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Chariot Bike Trailer

Have you ever wanted to get involved with biking but can’t go out of the house because of your little children? Then you will certainly need a Chariot bike trailer. This trailer is a passenger type which is specifically designed to carry your little child comfortably. It is attached to the rear part of the bicycle and is equipped with a couple of security features to make that exercising or biking activity worry free.

modern deluxe purple chariot cougar 2 bike trailer

Difference of Chariot Trailers from Conventional Types and Models

Chariot trailers definitely stand out from other types of trailers. Here are the reasons why.

  • Chariot trailers are designed to carry young children. There are several kinds of bike trailers and a lot of them are purposely fixed to the bike to carry not only person but personal items too. An example of which is a cargo bike trailer. The Chariot trailer on the other hand is solely designed to carry up to two children when you bike.
  • These trailers are built with a body or cabin. Unlike ordinary trailers that are comprised of bare trailers and seats, the Chariot trailer is built with its own body or frame providing that same purpose and comfort of a vehicle cabin.
  • They double as strollers or joggers. One unique quality of all Chariot trailers is that they have attachable front wheels transforming it to a jogger or stroller.

chariot cougar 2 bike trailer

Why Chariot Bike Trailers are Consumer Favorites

Chariot trailers are consumer favorites. And according to existing users, they found the following features of the trailer to be great.

  • Chariot trailers have gorgeous and functional designs. Once you see the designs of these trailers, you will certainly fall in love with them. But Chariot did not focus much of its efforts on the designs alone; these great looks are coupled by the trailer’s unparalleled functionality.
  • They are packed with extra layers of security or protection. Aside from your bike’s main brakes, the Chariot bike trailer has its own set of rear brakes. It keeps that good balance, has a lightweight yet durable and stable ez-Hitch mechanism, and that needed sunroof or weather cover that would protect your children from the elements.
  • They are totally comfortable for your children. The interior of the trailer is well padded and cushioned providing utmost seating comfort. It has adjustable suspensions that is capable of absorbing those shocks, vibrations and hits from bumps or when travelling in rough roads.
  • These trailers are convertible. The trailers are literally convertibles. From being a plain trailer, they could be converted into a stroller or jogger by attaching the front wheels. All models including the used Chariot bike trailer feature handles and under-the-seat compartment for you or your children’s stuffs.

chariot child bicycle trailer

The Current Models of Chariot Trailers

As of today, there are three different models of the Chariot bike trailer you could choose from, namely, the CX, Cougar, and Corsaire.

  • CX trailer. This is Chariot’s original bike trailer. Although it’s been present for quite a while, it is still one of the consumer favorites. The CX also experienced several developments from the enhanced design of its interior to the inclusion of extra security features like drum brakes. This model also comes with the jog kit, weather covers, adjustable suspension, and the handlebar.
  • Cougar trailer. The Cougar is equipped with the same features to that of the CX. And this model’s main focus is the provision for perfect balance and versatility.
  • Corsaire trailer. Among the three, the Corsaire is designed for the little grownups. This trailer has extra height and space for your older kids and additional stuff.

chariot carriers cycling CTS kit

With all these information, Chariot trailers are definitely among the most reliable and highly functional bike trailers. A Chariot bike trailer could certainly be your family’s biking buddy.