About The Different Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units are nowadays a common feature in most homes. They allow individuals to regulate the temperatures in their homes or offices to get the most conducive environment. There are several different kinds of air conditioners that are available in the market today to suit all kinds of situations. For example, there are those that are suited for large buildings and offices and also those that are best suited for homes and small rooms.

Air conditioning units prices will depend on several factors but the different types and the variety in the market ensures that the prices are conducive for whatever budget.

Types of air conditioning systems

Window Mounted Air Conditioning Units

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It is a small air conditioning unit that is most commonly used to cool single rooms. It is best for situations where you only have a specific area that you need cooled. It does not use the split system which means that all the parts are enclosed in one single box. For those looking for cheap air conditioners, this particular type offers several options that you can choose from.

Wall Air Conditioning Units

This type of air conditioner is very similar to the window air conditioner except for the fact that it is not placed on a window opening. Instead these air conditioning units are placed in a sleeve on the wall. They are a bit older than the other types of air conditioners and can be found mostly in older homes. This is one of the cheaper air conditioners available in the market and they usually fall below $1000 price mark.

Packaged Air Conditioning Units

This is a type of air conditioner that can be used for an average building. It is common in small halls, restaurants and even homes. It does not use the split system and all its components are contained in one single casing. However, depending on how you arrange the packaged air conditioner units you can be able to cool more than one room which is an added advantage of this type of air conditioning unit.
This type of air conditioner is further divided into two: water cooled condensers and air cooled condensers.

Central Air Conditioning Units

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This type of air conditioning is very common especially in offices and large buildings because it is able to regulate the heat in more than one room by using ducts that are installed all around the building. Using one unit saves on costs compared to placing individual air conditioning units in all rooms.

Because of the large size of buildings that they service, central air conditioning units use the split system. This means that they have two separate units: The indoor unit and the outdoor unit. This also means that you do not have to create any slots in the wall to install them. Because of this split system central air conditioners are usually much quieter than other types of air conditioners.

One of the best features about this kind of air conditioning units is the fact that they are able to filter dust and lint from the air when the air passes through the filters. Central air conditioner prices are the most expensive types of air conditioning units due to the fact that they offer better cooling capacities and the units are built larger as well.

Indeed there are numerous options for air conditioning units. All one needs to do it match their needs to the right one. Also, do not forget to read reviews on specific brands and models since manufacturers also produce these units differently. Some may perform will up to your expectations while some may fall short.

About Central Air Conditioner Prices

The need for air conditioners in both homes and offices increases daily especially with the increase in global warming. One of the most common types of air conditioners is the central air conditioner. Central air conditioner prices usually will vary depending on the features of the air conditioner. The price range is very wide and there are several cheap air conditioners for those on a tight budget. Below are some of the major factors that will determine the price of central air conditioners.

Factors Affecting the Central Air Conditioner Prices

Efficiency in air conditioners is the amount of energy that is converted into cool air in comparison to the amount of energy that is lost in the process. It is one of the most important factors that determine the central air conditioner unit prices.

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The efficiency of central air conditioner units is expressed as SEER (seasonal energy efficient rating) and the ratings will range from 13 to 23. When you opt for a higher SEER central air conditioner unit you will have lower utility costs compared to when you take a unit with a low SEER rating. If you expect that the central air conditioner will be used a lot then you may need to invest in a high-efficiency unit. If your AC will have minimal usage then you should invest in a low efficiency unit.

Installation Fees
Central air conditioner prices will also vary depending on the installation cost. Installation fees will usually be determined by the location of the building and the labor rates of the area. Generally, for those living in cities, labor rates are usually much higher than for those living in smaller towns.

The installation fees will also vary depending on whether you will need ductwork done on the building. If you are installing a central air conditioner for the first time then you will need to have ductwork done which will increase your installation fees.

A warranty is an assurance given by the manufacturer of a product to the buyer that the product is fit for use and will remain fit for a number of years. Should anything happen during the agreed period, then the manufacturer will bear the cost of repair. This is usually based on certain terms and conditions. Longer warranties therefore indicate the manufacturers’ confidence in the product.

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When it comes to electronics including central air conditioners, the norm is that the longer the warranty, the higher the cost of the product. For example carrier central air conditioner prices for units with 10 year warranties will be higher than those with 7 year warranties.

One factor that will determine the price of your central air conditioner is the price. All brands will have different prices depending on what their specific model. However when it comes to brands the cheaper option is not always the better option. It is advisable to stick to common brands that have a good reputation when it comes to related electronics. One of the common reputable brands of air conditioners is Trane. Trane central air conditioner prices will vary depending on the individual item but will usually start from around $1500 to $7000.

The size of the building will definitely influence the size of the air conditioning unit. The bigger the size of the building to be serviced the higher the central air conditioner prices.

Take time consider all these factors in order to find the right central air conditioner that fits your needs and avoid overspending.