How To Clean Printers

It is just annoying to see faded regions, black lines, or faded text whenever you print a document that you worked so hard on. Because of this, it is truly essential to learn how to clean printers in order to ensure that they will last long and will come up with good printing results.

Basic Guidelines To Cleaning Printers

This article will show you the guidelines in basic printer cleaning and maintenance. These can be done by following these simple steps.

1.)  First, gather all the materials that you will be using for printer cleaning such as soft cloth and cleaning solution for plastic. If you don’t have a cleaning solution, using water would suffice.

2.)  Review your printer’s manual. If the manufacturer specified instructions on how to clean printers there, follow them carefully.

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3.)  Turn the printer off before starting with cleaning.

4.)  Moist the soft cloth with cleaning solution or water.

5.)  Wipe the exterior of the printer. Be sure to not let the fluid go inside its interior.

Procedure In Cleaning Nozzles And Cartridges

1.)    If your printer has cleaning buttons, use them.

2.)    Using the software provided, initiate the cleaning process. To do so, double-click the printer icon or open a document and then select the Print option from the File menu.

3.)    Click the Options, Clean Print Cartridges, Troubleshooting, or any similar button.

4.)    Choose the Run Nozzle Check option or any similar button to start the cleaning process.

5.)    Follow the rest of the instructions that will appear on your computer screen.

6.)    If you are not satisfied with the results, just repeat the cleaning process.

7.)    Visit your manufacturer’s website for detailed procedures on cleaning cartridges and printer’s interior manually. If your printer happens to be a Canon, search the web for Canon Printer Support.

easy procedure in cleaning a printer

How To Keep Your Printer Clean

1.)    The printer head is an important part of your printer. That is why you have clean it occasionally to avoid clogging and drying up of its ink. To do so, wipe all area that you can reach on your printer.

2.)    Do not use hard brush as it can cause damages to the printer head.

3.)    Clean the printer regularly for easier cleaning and to avoid too much dust build-up.

4.)    Always run the self-cleaning process of your printer. This will save you time and effort as you won’t have to clean it manually. Most printers have this feature now, although there are some that still don’t have.

5.)    Buying a cleaning kit for your printer is also a good idea. This kit will help you to clean the printer carefully without causing any damage to it.

Additional Cleaning Tips And Reminders

1.)    Do not use ammonia-based cleaning solution.

2.)    Do not let fluids enter the ventilation holes on your printer.

3.)    Bring your printer to a professional for cleaning at least once a year, depending on how often you use your printer.

4.)    Old cotton clothing scraps are good for cleaning printers.

5.)    Always print a test page before printing another document again if your printer has been idle for a long period of time. Doing this will prevent the cartridge from drying out.

Bestselling Canon Printer Models

It’s common knowledge that some of the Canon printer models are ones that generate photo-quality prints. However, what’s not common knowledge is that most of the best Canon printer models are not the ones that just print in photo quality. They do their job well, while giving you unmatched value – and how that is, is what we will try to find out and make known.

What Canon Printers Do Best

Well, if you look at the wide variety of Canon printer models, you’ll see but one common trait, which is cost efficiency, through and through. From an affordable cost to low maintenance and operational costs, even the best Canon printer models are not necessarily their top-of-the-line or flagship printers. They are the more regular and most popular models.

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·        The Canon Printer MF4370DN

Take the MF4370DN all-in-one laser printer among the Canon printer models. The price tag of $209.99 and $249.99, depending on the retailer, this is by and large one of the most affordable all-in-one options that Canon has to offer.

  • What It Can Do:

The Canon ImageCLASS MF4370DN is an all-in-one printer, meaning, you can print your documents including photographs and images, scan documents to files, as well as use it as a copier. No, that’s not all. You can also receive faxes on this unique machine.

1.)  Speed:

With a speed of 26 ppm, for both printing as well as copying, it is one of the fastest laser printers available, and arguably one of the most inexpensive laser printer that does it all, scan, copy as well as fax. This speed is also enhanced by the fact that the MF4370DN is high on memory. It stores up to 256 pages of faxes that you can print anytime!

2.)  Size:

Additional benefits of the MF4370DN include the fact that it is compact, fitting into any office or home premises that is space starved or otherwise, allowing you the flexibility of space and with no need for a dedicated desk to mount your printer upon. Furthermore, this printer is network-ready, meaning, you could plug a network cable into it and print from just about any network location as long as it is authorized and connected.

3.)  Nature:

As with any environment friendly manufacturer, Canon has also built in an energy-saving mode into this mean machine that lets you be eco-friendly as well as wallet heavy at the end of the day.

Want to know the best part? This is not one of the only Canon printers that let you do all of it. Canon offers some of the widest range of printers that offer space, resource, power, as well as cost economy.

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·        Canon Support

If you are among those who have a printer but have never had printer trouble, you could count yourself amongst the 100th percentile of printer users because the rest usually have issues at least at some point of time during the printer lifecycle. Canon printer support is what comes in quite handy because:

1.)    The drivers, if you ever need to reinstall them, are easily available.

2.)    Troubleshooting steps are also commonly available and even the uncommon issues are covered by enthusiasts as well as patrons who have used Canon printers.

3.)    Canon printer support offers you an exhaustive documentation of known issues, as well as frequently asked questions, email support for those who would rather ask a question, and a toll free telephonic support as well for those would rather not wait – and this is available from Monday through Friday, from 8 AM through 8 PM.

All in all, and all in one, Canon makes for one of the most simple and efficient choices for your printing needs.

Useful Tips For DIY Printer Repair

Almost everybody owns a printer today. Printers have become very important both at homes and at offices. However, a printer is a machine and just like any other machine it can give problems sometimes. There are different problems such as ink leak and paper jam that can disrupt your printing and cause you a lot of frustration. However you don’t have to call a printer repair service each time you see a problem. There are a few printer repair solutions that you can learn and repair your printer yourself without having to waste money on computer printer repair. Here are a few such useful tips for you so that you can choose DIY printer repair instead of the services in order to solve small problems:

printer repair technician

Useful Tips

·        The Paper Jam

This is the most common problem with printers. You may face this problem during printing or when the paper loads. The paper could get caught in any of the parts or it could get entangled in the paper spool. For printer repair of this problem, you should first switch the printer off and remove all the free paper. Now gently displace the print head. You will find a door upon opening where you will find the paper spools. Pull the paper that is jammed by grabbing it on the corner. Even if the paper gets torn while pulling, don’t worry. Just pull it out and use tweezers for the small pieces that are stuck if any.

·        Installation Printer Repair

If you are trying to install the printer in your computer to no avail, you should check the control panel in your computer. Go to the Device Manager and look for Unknown Devices. If you see an Unknown Device, most probably you plugged the cable before installing the software. Remove the device, unplug the cable and then install the software. After the installation, plug the cable right back.

·        Printer Not Responding

 If the printer does not respond when you are trying to print something, the problem may be with your computer. There may be no memory allotted for the printer. Close other programs that are running such as media players and security software and then try again.

tips on printer troubleshooting

·        Problem With Ink

If there is a problem with the ink, you should check the ink bar and the ink cartridge. Chances are that the cartridge is blocked. Clean it and replace it.

If you can’t figure out what to do, it’d be best to call the repair service such as Canon printer repair to get your problem solved. You can also reach the Canon printer support for any doubts and queries so that your printer repair is done with ease.

Helpful Tips In Buying A Photo Printer

The name clearly suggests its purpose. A photo printer is used to print pictures. Standard printers can also be used for the same purpose but with the ideal photo printer¸ you will have better prints and the pictures you take from your digital camera will come out superb.

The downside of printing on paper is that the resolution does not come out as expected. It may look great on your camera but the same image quality can’t be expected when you use a normal printer. A photo printer on the other hand will give you the desired quality. However, going to the shop each time can cost you a lot. Thus, if you are going to use the printer a lot, it is advisable that you purchase a good printer for your photographs.

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The market is loaded with numerous printers today. It is important that you analyze your requirements and choose the best photo printer. Here are some considerations to make:

Useful Tips

  • The print size is important. There are different kinds of printers that will print different sizes of pictures. If 4×6 is enough for you, you don’t need to break the bank for a large printer. You can go for the basic printers. Also if enlarging or laminating is not on your mind, basic printers are the ideal choice. Even if you are choosing a basic printer, it is important that you purchase something good like the Canon photo printer in order to get your money’s worth.
  • A photo printer may be of Dye Sublimation technology or Inkjet technology. What you choose will depend on what you are planning on using the printer for. You should go for the latter if you want to print both text and photos and you should go for Dye Sublimation technology printers if you are planning to print only photographs.
  • The next factor to consider is the resolution. Printers come with specific resolution measured in DPI or Dots per Inch. You can ask the Canon printer support for additional details about the resolution of different models before picking one.

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  • It is important to go through photo printer reviews before making your purchase. The reviews will give you a clear idea of the particular photo printer and this will automatically make you choice easier.
  • When you pick a model, make sure you look for added features such as memory card slots. Some printers also have a LCD screen but you will have to pay more for these. Also keep in mind costs like cartridges and paper.

Now that you know what to look for, it is time you make your purchase.

Canon Printer Support Services

Since its founding in 1937, Canon has made a name for itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality electronic equipment. Living up to this reputation, Canon printers are among the best selling computer accessories on the market. Canon’s printing and scanning devices are widely known for their stellar range of features and intuitive user options, to say nothing of their relatively affordable cost.

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However, no machine is perfect and indeed there may come a time when your Canon printer is in need of a little maintenance or troubleshooting. Fortunately, this is where Canon printer support can help.

Where To Get Canon Printer Technical Support

  • If you are having difficulty with basic printer settings, or are trying to correctly install any needed Canon printer software, one place to begin your search for Canon printer tech support is with the included user manual. The user documentation contains detailed instruction for installation as well as several troubleshooting solutions for common printer errors. However, if your problems are more advanced, or the user manual does not address your Canon printer technical support needs, there are other options available.
  • Another easily accessible resource for Canon printer support, you can also try using the documentation and services available from Canon’s website. In the support section of the site, you can select your printer model and access several troubleshooting services. This resource may offer more help than is included with the user manual, and many problems can be solved with the information provided online.

canon printer tech support hotline

  • Within the corporate website, there is another Canon printer support option that can offer more in-depth information than is available in the user manual or online. The company offers Canon support printer via email, allowing you to send your questions directly through the site’s messaging system. Upon doing so, you will be prompted for the model number of your printer, so be sure to have this information handy. The email option is ideal because you can receive a written response that you can reference more than once if necessary.
  • If none of the above Canon printer support options solves your problem, or if you prefer to speak with someone, the company does maintain a customer service phone line. By calling 1-00-OK-CANON, you can speak with friendly and knowledgeable Canon support representatives. In cases of mechanical malfunction, this is definitely the best option, as the technical representatives can inform you if your printer is repairable or if it will need to be replaced. In the same vein, they will be able to determine if your printer is still under warranty. As with the Email option for Canon printer tech support, be sure to have your model number on hand for the best service.

beautiful canon printer technical support

  • The last option you can go with for Canon printer support services is to physically visit your dealer or the nearest Canon Customer Care center. You can find out the nearest one through Canon’s site as well using the Contact Us feature or the Customer Care locator.

One particular issue about Canon’s sites is that they all use a different interface per country. Some features might not be available at certain Canon sites. However, the Contact Us features will certainly be there but the 24-hour Customer Care support representatives is not available to all countries.

best quality canon printer

Buying a printer involves more than simple product research. It is important to consider the support options available should your printer malfunction. Canon printer support is some of the most robust and accessible among all electronics manufacturers. When you purchase a Canon printer, rest assured that you will have immense resources at your disposal for addressing a wide range of printer issues.