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The Different Types of Slip on Shoes

Are you looking for a quick way to get in a footwear and jump off the street the next second? Then slip on shoes are exactly what you are looking for. While most men are used to sporting laced shoes around, there are still a few who prefer wearing slip on shoes. This is most probably because they dislike the idea of fumbling with laces, zippers, or straps; when they can simply slip on the shoe right away instead.

You may not know it, but slip on shoes have been around centuries ago. In fact, Native Americans wore moccasins as early as the time when Columbus discovered America. Since then, the footwear has evolved dramatically – now, they are not only worn for casual occasions, but also for driving, boating, and the list goes on.

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Different Looks of Slip On Shoes

Here are the most common models of slip-ons to date.

  • Driving Shoes – Normally made from suede or leather, this slip-on has a flexible sole which makes it very suitable for individuals who drive most of the time. To pull off cool look with driving shoes, it is recommended that you pair white slip on shoes with a safari jacket, black jeans, and a chambray shirt.
  • Boat Shoes –  Also popularly known as topsiders, these shoes were invented in the year 1935 by using a peculiar inspiration – a dog’s paw that does not slide even on the most slippery surface. Today, boat slip on shoes for men are one of the preppy must-have items and are best worn when paired with plaid shirt and folded chinos.
  • Canvas Slip on Shoes – Extremely comfortable and undeniably cool – these are the best words thay define canvas slip-ons. Its durable construction features an elastic inset at the upper part, darts on the front end, padded footed, and rubber cushioning on the outsole.
  • Slippers House shoes or whichever way you want to call them, slippers make comfortable house or outdoor footwear since they are normally made faux fur or cotton. For suits or tuxedos, those made from velvet or patent leather are the best choice, especially if you are wearing tuxedo with a shawl collar and bowtie.
  • Loafers Since the 1930’s, folks in Norway were enjoying the comfort and coolness that loafers give. Nowadays, numerous variations on loafers are available; popular brands like Cole Haan loafers boast stronger soles than regular moccasins.

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And those were the most popular slip on shoes being worn to date. Consider buying a pair or two today so that you won’t have to deal with stubborn laces and other types of shoe closures anymore.