is suitable for kids. The chariot bike trailer is a popular choice for parents when they decide to bring their kids on a biking adventure in the park. It provides safety and space that is needed for the little ones to enjoy the ride. It also provide protection from the heat of the sun and dusts or splashes of water and mud since sometimes they can’t be avoided.

There any many features of a bike trailer that has been incorporated to make the trip enjoyable for the kids. Companies such as Bell have specially designed bicycle trailers for kids. Bell bike trailer is a popular choice as they have safety belts for the kids, a stroller in front and extra space at the back for groceries. You can also order an extra helmet for another kid since they have trailers that can carry up to two kids at once. Bike trailer stroller is an essential part of these bike trailers as they can provide the stability and handling for the biker and its passengers while on the road.

You don’t need to wait for your kids to grow up for them to enjoy biking. Whenever they are ready, you can attach a bike trailer and make them tag along for the ride. It is a picture perfect situation when you see both parents and children sporting a grin while they enjoy the view around them as they safely cruise around the block or in the park.

Chariot Bike Trailer

Have you ever wanted to get involved with biking but can’t go out of the house because of your little children? Then you will certainly need a Chariot bike trailer. This trailer is a passenger type which is specifically designed to carry your little child comfortably. It is attached to the rear part of the bicycle and is equipped with a couple of security features to make that exercising or biking activity worry free.

modern deluxe purple chariot cougar 2 bike trailer

Difference of Chariot Trailers from Conventional Types and Models

Chariot trailers definitely stand out from other types of trailers. Here are the reasons why.

  • Chariot trailers are designed to carry young children. There are several kinds of bike trailers and a lot of them are purposely fixed to the bike to carry not only person but personal items too. An example of which is a cargo bike trailer. The Chariot trailer on the other hand is solely designed to carry up to two children when you bike.
  • These trailers are built with a body or cabin. Unlike ordinary trailers that are comprised of bare trailers and seats, the Chariot trailer is built with its own body or frame providing that same purpose and comfort of a vehicle cabin.
  • They double as strollers or joggers. One unique quality of all Chariot trailers is that they have attachable front wheels transforming it to a jogger or stroller.

chariot cougar 2 bike trailer

Why Chariot Bike Trailers are Consumer Favorites

Chariot trailers are consumer favorites. And according to existing users, they found the following features of the trailer to be great.

  • Chariot trailers have gorgeous and functional designs. Once you see the designs of these trailers, you will certainly fall in love with them. But Chariot did not focus much of its efforts on the designs alone; these great looks are coupled by the trailer’s unparalleled functionality.
  • They are packed with extra layers of security or protection. Aside from your bike’s main brakes, the Chariot bike trailer has its own set of rear brakes. It keeps that good balance, has a lightweight yet durable and stable ez-Hitch mechanism, and that needed sunroof or weather cover that would protect your children from the elements.
  • They are totally comfortable for your children. The interior of the trailer is well padded and cushioned providing utmost seating comfort. It has adjustable suspensions that is capable of absorbing those shocks, vibrations and hits from bumps or when travelling in rough roads.
  • These trailers are convertible. The trailers are literally convertibles. From being a plain trailer, they could be converted into a stroller or jogger by attaching the front wheels. All models including the used Chariot bike trailer feature handles and under-the-seat compartment for you or your children’s stuffs.

chariot child bicycle trailer

The Current Models of Chariot Trailers

As of today, there are three different models of the Chariot bike trailer you could choose from, namely, the CX, Cougar, and Corsaire.

  • CX trailer. This is Chariot’s original bike trailer. Although it’s been present for quite a while, it is still one of the consumer favorites. The CX also experienced several developments from the enhanced design of its interior to the inclusion of extra security features like drum brakes. This model also comes with the jog kit, weather covers, adjustable suspension, and the handlebar.
  • Cougar trailer. The Cougar is equipped with the same features to that of the CX. And this model’s main focus is the provision for perfect balance and versatility.
  • Corsaire trailer. Among the three, the Corsaire is designed for the little grownups. This trailer has extra height and space for your older kids and additional stuff.

chariot carriers cycling CTS kit

With all these information, Chariot trailers are definitely among the most reliable and highly functional bike trailers. A Chariot bike trailer could certainly be your family’s biking buddy.