All About The Essential Cabinet Parts

Kitchen cabinets add beauty to your kitchen and uplift its look in more ways than just one. There are numerous different cabinet parts manufacturers and the type of wood used is different. The quality plays a very important role but no matter what kind of wood is used, the basic kitchen cabinet parts remain the same and they are as follows.

Important Kitchen Cabinet Parts

Basic Cabinet Parts


  • Cabinet Box: This box is the main part among all cabinet parts because it is the basic structure of the whole kitchen cabinet construction. It comes in numerous designs and the superior quality is made out of plywood. Pressed wood fibers are also used sometimes. While pressed wood fibers are good, they are no match to plywood in durability. If you are low on budget, you could choose the thin particle board for the cabinet box. However, the only advantage of this is that it is inexpensive. It is not durable at all and will not last long. The box may be purchase with the frame or without the frame based on choice. The frameless cabinet box is more durable. High end cabinet boxes are painted inside to give color consistency. This is usually seen in cabinets with stylish cabinet doors because they are see-through.


  • Cabinet Door: Cabinet doors may be made of plywood or solid wood. Solid wood is the most durable followed by plywood. If you want inexpensive doors, you could choose MDF, vinyl or melamine material. A thickness of 5/8 inch is considered to be the best. There are a number of designs available in these cabinet parts right from raised panels to flat panels. There are also the more expensive complex raised panels. The hinges of the door play a very important role in the door’s durability and this is why you should be careful while selecting. Glazed cabinet doors are of the finest quality. Stained, painted, melamine, etc are inferior to glazed.

Information About Cabinet Parts

  • Cabinet Drawer: The drawer should be made of solid wood for the highest quality and durability. If the slides are on the sides, they are okay but under mount ones are the best. Dovetail joints are seen along with solid wood in the best quality cabinet drawers.


  • Cabinet Shelf: 3/4 inch thickness of solid wood is the best measurement for a cabinet shelf. Plywood is also a great choice. MDF is of lower quality.


You can buy various cabinet parts both online and offline. Offline, they will be available in department stores or home improvement stores while online, there are numerous websites selling them. If you find them too expensive, you could look for wholesale cabinet parts or the cabinet parts coupon to get discounts. No matter where you buy from, make sure you don’t compromise on the quality even if you have to spend a few extra dollars. Spending once is better than having to remodel the cabinets every now and then. Get the best cabinet parts as much as possible and make your investment worthwhile and go the extra mile.