Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Shorts

Both men and women love to wear shorts whether its sexy micro shorts for women or rugged camo cargo shorts men and all other types of shorts in general. It is not too heavy, stylish, and is very comfortable to wear. Unlike pants wherein it is sometimes too hot to wear, shorts will give you a cooler feeling and more freedom in leg movement. But there are appropriates uses of shorts you must know. There are certain do’s and don’ts of wearing shorts for you to looks appropriate and have the best function in such clothing. Below are some of the major points that one needs to ponder upon regarding wearing shorts.

Classic Camo Cargo Shorts

Tips On What To Do and Not To Do

One is in terms of fashion. Many people get difficulty with matching clothes, people who quite lack in fashion knowledge. Pairing or matching styles, prints, plains, and many more is not in their vocabulary. Here are few tips.

  • Match plains and prints. Do not ever go with top prints and bottom prints. Plain tops and plain bottoms are fine, but make sure you pick different tones of colors.
  • Match dark and light colored clothes accordingly. Do not ever go with dark colored tops and dark colored bottoms, and vice versa.
  • Pair appropriate style of tops for the appropriate styles of bottoms. Do not match a loose top with loosely made shorts.

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Shorts

The second one is in terms of the current weather or climate. Shorts must be worn according to the current weather. Here are similar, actual situations wherein it is so hot and you spot some people, who have temperature regulation malfunction, wearing thick jackets and sweaters. It is so not appropriate. Try to go to the beach, and there are still some people walking under the sun wearing long sleeves and pants. The do’s and don’ts of wearing shorts in this term:

  • Wear shorts when it is hot, not when it is cold.

Third factor is the activity and occasion you are going into. Do you think it is appropriate to wear shorts in weddings, or corporate meetings? Do you want to look ridiculous? Of course not. Do you think it is appropriate to wear jeans in exercising or when going to gym? It is definitely a no-no. Here are the do’s and don’ts of wearing shorts in these factors:

  • During exercise, jogging, running, walking, biking and others, wear shorts. It is easier to bend and extend your legs in these activities if you are wearing shorts. Cargo shorts are appropriate with these activities.
  • Do not attempt to wear shorts when you are required to wear formal clothes, semi-formal, or corporate clothes. It is never right to wear shorts in these occasions. Follow the dress code as written in the invitation letter or as mentioned.

Comparing Pants Vs Shorts: Which One To Wear

Going into adventures, hiking and travelling, or going to the beach for kayaking or for other water sports is extremely fun. However, sometimes the excitement with it is halted for one little problem: the dilemma of pants vs shorts. You can hardly decide which is more comfortable to wear, but which is also fashionable enough.

If you have seen a camo cargo shorts, this fits the comfort and fashion the most. These are great options for several activities. Pants can pass your fashion standards but usually it could fail you in terms of comfort especially if you are going to hike. Here are few general points to think about in choosing whether it is pants or shorts.

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Important Factors To Consider

Leg Movement

Different activities require different attires. As to hiking, go with shorts. This will give you freedom to move. Remember that you are not walking in planes. There will be times that you would take a steep step. Pants will not give your legs freedom to extend.

The Best Between Pants Vs Shorts

Shorts still win over this pants vs shorts in terms of water sports. Surfing and wakeboarding needs your legs to be free, too. It will be moving in different directions of leg movement. Moreover, pants when wet are heavy. It will cause you extra weight giving you a hard time in balancing.

Shorts vs pants, for jogging and running? It would still be shorts. Have you tried running to your office or school wearing pants? It is difficult right? Therefore, wear shorts if possible.


When you go in a field or forest to take some shots of sceneries or go camping, pants vs shorts goes to pants. Pants will protect you from insect bites and possible injuries while shorts won’t.

If you are working in a field, pants should be worn also for protection to possible falling or flying object. Unless you legs are fully covered with calluses, you need pants to protect your legs.


People in tropical countries would always choose to wear shorts. It is not too hot or cold enough to wear pants. However, there are countries wherein the temperature is too high that it could burn your skin so you will have to wear pants.

If in case the weather is cold, and you wanted to take a walk outside, you will definitely go for pants, in this pants vs shorts, to keep your body warm.

Therefore, in wearing shorts or pants, think about the activity you will do and the climate of the place to which you are headed. In terms of fashion, the selection is very wide today that you can find anything that will suit your taste in terms of fashion concerns. Be it casual to formal, both pants and shorts can provide what you need today. Hence, it’s still a norm to go with pants for formal occasions.

Getting Hip and Stylish With Camo Cargo Shorts

Camouflage or camo cargo shorts have become a very popular clothing item for men who like relaxing outdoors. The trend has grown so popular that it is now common to see not just men, but also women and children, wearing camouflage cargo shorts in areas such as pools, barbeques and beaches. This type of shorts has been seen being worn even by celebrities, further adding to its allure. One of these is a hip hop artist named Wiz Khalifa. Always seen in public wearing a pair of camo cargo shorts Wiz Khalifa even mentioned the clothing item in one of his popular songs.

Cool Camo Cargo Shorts Wiz Khalifa

Because of its high popularity, you can now find camo cargo shorts in a wide variety of colors. The most popular color blends are shades of blue or green but they are also available in pink and purple hues. Thus, the camo cargo shorts for men have become a fashion staple even for women.

At present, there are a number of reputable manufacturers that produce mens camo cargo shorts. These include Lee, Volcom, Quicksilver, Carhartts and Levi’s. The price depends on the design and manufacturer. You may be able to purchase a pair of shorts for as low as 7.99 dollars or in excess of 100 dollars.

Casual Camo Cargo Shorts for Men

Choosing the Right Camo Cargo Shorts

To get the most appropriate pair, here are some things to consider in buying a camouflage cargo shorts:

  • Know your Purpose – before anything else, you need to consider if you are going to use the shorts for functional purposes like hunting or for casual getup. Choosing the right camo cargo shorts is greatly dependent on your intended purpose. If you are shopping for a pair that you are going to use while hanging out with your friends, you may just select one that looks great and comfortable. However, if you are going to use the shorts for outdoor adventuring, you should choose a design that is more rugged than those intended for casual usage.

Get Stylished with Camo Cargo Shorts

  • Choose the Right Color – if you are going to use your camo cargo shorts for functional purposes, you have to get the right colors as you will not like to be walking in the woods in pink, which will allow you to be seen from miles away. The true purpose for camouflage is to blend you with your surroundings. Thus, to be able to blend with your surroundings, choose the right color for the environment such as woodlands, desert or bush rag. If you are going to use the shorts for casual wear though, you may just buy a pair just like you do with other items of clothing. Choose a color that most fits your fancy and make sure that you get the right size as most camo cargo shorts are sized according to the waistline.

Hip and Stylish Mens Camo Cargo Shorts

  • Consider your Budget – your budget can tell the difference between an ordinary and branded pair. Most sporting outlets have a separate camo clothing line where you can get an affordable camo cargo shorts.

For the guys, you can never go wrong with camo cargo short as casual wear. For the ladies, it might be a little off if you’re more on the girly fashion side. If you want something hip and outgoing, consider wearing camo cargo shorts!