Acrylic Paint Brushes

Acrylic paint brushes may be tricky to clean up. But it doesn’t have to be this way since it is acrylic, and not oil. You will need to clean them thoroughly with soap and water. Clean them very well so that they don’t harden up. It is imperative to really clean them so that this won’t happen. A good soap and water cleaning is all it really takes. You don’t need to use solvents or anything like this for cleaning them.

Where To Buy Quality Acrylic Paint Brushes Online Here is how you would buy the right acrylic paint brushes. Rounds are used for details and touch up work. This is best used for thinner acrylic paints. Long flat acrylic brushes hold plenty of paint and are good for impasto (or thick layers). This produces longish straight brush strokes which are excellent for painting doors, windows or things with a straight edge to it.

A short flat or bright would be for shorter strokes. This is good if you want to leave a multitude of well-defined brush strokes on the paint surface. Both the long flat and short acrylic paint brushes will come to a lovely chisel edge when dampened with paint. This is ideal for straight lines. A Filbert is a flat profiled brush with a slightly rounded point. This makes tapered strokes and has the ability to soften the edges of a brush stroke.

Tips on How To Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes
A fan brush is a flat brush that is spread out like a fan. This is ideal for blending things, such as cloudy skies. Also it is useful for where ever you need a smooth transition between colors. An idea is to use this to make leaf clusters on a pine tree that you would want to paint. You can make textures such as fur with this too.

Bristle brushes hold paint better than do the nylon bristles. Bristle brushes are the preferred type by most people. Nylon filaments rather stick together like little fingers. I don’t think that this would create the intended effect for your painting, so I would highly recommend bristle. May be more expensive, but you do value your paintings, so the investment is so worth it.

When you buy paint brushes, don’t use them right away just yet. There is a preservative that is soluble, like gum Arabic to help them keep their shape from the factory to the store. Wash this off first. Then you press the washed off brush in a paper towel. You need to do this before you use the brushes.